Tarte X Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette Swatches!

I know this palette has been out for a while, but I just started a swatch blog and it is in my collection. I have a bunch that I’m going to upload for you all for awareness on how things swatch by brush and finger for an accurate representation of shades and shadows.

This palette is a collaboration with beauty influencer Grav3yardgirl. It is a limited edition full face palette and still in stock for $45 on Tarte’s website. Basically, I love her.  Not only does she do makeup looks and fashion views, but she does a really funny YouTube series called, ‘Does This Thing Really Work?’ Where she reviews As Seen On TV products! Yes!

Here it is! I love the design on here. An alligator with wings! The look and feel of it being wood is great also.
Here’s the back of the palette. There’s no preview of shades or anything on the back except for the serial number and the net weight of the products inside.
Here’s the inside of the palette! It has a bronzer, blush, highlighter and nine eyeshadows! There’s a brush and an awesome mirror that says, ‘Believe in Yourself. Love Yourself. Embrace Your Individuality.’ The palette also smells like chocolate 🙂 to be honest, it’s not an obnoxious scent or overpowering. It is pretty nice.
Here’s the brush that comes with the palette. I decided to do the brush swatches for this palette with the brush provided 🙂

For the swatches, I did the face shades first and then three eyeshadows at a time by row.

First we have the bronzer, ‘Sweet Tea’. It has sparkles in it for extra shine. It is a bit dark for my tone but I can blend it out quite well. The blush, ‘Does This Thing Really Work?’ is a deep rose shade with sparkle in it. I love it. Last, we have the highlight, ‘Gator Wings’. I love the shade of this. However, the fallout is insane. When I used it on numerous occasions, it got all over my shirt, face, coat… everywhere. Pretty but hard to work with. :/
The first row has the shades: #SFS, Big Baby and Haunting. These are your base shades. #SFS is a shimmer base for browbone usage or eye. Big Baby is a beige shade and Haunting is more up my alley being a slight matte purple shimmer. All three of these swatch nicely by finger and brush.
These three shades include: Natural Peaches, Sassy Bun, and Uncommon. These are some really nice lid shimmer shades. Natural Peaches is a really subtle peach that can be used for a crease or base. Sassy Bun is one of my favorite shades in the whole palette. I love how gold and shimmery it is. Uncommon is a shimmery purple shade.
Here’s the last row of the palette. The three shades are: Dogman, Sippy Sippy and Mancat. Dogman is a nice burnt orange shade with sparkles. Note the difference between the finger and brush. The brush is lighter and brings out more orange which I love. Sippy Sippy has a difference in shades and has really nice sparkles in it. Mancat and Sippy Sippy are quite similar but Mancat has no sparkles and is more of a matte purple.

That’s it for all the swatches and review of this collaboration! Besides the highlighter, I love this palette. I reach for it for nice orange looks and completely reminds me of fall. I have no idea how long Tarte is going to keep this in stock so if you were curious about it, grab one!


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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