Kat Von D Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi! I have another Kat Von D palette swatched for you all! This is the sister palette to Monarch, the Chrysalis eyeshadow palette. This one was also taken off the shelves at Sephora but I purchased mine from Kat’s website. This palette is also heavily duplicated so I added additional pictures like with Monarch so you know how to spot a fake!

Here’s the front of the box. I wanted to show that this palette has a gradient shift on the box. The brand logo will also be a purple foil.
Here is the back of the box. There is a color gradient on the back also. Note the price scan UPC and the serial code on the right side of the palette. Also note that the serial number is eight characters long.
Here is the front of the palette. The butterfly has shimmery purple wings and aren’t just a brighter box print.

On the back of the palette there is that color shift and the butterfly wings. The wings are that shiny purple foil look. The serial code is still on the right side and the characters match the box. On the fakes, they’re five characters long and are on the left side.

Here is the inside of the palette. It has Kat’s logo above the mirror. It shouldn’t be just a blank box. The pans are straight and not crooked.

Here is a closeup of the eyeshadows. These should look full and not grainy or almost empty.

I did the swatches the same as the Monarch and Innerstellar palettes. I did four at a time according to the three looks that can be made. Feel free to mix your shade too! Be creative!

Here is the first set. Lifelike is the base shade in this set. It is a nice white that is decently pigmented. Hybrid Moments is a dark red that looks like dried blood. I wish it was more pigmented on the brush swatch but I think that has to do with the chalky texture of the shade. Mezzanine is a pretty cranberry/fuschia shade that has silver sparkle in it. This texture is better and smoother than Hybrid Moments. Transition is my favorite shade out of the four. It is a super subtle purple holographic shade.
Here is the second set. Lunar Lights is the base shade in this look. It is a white shade with a lot of silver sparkle in it. Glasswing is a matte beige that can be used as a crease shade. Melancholia is all straight up silver shimmer. It swatches very well. The last shade is Black Milk. This guy is a very light gray that you can also mix in the crease or corners for added color. 
This is the last set in the palette. Lucid is so pretty. It is a light pink with some sparkles in it. Graphic Nature is a grayish brown shimmer shade that is decently pigmented. Entombed. I wish it was more pigmented than it is. It makes me sad. Tornay looks like a matte black but it is a very dark navy shade that is not as pigmented on the brush swatch as it is on the finger test.

That’s it for this palette! I hope this helped you all in spotting a fake and purchasing a real one! The colors are pretty in this one but I do wish some of them were more pigmented.


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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