Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! Today looks like such a pretty day so far! I’m all about blogging and getting outside! Today I decided to swatch one of the super pigmented Juvia’s Place palettes. These by far are super smooth and buttery and very affordable. I know I said on a past Juvia’s post that they do run sales often so please check them out! Okie dokey, let’s get started!

Here is the front of the palette. It has the palette name and brand. There is also an illustration of Nefertiti in the middle.
Here is the back of the palette. The actual palette has nothing printed on the back but the box has the ingredient list, website and a tiny paragraph about the inspiration of the palette.
Here’s the inside of the palette! The pans are pretty big in comparison to most eyeshadow palettes. All the names of the shadows are on the palette and there is no mirror. The colors are fun and you get a lot of variety.

I did all the swatches with finger and brush and also by row. 🙂

Here is the first row of the palette. These tones are all very warm and swatch beautifully. Morocco is a bright matte orange. Madagascar is a nice matte light brown that can be a transition or base. Sheba and Yaa are both shimmer shades that are just as pigmented on the brush! 
Here is the second row! I love this row because there are so many varying shades in it. Jezebel is a dark burgundy matte shade. Zuri, Cleopatra, and Nefertiti are all shimmer shades that really speak of Egypt. Zuri is a beautiful white shimmer shade, Cleopatra reminds me of the waters of the Nile and Nefertiti is a gorgeous shimmery orange that is so bright, it reminds me of the sun.
Here is the last row! Nairobi is the most swatchable gold shimmer shade I’ve ever seen. Leyla is a shimmery brown that you can blend out for added drama. Kenya is a matte clay color that has dark red tones in it. Egypt is an amazing shimmery green that is almost emerald quality. 

Please do yourself a favor and purchase one of These! Your eyes will thank you! ❤❤


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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