Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Swatches!

I tend to keep my mouth shut on a lot of topics. There’s usually a lot of drama around Jeffree due to things that he’s said and things that he done. One can go on and on about things but that’s not really the purpose of this post. The purpose is to swatch the palette and give my opinion. If you’re not a fan of Jeffree, you don’t have to read the palette review. If you are a fan and just curious about it, please read on.

This was the first palette that Jeffree released. It gets a lot of mixed reviews from what I read and hear. It depends where you stand on the drama spectrum. Some say that the shades are chalky and not pigmented. Others rave and say this is the best palette ever. And then thrown either some hate or praise to back up their comments. To be honest, I enjoy this palette and I found it refreshing. The price of this was $45 and for the size of the shades, it is worth the money. I enjoy unique colors and fun shades so I enjoy what was in it. The shades are pigemented and nice. Courtney is the best crease shade ever. Anyways, here’s the palette!

Here’s the palette. It is pretty nice size and not really heavy. It is pink with a cursive font.
There’s nothing on the back of the palette except for the serial number.
Here’s the inside of the palette. The pans are huge which is really nice. There’s a good sized mirror which makes me happy. There are ten shades in here and they are: Star Power, Princess, Violence, Rich Bit*h, Courtney, Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White, and Black Rainbow.

I did the swatches by row.

Here’s the first row of swatches for you. The only shade that I had an issue swatching was a brush of Rich Bit*h. The rest look about equal in pigmentation for each finger and brush swatch.
Here’s the second row. As you can see all these swatched about the same as the first row except for Expensive which finger swatched better. My only other complaint is that Black Rainbow has a lot of fallout so be careful when doing your routine.

There you have it! I think the palette and the color selection were good. There’s something for everybody in here and a bunch of looks can be made with this one.


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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