Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Swatches!

Here’s a pretty popular eyeshadow palette that is made for every body. The Modern Renaissance palette is a permanent fixture in Anastasia Beverly Hills’s line. It has a bunch of warm tones and you can make so many looks with it. This beauty retails around $42. This palette is heavily duplicated so be careful when buying one for less than retail price! I’ll be showing you all some things so you know a real versus a fake!

Here is the front of the palette. I was so excited to open this because the palette is fuzzy. The Anastasia logo is a rose gold metallic print. Make sure that your palette is fuzzy and the logo is shimmery.
Here is the back of the palette. There is a Cruelty-free bunny on the back. Remember to check out decal placement on the back. There are ingredient lists, a stamped serial number and a quick description of the palette.
Here’s the inside of the palette. There is a mirror in the palette. The magnets that close the palette should be sealed under the casing. The ribbon under the brush should be straight and not to the side. The shade names should be spelled correctly and in the order seen above. Also look for pigment changes. The fakes tend to be lighter in the pan.
This brush comes with the palette. It is a dual sided brush that has the logo and writing on the brush. The fake has very stiff bristles and there’s no Anastasia logo. I also did the brush swatches with this brush today.

I did the swatches in groups of five shades because I’m coming to find out that less is more. There will be three pictures with five in two pictures and four shades in one photo.

Here is the first group. Note how pigmented they are. This first group has a lot of base and brow bone shades. Buon Fresco is a nice pink greige that is matte and blends very well. Antique bronze is a very soft bronze that has a gold shimmer to it.
Here’s the second set four of these shades are matte and there is one shimmer shadow. Love Letter is a pretty berry pink that is a bit stiff in texture than the others. Cyprus Umber is a very nice dark brown that is matte and has a decent texture. Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange are mattes that would be great base or crease shades. Primavera is a very buttery sparkle shade.
Here are the last four. These are all matte shades. Red Ochre and Venetian Red are very nice warm tones that are firm and a bit chalky but blend great! Warm Taupe is a great transition shade and Realgar is a bright orange that is really pigmented.

There are more palettes out there like this. I will say that the pigmentation and blendability in this palette are great and I can’t complain too much about this. Please remember how to buy authentic items and don’t get swindled!


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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