Pūr-lisse Prevent Sheet Mask! 

Hi loves! Today I woke up super early so I decided to put on a new sheet mask that I haven’t tried before! This one is the Pūr-lisse Prevent Treatment Sheet Mask. I’m pretty sure I got this in an Ipsy bag a couple months back and sadly forgot about it. 

Here’s the front of the package. It has a subtle lotus and leaf design on it and briefly describes what the mask will help with.
Here is the back of the packet. It says that the mask is infused with Blue Lotus, White Tea and other Asian ingredients that give antioxidants and minerals to the skin. This mask helps fight free radicals, improves skin texture and the White Mulberry and Anise help firm the skin and aiding your complexion.

I’m going to show you guys the steps I used for the 20 minute mask! 🙂

For Step One, it says to start with clean skin. This morning I cleaned with Boscia’s Detoxifying Black Cleanser. This cleanser warms on contact and is a black domain cleaner. The cute Hello Kitty facial brush I purchased from Memebox for $18. You can use this with foaming cleansers to brush it on your face and make sure it fully cleans.
Here I am cleaning my face with the Boscia cleaner and Hello Kitty brush! Hello! 😊😊😊
For Step Two, you have to remove the mask and unfold. This looks like your typical mask. There are holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. 
For Step Three, you have to apply the mask to your face and adjust it to fit over your eyes, nose and mouth. I thought this mask was a bit small with the holes made.
It says you can keep the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes. I kept mine on for 20 minutes and just hung out for a bit.
After the 20 minutes, you just peel the mask off and get excited to see your renewed skin!
Here is how my skin looks after I massaged the mask essence in my face. It definitely makes it smooth and brighter.

This mask says you should use it once to twice a week to improve your skin. 


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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