Urban Decay Vice 4 Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! Today I decided to swatch the Vice 4 palette by Urban Decay. There are 20 eyeshadows in this collection and it was released in 2015. This was limited edition when it came out and it was $60. This palette does have a lot of super glitter shadows and some mattes. If you’re not a fan of glitter, I would personally save your money because I think eleven of the shades include some sort of glitter or super sparkle in them. 

Here the the front of the palette! I love the oil slick color design on the front. This is a pretty big palette and made of a hard plastic.
Here is the back of the palette. This has a serial code on it which I took a closer picture of for you all. This also has what type of palette this is, the weight and distribution information. 
Here is the serial code for you! I’m not too sure if this palette has duplicates made but it’s better to be safe!
Here is the brush that comes with the palette. It is a dual-sided brush that has a metal handle. I used this for the swatches this afternoon.

As you know, this palette has 20 shades! For the swatches today, I decided to do them across by row but I did a three swatch then a two swatch combo for each row. They are labeled like usual.

Here are the first three shades in the first row. Bones is a very light beige with a pearl shine to it. This reminds me of how the smooth underside of oysters shimmer. This is a very sheer shade. Grip is a taupe shade that has some golden brown undertone to it. There is also some glitter in it that would show up more with a primer. Deadbeat is a dark gray with some bright teal shine in it. The texture of this was very nice. 
These are the last two shades in the first row. Beat Down is a shimmery bluish violet shade that has a pearl shimmer to it. I love how bold it is. The last shade, Pandemonium, is a grayish plum with some pink sparkles. This shade is a bit dry so I would use primer and try to pat it on. It also had some fallout so beware!
This pictures starts the second row. Framed is a matte shade. It is a light peachy orange color that would be a great base shade or inner corner shade. Fast-Ball makes me so happy. It reminds me of those foil Barbie dresses from the early 1990s. This shade is a middle pink shade with a coral pop added to it. 1985 is frosted bright fuschia shade that has a bit of dark purple undertone to it. The texture of this shade is very buttery and blends well. 
These are the last two shades for this row. These two shades are very nice in texture, swatch and pigmentation. Underhand is like if plum and honey brown had a baby. This is frosted and shimmery and the texture is just so nice as you can see from the swatches above. Harlot is a fantastic lavender with silver added to it and don’t forget how metallic it is. This is a go-to for me for just a simple daily look. 
This starts the third Row! Yay! Discreet is the first shade to discuss. It is a matte shade that is a very light lavender that has a very smooth texture and wasn’t hard to work with. Grasshopper is next. I love this. It reminds me of chocolate mint chip ice cream! This is a bright green that has a bit of a yellow shine to it and definitely a shimmer to it. It is a bit stiff in the pan but applies decently. C-Note is a smoky dark grayish green that has a lot of sparkle to it. It swatches very well.
These last two shades are so fun. I like how the majority of these shades are like shimmery jewels. Arctic is a shimmery bluish bright teal shade with a bunch of shimmer. Robbery is a very pretty frosted brown shade that is comparable to a gunmetal. This is another soft shade but it works very well when applying.
This is the last row in the palette. It starts with Bitter. Bitter is a dark brown that has a bit of reddish orange undertone. It reminds me of a matte brick red. It swatched better with the finger application. Flame is a fun shade. It is a coral orange shade with a bunch of gold sparkle. I would recommend a primer to apply this shade. Low is a dark brown with a bunch of silver glitter in it. I liked it but with a lot of glitter shades, expect some fallout. 
These are the final two shades in the palette! Crowbar is a shimmery olive green-black shade with gold glitter. This makes so much fallout so please be careful! The last shade, Delete, is a matte dark brown with some warm undertones to it. 

Okay! Phew! That palette is finished! I think overall the colors in this are nicely varied and a variety of looks can be made! Just keep in mind that a primer should be used for this palette for a lot of the super glittery shadows! Xo


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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