Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! I hope your weekend was awesome! Today I decided to swatch two palettes by Kat Von D. I’m going to start with the Pastel Goth palette. This palette is limited edition and back in stock right here. It will run you about $38 without shipping prices. This palette hs received a bunch of criticism saying that these aren’t pastel nor goth colors. Personally, I love the colors in this and fits my spooky girl look quite well. Psh to the judgement. Buy what you like. Now if this does sell out, please remember that this palette is duplicated by wholesale retailers. Please read my article on counterfeit cosmetics right here!

Okay, let’s gets started on the pictures!

Here’s the front of the palette! I love the slimey look of the lettering and how they used a gradient of all the shades included. The Kat Von D logo is under the palette name with some information.
Here’s the back of the palette! It has the names of the shades, the serial number and more information.
Here’s the inside of the palette! It has a nice mirror that has the same slimey look like on the front. There are eight shades inside that all vary in color. There’s a nice selection.

For the swatches, I did them in two parts with four shades at a time. 

Here’s the first set of swatches! These are decently pigmented but do have some kick back in the pans. Star is a beautiful and vibrant yellow. Clementine my favorite color to use for something subtle. Meow is a bold lilac and Dope is a pastel dark purple. They’re lovely but need to be applied more than once for better pigmentation.
Here’s the last or second set. Doom is, wow. I love this blue so much. These four shades would make a gorgeous look. Gloom is a pretty light green. Dagger isn’t a black, it’s actually a grey which I like because it is pigmented. Skull is a white shade which is nice for a good highlight on the brow bone or to illuminate the eye.

I do reach for this palette a lot. I love how light these shades are because I can’t be bold all the time. Grab it while you can because the prices on this were insane!


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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