Notoriously Morbid Beauty Blogger Package Swatches!

Hi everyone! I was so excited to review this after the wait! This really nice site, Notoriously Morbid offers a package for Beauty Bloggers to review for $5! You have to have an active blog/vlog to have this product available to you. There are three options (you can pick only one!) Night Kiss Lip Balm with five samples, full size shadow with five samples, and a mini size blush with five samples. You can also choose specifics for your products! They can all be vegan, duochrome, eye safe, etc… I chose the all vegan lip balm with give samples. 

Here are all the samples which were a nice size and the Lip Balm which is called, Cauldron Cakes. It smells wonderful. It reminds me of a cherry vanilla scent. I love the labels on the jars. They’re super cute and the jar is pretty durable. Note: the Lip Balm contains beeswax so it is not vegan but all the shadows are.
Here are the bottoms of the jars. They have all the names of the shadows, ingredients, brand name and if they are lip and eye safe.
Here’s what the shadows look inside the jars. I do like how all of these look in the jar with all the reflects and shade shifting.

I did the swatches from top to bottom and swatched them in the normal style I do. I did three at a time so there will be two sets.

The first shadow is called, Eye of the Tiger. This is an orange shadow with purple and gold flecks in it. Next is Sympathy for the Devil. This one is a gray base shadow with subtle gold, red and green sparkles. This one also shifts to a reddish color. The last shade, It’s the White Hats is a very nice white shade. I enjoy having a decent amount of white because it can brighten so many other colors.
This is the last three of my blogger package. Unattainable was my favorite shade I was sent. This shade is a navy blue that has a bright green, blue and purple shimmer effect. Such yes. Siren Song is another beautiful shade. This was offered in the Easter GWP bundle and is a bright violet and blue shade with some silver shimmer to it. It is super eye-catching and pretty. The last shade is Honey Island Swamp Monster. This belongs to a very cool set based on folklore monsters of a certain area. This shade is a navy and gray shade  that has a fun gold shift to it. 

I’m so glad that I had a better experience with these shadows than my before post because I love sharing my good experiences and what to buy. 


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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