Nomakenolife May! 

Hi friends! On Friday after I did my blog posts for the day, the mailman dropped off this! This is the Nomakenolife May crate all the way from Japan! This is one of my favorite subscriptions because for $27 a month, you get five to seven full-size items straight from Japan! I’m a sucker for cute packaging and really fun things that we don’t offer here in America! I accidentally threw out the box but it was just the usual black box that the items get shipped in.

The first item in the box was Menturm petroleum jelly. This is used as a multi-purpose product that spreads easily and creates a barrier to moisturize skin.
The product is mild and hypoallergenic and it doesn’t have any fragrance, dye or parabens so this can be used on everyone. Especially on the face and lips. This is the back of the package.
The second item is a lip tint by Brigitte. The packaging is very tiny yet cute. It is a bright coral shade.
This is the back of the package. This lip color is enriched with fruit extracts, pomegranate, apple, peach, grapefruit and raspberry. They have moisturizing properties.
The third item is a liquid eyeliner by Brigitte. This company has adorable packaging. It has a super slim brush in a brown shade.
Here is the back of the packaging. It has the website for products and I’m going to assume an ingredient list. This is a long lasting formula that will not rub off from sweating and tears. It also has chamomile flower extract. 
This mascara is a new favorite. This is the Love Switch Oil treatment mascara. The box shows a woman at the top with what I can assume promoting how the lashes look. It smells like lavender and is oil based.
Here is the back of the package. It shows you how to properly apply the mascara, what it does for the lashes and what it has ingredient-wise. This is a waterproof mascara but it comes off easily and it gentle. It is water-free and is a black color that has avocado, hazelnut, camellia seed, olive and meadowfoam seed oils in it. They’re high performance beauty oils in Japan.
This brush is the Lucky Wink super cover foundation brush. This is Japan’s number one seller as far as oval-type foundation brushes go. You can use liquid, cream or gel foundation with this brush. It is synthetic so I can be cleaned with mild soap.
Here is the back of the package. It shows a diagram of the bristles. There were illustrated instructions in the package but there are four steps to use this brush accurately. It says to put a pearl size amount of foundation on forehead and both cheeks. Next, you softly tap to spread the foundation in those areas. Using a sweeping motion, spread the foundation to the rest of your face. And for a long lasting effect, press your face gently with a sponge.
The last items were a pretty nice treat from TokyoTreat. This month Ahalo Butter decided to send out samples of their deep cleaning shampoo and deep conditioning hair mask.
This is a popular line in Japan and they recently started selling products to the United States online! They included a coupon for their store for 20% off! Yay!

I seriously always love this box. The Brigitte items were a huge feature this month with adorable packaging and a nice looking product. The brush will come in handy when I don’t want to use the long handle of the Artis brushes. Xo


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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