Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi friends and new followers! I appreciate you all so much. I’ve been really grateful lately for everything and it’s been so great to have this blog and see it grow. It’s almost like giving birth again haha. Today I decided to swatch a really great palette that is seriously seen everywhere. The Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette! I purchased this when ULTA did a weekend flash sale and it was only $28! There are so many looks in here to help with the perfect smoky eye. 

The Naked palettes are heavily duplicated and there are some companies that have put out at Naked 4 and Naked 5. Urban Decay never released those so they’re fake. Whenever I see people using them, I pretty much look like this:

Of course, you all know I uploaded the box, palette and close up of shadows so you can tell the difference and not buy a fake! 

Here’s the front of the box. The logo is raised and the box has a nice smoke background.
Here is the back of the box. It has a small paragraph about the palette and the shades inside. It also has a picture of the double-ended brush that comes with the palette. There are also pictures of all the eyeshadow shades included.
Here’s the look book that is inside of the box. There are four different how-to prints on there.
Here’s a shot of the actual palette. It is a very nice hard plastic case and it has smoke printed on it. The writing is raised up also.
Here is the back of the palette. It is pretty opaque and you can see the pans and brush inside the palette. There is some company information and a serial number on the back.
If you look closely around the ring of light there is the serial code. Please match yours to that code to ensure an authentic palette.
Here is the inside of the palette. It has four very dark shades in the middle and surrounds them with lighter shades on the sides. Some of the shades are matte and some are shimmery.
Here is a close up of all the shadows in the palette. Please make sure that the pigments match by their name when purchasing. Note how buttery the shadows are and full the pans look. A lot of the fakes have a grainy texture to them and the pans don’t look full.

There are twelve shades in this palette so I did three groups of four for better shots of each shade. I used the dual-sided brush that the palette came with for the brush swatches.

Here are the first four shades in the palette starting from the left. All four of these are a metallic shimmer shade. They are equally pigmented with each swatch application and are very smooth. High is a light pink with a gold shimmer to it. Dirtysweet is a copperish gold with a nice pearl shine. Radar is a golden brown shift. Armor is a dark purplish gray with some silver sparkle in it.
Here are the second set of shadows in here. These are the four dark shades located in the middle of the palette. There is a dark eggplant, matte black and some shimmery gunmetal shades. Slanted is a shimmery gunmetal shade. Dagger is a blueish gray matte shade that is better swatched by finger than brush. Black Market is a very nice matte black that is pretty nice in texture. Smolder is my favorite shade out of these four. It looks black but shifts to a pearly dark eggplant color. 
This is the last group from this palette. These shades are all matte and I wish they swatched a bit better by brush. Password is a matte gray that looks more pigmented with the finger swatch. Whiskey is a nice honey brown shade that applied quite well with both techniques. Combust matches my skin shade. I tried to make it as noticible as possible in my arm but with no avail. Thirteen is a nice matte white. It has a good texture and decent pigmentation for a white shade.

There you have it with this palette! I hope some of my insight will help people buy authentic palettes and stay away from harmful ingredients! Xo


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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