Pony Effect: That Girl Fever Shadow Palette

I have a huge spot in my heart for the Asian beauty scene. I love how the looks are all so subtle yet elegant and how funky and edgy it can look. My entire skincare regime is all Korean and Japanese based products (eventually I will be doing reviews on my favorites. Promise). This palette is from Pony Effect. This is a Korean beauty line that I purchased off of Memebox. This is a super popular brand in Korea and of course it is a line created by Pony (aka: Park Hye Min). I’m pretty sure that when I bought this it was new release holiday palette and it retailed at the time for close to $41.

Here’s the palette! A very convenient size for travel! I love the holographic text and how durable it feels. It is little, has weight to it and is my favorite color!
Here’s the back of the palette showing the names of all the shades with hashtags for every one of them!

And here’s the reveal:

Here’s the inside of the palette! I love how big the mirror is! I absolutely hate when there’s no mirror because I  have to carry one with me…. -_- the plastic insert that fits over all the shadows has the names in Korean and English for your learning needs 🙂

What I did for the swatch part since I’m doing finger and brush swatches, I did three colors in a row and labeled them all for you. 🙂 Let’s begin.

The first three in the first row are all really nice nude or transition shades. You can see how nice they apply with both finger and brush and they are definitely able to build up for more pigmentation.
The middle row has the greatest shimmery red-orange shade ever, Beautiful Liar. But you can see how much more it shows up with a finger swatch than with the brush. Ready to Party and Drunk Dial are also really nice browns with great pigmentation with both applications.
The last row was full of fun glitter shades! The best part about the glitter is that it isn’t those huge obnoxious chunks that fallout on everything. You can see with All That Glam that the brush application is a lot lighter because of the glitter. Bad or Good is less pigmented using the brush also but you still get a nice payout with color.

To be honest, I love the versatility of this palette and you can get so many looks out of it. My fiancee and I travel a lot and having tinier palettes that I can take with me on our adventures are a definite plus.



Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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