Sugarpill Burning Heart Swatches!

Dudes. I love Sugarpill. Almost everyone that I talk to about makeup knows of them or loves their products with great reason. Shrinkle  (Amy Doan) is such an inspiring woman. She created the company with the best intentions making her products top quality, bright, eye catching and cruelty-free! The majority of their products are also vegan, you just have to look for the ‘vegan’ symbol and they are also Leaping Bunny certified. Today, I’m completely excited to upload one of my favorite palettes in the universe,  Burning Heart.

Burning Heart is a really compact palette with four shades: Love +, Poison Plum, Buttercupcake, and Flamepoint. It has a mirror and wow. All these colors are so blendable and smooth. Here’s some pictures of Burning Heart for you!

There are two other palettes in the ‘Addicted to Pretty’ series by Sugarpill. They all have the same identical front.
The back has a super cute also Lisa Frankie’s Frank-esque vibe to it. Here you can see the names and colors of the shades. The other two have the same set up.
And here’s the inside! The pans are huge and have lasted me quite some time! There is also a mirror, yay!

And here’s the reason that we’re all here… the swatches!

Just in case you’re wondering… the F is a finger swatch and the B is a brush swatch. As you can see, Love + and Poison Plum apply with a brush a bit lighter but can definitely be built up. To be honest, Love + is one of my favorite reds because it is so vibrant and matte.

If you are looking for a really impressive bright color palette, shoot for this one ❤


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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