Ofra Cosmetics X MannyMUA Liquid Lip Collaboration Swatches! 

Hi loves! Today I’m going to swatch and show the Ofra and Manny limited edition liquid lip collaboration. I bought these last year I believe and they have a really nice texture and scent to them. You can buy the trio on Ofra’s website for $49.70 and always remember to use Affiliate codes for money off! When I first got these I was obsessed with them. 

Here they are! As you can see, Hypno has seen better days. He’s been on a lot of adventures helping me look fly. Haha. The tubes are very nice and lightweight.

Here are the bottoms of the liquid lipsticks. They’re nothing super fancy. They have the name of the shades on the bottom.

Of course you know I did these my usual way. I have arm swatches so you can see the shades and then I did lip swatches so you can see them on 🙂
Here are the arm swatches! The light in my house today was all crazy so I did a side angle shot for you. What I like about these is that you can tell that the shades are a set. Aries is the lightest shade, Charmed is the middle shade and then Hypno is the darkest shade.

Here is Aries on. It is a very cute peachy nude color. It applies evenly and this was with one coat. The one thing I like about Manny is that he makes products that are versatile and beautiful on everyone.
Here is charmed. This is a very pretty coral pink. It looks natural and isn’t drying on the lips. I enjoy this one as it is nice for a natural look.
Lastly, here is Hypno. This is a dark burgundy shade that is absolutely gorgeous. I love dark reds so I have used this a lot. As you can see even though this is a dark shade, it isn’t patchy and dried evenly.

These are very nice in texture, application, scent and lasting power. I know that almost every line has these shades but I’m a sucker for helping influencers and limited edition things. 


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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