Nomakenolife March Box

Hey everybody! I had a bit of free time today so I decided to do another subscription upload today. The Nomakenolife box comes from Japan. For $30 a month, you get six or seven FULL SIZE (!) beauty items! A fun little tidbit: I’m obsessed with Asian skincare and beauty so this was perfect for me. The theme of the box this month was sakura. Here’s a shot of the box:

Look at all the amazing Japanese items!

Look at all this stuff! I’m going to give a decent description of everything since all the writing is in Japanese 🙂

Okay so the first item is the wayumeguri sakura bath salt:

These bath salts smell like cherry blossoms and has mineral oils and mineral salts to moisturize your skin.

Next is the Ichikami Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner travel set:

The packaging is so cute! 🙂 but this is a best selling hair care line in Japan which makes this even more awesome. This is silicone and sulfate free and smells like apricots and cherry blossoms. Yum.

Click on the picture below to try some for yourself!

I’m trying to add links for purchasing on the more hard to find items so you can try them also!

The third item is the Sakura Harenohi hand care gift pack:

The bow! So cute! Kyaaaaa~ this comes with a hand cream and a hand soap. Both of these products use royal jelly and collagen to protect your hands and skin from dryness and cracking.

This item is another cute one! I can’t handle how awesome this stuff makes me feel! I get all warm and fuzzy haha. These are Sakura hand towels and cleaning cloths.

FYI, the hand towel is on the left and the cleaning cloth is on the right. These are super portable and ready to use for anything! Removing dirt, cleaning glasses and cleaning off plastic. Practical!

Next we have Gensen Labo Hydrating Sea Kelp Toner!

Okay so this toner hydrates by using gagome kelp, straight outta Hokkaido! Gagome kelp has a thicker consistency and helps nourish the skin and restores elasticity. This toner is also alcohol free, scent free, and gentle enough for sensitive skin! Use it morning and night 🙂 to use it: clean your face thoroughly to remove makeup/buildup. Use warm water to open your pores. Using either your hand or a cotton pad, gently pat the toner on your face.

The last two items are two lip packs by Choosy. The gold pearl pack and the peach pack.

These lip packs are scented! Both of these packs have Vitamin-E, collagen, hyaluronic acid to make your skin super soft. How to use: clean thoroughly and remove all dirt, makeup and oils. Place product on your lips and wait five to thirty minutes for hydration. After that, gently remove from lips. I thought it was funny because on the back of the packages it says you can use them for dry nipples as well!
See?? Fix yo’ nips!

Try some for yourself! Click on the picture to buy a three pack!

Thats’s pretty much it for this box! I hope you enjoyed looking at fun products from Japan! Xoxo!


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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