Kat Von D Monarch Palette Swatches!

Hi! My last post for today is on Kat Von D and the Monarch Palette. This pretty palette is discontinued, heavily duplicated, expensive and super pigmented. I grabbed this off of Poshmark from a very reliable seller for about $60. Authentic palettes go for around $50-$100 for this beauty. Any of the fakes will be priced around $20. The main purpose of this post was to do the swatches but I will also be showing you noteworthy features of this authentic palette so nobody out there gets cheated out of their money! Let’s start with the box!

Here is the front of the box. Notice how there is no gold on this box. The wings are a rose gold and not as bold as on the fakes.
Here is the back of this box and there is something that is very important on here. The serial number. On the authentic one, it is on the right side and ten digits. On the fakes, it is on the left side and is five or six numbers and letters.
Here is the palette outside of the box. You can see the metallic rose gold shine that the wings have. Remember on a fake, it is a really cheap looking gold.
Here is the back of the palette. It has the right side long serial number on it. The rose gold wings are also on the back of the palette.
Here is a shot of the inside. It has a nice mirror and please note the mirror says, Kat Von D on it and isn’t blank. The fakes have just a random rectangle with no logo in it. This palette is set up just like Innerstellar. Three base shades and nine varying shades.
Here is a closeup of all the shades included and labeled for you. The thing that I want you all to notice is how full and shimmery the shades look. Since the fakes are not the same quality, the pans look halfway filled. They also lack luster, are chalky and do not last when applied.

I did the swatches in the same style I did the Innerstellar palette. One base shade and the three shades under it for three separate looks.

Here are the first four shades in the palette. These make a gorgeous fall look that has the elements of matte and shimmer. I love warm tones and anything relatable to fall.
Here are the middle look swatches. These are very shimmery and metallic. Vanish is a nice matte that blends out nicely.
Here is the last look and swatch group for this palette. There are a lot of beautiful dark mattes here. This would make a nice smoky eye and please remember, you can mix and match colors for inspiration!

That’s it for this beautiful palette! I hope if you were thinking of purchasing it from a third party, please remember what to look for and what to avoid! Xoxox!


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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