Cargo Cosmetics Around the World Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi everyone! Today I decided to swatch Cargo Cosmetics and their Around the World palette. I received this palette in my Beautycon box. I was really impressed how every shade was pretty soft and buttery. Overall, these swatched very well and the only complaint I have is the brush. Trust me, we’ll be discussing that thing very soon in this post! 

Here’s a shot of the box and the palette. It has a cute design of world monuments and an airplane flying between all of them. They kept the design on both items.
Here is the back of the palette and the box. The palette has a small sticker on the back with the airplane trail on the back. The box has a look builder if you wanted to do two shades or four.
Here is the inside of the palette! It has a mirror! Yay! There is also a place for the brush to fit in. If you look at the placement of the shadows, the top row has all your lighter shades and the bottom row is all your darker shades.
Here is the brush of my nightmares. This brush, geez… where to start. Okay so when you hold it, it has a hard angled part that is completely uncomfortable in my hand. When using the end that has the dark bristles, it eventually picked up product but mostly dusted it around the palette. Also… when I was swatching with it, the bristles were falling out onto my arm and my Artis brush cleaner mat. -_- I did swatch the brush swatches with this brush and managed… but seriously,  throw it away. Sorry Cargo. 

I did the swatches following the box diagram of the quad looks. There are four shades in each look and there are three looks in all. 

This is the first quad in the palette. It has two very light shades in it, Rome which is matte white and Paris which is a pearl white shimmer. Shanghai is a matte light beige and Moscow which is a dark shade that is nice in texture and pigmentation.
In this second set it is slightly darker than the first set. Tokyo is a matte white in this quad. London has a pearl shift from white to a very light gray. Athens is a sheer gray shimmer for a perfect transition to Dublin which is a slate gray that is incredible texture and not chalky at all. 
This the last quad in the palette. This is my favorite one because it has glam written all over it. Amsterdam is a shimmery white base shade. New York is a gold shimmer that has a great texture. Madrid is a honey beige shade that swatches wonderfully despite that evil brush. Toronto, is a chocolate brown matte that is also very buttery and pigmented. I’m completely blown away.

This palette was such a sleeper for me but I understand why so many people were raving about it. The shades are very buttery and soft. Not so soft that they crumble. They all blend great together. The pigmentation is definitely there. Just please use another brush. Xo


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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