Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop Dagon’s Tribute Soothing Facial Mask! 

Hi friends! Today I’m going to show you all one of my favorite skincare brands! Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop is one of my all-time favorites for many reasons. The vegan and cruelty-free aspect is a huge plus! The owner, Amanda, is awesome. She’s always interacting with her customers and offers a great Q&A on the blog portion of her shop on how things work and what mask would work best for your skin. There is also a huge selection of things that she offers. Body scrubs, lotions, perfumes, scrubs, makeup remover, eye treatments, bath bombs etc… and they won’t break the bank! The best part is that these are perfect for horror and occult lovers so if you adore spooky things or there is somebody in your life that does, hook them/yourself up with a quality product they’ll love! 🙂 

Like I typically tell you all, I’m not sponsored or endorsed by these companies, I buy things with my own money but if I seriously love a company or product, I rave and glow about it! 🙂

Dagon’s Tribute Soothing Facial Mask is one of my favorites from this company. When I run out, I immediately purchase another one! This mask will run you about $9.50 without shipping. I love this so much because depending on the weather and a certain time of the month my face and skin are terrible. I get super oily and my skin feels angry. This is one of the only masks that I found that work for me and calm my face down. 

Here is the packaging it comes in with a very cute label. I decided to do this mask first because I’m very low and wanted to review it before I ran out. This mask is 2 ounces.
Here is another side of the packaging. It comes with a warning since this mask contains kelp powder. It is for external use only. Attempt to keep out of your eyes and consult a physician before use if you’re pregnant or nursing. You can totally see how much love I give this since I’m almost out! I also apologize for the water on the label. There is supposed to be a cute blood drip illustration going on. 
Here is the ingredient list and the how-to for the mask! It also states that the product is vegan and cruelty-free. This mask is all natural. 
Here’s what the mask looks like before you add the water or other mix medium to it. It smells very fresh with a hint of ocean to it because of the seaweed. Please don’t be put off by the scent, it is so worth it.
For step one, please make sure that before you put the mask on to wash and clean your face to get rid of any makeup or extra oils. I have this issue with making natural faces. I’m always making a face. For some reason, it’s just a personality quirk. 
I added about a tablespoon to my dry mask ingredients. I like my mask a bit thicker than most so I’m happy I get to chose the consistency by mixing it myself.
Here’s how it looks all mixed up! This is enough for my face and all you have to do is spread it around on your face.
Here is the face mask first applied! Hahaha I love the color and how nice and smooth it goes on.
I usually keep this mask on for about 20 minutes or until almost dry.
Here’s what the mask looks like after 20 minutes! It starts to get a bit cracked and awesomely green!
Here is what my face looks like after taking the mask off. You can see the difference in my skin between the step one photo and this one. My skin looks calmer and a bit brighter! Yay!

To be honest, I have a lot of her products that I still have yet to review on here! I have a body scrub, another mask and a body butter that I will review! Xo


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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