Kat Von D MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! I decided to also do a pretty massive eyeshadow palette today. Kat Von D’s MetalMatte! This originally retailed for $60. It was limited edition and I’m pretty sure that you can still find it to buy but not for cheap. This palette has 22 shades included in it. There are nine Metal Crush shades and 13 matte eyeshadows that vary in shade. The palette is also very long but pretty slim. There is some sad news though, I couldn’t find a serial number on my palette but I purchased it through Sephora. 

I love this palette because the eyeshadows are nice but also because of the design. Holding the palette up normally, it reads the word ‘Metal’.
When you turn it upside-down, it says, ‘Matte’. I think this is so cool. You can see how long this palette is. I believe it is around a foot long.
Here is the first side of the MetalMatte look card. This side tells you how to make a look called, ‘Metal Maiden’.
When you flip the card over it shows you how to create two other looks. The first one is called, ‘Velvet Romance’ and ‘MetalMatte Mashup’. Velvet Romance is a soft smoky look while Mashup is more of a bold and bright color look.
Here is the back of the palette. It shows the names and placement of the shadows. It also shows how much the weight is. Sadly, there isn’t a serial code. 😦
Here is the inside! You can tell with the palette open how long this is. The Metal Crush shadows are in the circle pans on top of the matte shades which are in the rectangular shades. This is such a good deal considering the Metal Crush shades are $21 each.

For your pretty swatches I did the Metal Crush shades first and I did them from left to right. I followed the same layout with the matte shades.

The first four shades are found here! Nebula is a buttery and soft metallic navy blue. Watt is a deep greenish blue that reminds me of the shimmer at lakes. Ignite is a light blue mixed with some light green. Tinsel is a very nice silver that reminds me of mercury. As you can see, they all swatched very nicely.
The next three shades are Glitz, Twinkle and Volt. Out of the three of these, Twinkle is NOT vegan. It makes me sad. Glitz is a peachy gold metallic shade. Twinkle is a very light lavender shade that has a silver shift. Volt is a brownish purple shade that has some gold shimmer to it.
The last two Metal Crush shades are Synergy and Flash. Synergy is a honey brown shade that has copper shimmer to it. Flash is my fsvorite shade in the palette. It is this pretty orange yellow with gold shimmer. It looks like the color of the sun. 

And now… the Matte shades!

The first three matte shades are Linen, Jet and Velour. Linen is a pure white matte shade. It is very pigmented for a white eyeshadow. Jet is your matte black that isn’t chalky and blends very well. The last is Velour. Velour is a nice bright navy blue.
The next three are Stone, Moss and Ribbon. Stone is a grayish black matte that makes a very nice outer corner shade. Moss is a forest matte green which makes a nice green for any eyeshadow collection. The last shade, Ribbon, is a matte purple shade. These three are very nice earth tones that could make a really unique smoky eye look.
These next three I use for a pretty and subtle eye look. Silk is a dark lavender/greige shade. Fringe is a very pretty light orange pink matte color. Feather is a subtle yellow matte that reminds me of Easter. For these, I use Fringe as a base shade, blend silk in the crease and outer corner and then blend feather on the lid. 
I put the last four together because they remind me of shadows that would be in the Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette. Oak is a dark brown that swatched well using both techniques. Suede is a very pigmented beige shade for a base shade or crease. Bone is an off-white matte. Linen is a lighter white so this one would be better suited with the warm tones in this palette. Velvet is a burgundy brown shade that could be a pretty outer corner shade.

There you have it! This palette is huge and definitely was worth the money. I wish you luck trying to find it. 🙂 they have great pigment and blend out so nicely. All the shades were very user friendly.


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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