Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette Swatches!

Hi everybody! Happy Monday 🙂 today I’m going to swatch and discuss the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette! As far as what I saw on Google, this palette is sold out and was a limited edition. When it released it was $60. There are 20 shades in here and they vary with color and blendability.

I love the kaleidoscope look and feel to this palette. This one is a bit big and to be honest, not really travel friendly because of how bulky it is. As an artistic palette and for home use, it is great to use.
Here’s the back of the palette. The serial number is there and just some information about the palette on the back.
When you open the top of the palette there’s a mirror and a butterfly. It is cute but pretty impractical. I wish the eyeshadows were close to the mirror but they’re located below the butterfly in a slide out drawer.
When you pull out the drawer underneath the butterfly, you can find the eyeshadows and the brush. To be honest, I like the variety of the colors but I wish they were in an order of sorts. They seem all over the place. There are 20 shades and vary with shimmer and matte shades.
Here’s the brush that comes with the palette. It is double sided and pretty good with blending. I used this brush for the brush swatches for this palette.

I have the swatches set up by rows. There are five in each row.

This first row has some base shades and greens. Looking Glass is a really soft white. Hatter is a bright green with light sparkles. Lily reminds me of the shade Baby in the Gwen Stefani palette. A pretty color but seems the same. Heads Will Roll is teal with some silver sparkles. Time is a really pretty dark purple with silver sparkles. You can see how the swatches vary by finger and brush.
This row starts off with Reflection which is a light peach matte color. Gone Mad is a plum shade with reflect sparkles. Duchess is a light peach sparkle shade. Bandersnatch is a really interesting bluish green matte shade. Dream On is a light purple glitter shade that was hard to swatch with a brush. You can notice the swatch differences in this row also.
This row in my opinion is my favorite and the best with both swatch methods. Dormouse is a honey brown matte with a bit of gold sparkle. Paradox reminds me of fire. I love how orange and red it shines. Kingdom is shimmery brown. Salazen Grum is a gorgeous maroon-orange shimmer. Very pigemented and beautiful. The last is Chronosphere, a brown shade with some gold shine.
This the last row in the palette. You can tell that the brush swatches are not as vibrant as the finger ones. Metamorphosis is a sky blue shade with blue reflect sparkles. Cake is a magenta matte with some glitter. Chessboard is a tan matte shade good for a crease. Royal Flush is a white shimmer. Mirror is a gray shade with some shine.

Overall, this palette is a really nice piece to compliment the movie. The palette is too big to actually travel with and I do wish the shades applied better with a brush and there wasn’t so much fallout.


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

8 thoughts on “Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette Swatches!”

  1. I agree about the colors being mixed and thought maybe it was done intentionally to fit the Alice in Wonderland theme. I use most of the wet for more vibrancy and to prevent the fallout like you mentioned. Love you and the new blog!


    1. I really do love the colors but I would love it more if they were all grouped together in like shades! It just has my OCD all nutty! A lot of these would be better wet in my opinion! Love you too! 🙂


      1. I agree and use most bright eyeshadows wet. Just a corner though, cause my OCD wants to keep the palettes pretty. Bright color tutorials might be a nice addition to your blog. You have a way of making them look really saturated and intense but still crisp and clean.


  2. I agree and use most bright eyeshadows wet. I really do love the colors but I would love it more if they were all grouped together in like shades!


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