Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! Today I decided to swatch another pretty big palette for you. This one is the Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded palette. This released last year for $56. What’s really neat about this collection is that these are shades that celebrate the last 20 years of Urban Decay. Some of the shades are from other palettes, some are discontinued and some are new. You get a decent selection of shades and textures here. This palette also features a really neat button mechanism to open and close the palette securely which I like because I always fear my palettes opening and just spilling all over. 

Here is the front of the palette. It is a hard matte black plastic with purple lettering on it. The UD logo is 3D and raises off the palette into a gemlike quality.
Here is the back of the palette. It has the Urban Decay logo and information written in a shiny pirple font. Unfortunately there is no serial code on the back of this particular palette. It has the website, distributor information, weight and what’s inside.
Here’s a shot of the inside of the palette. It has a really big mirror on the top portion of the palette. There are five shadows in each row and it comes with a dual-sided brush.
Here is a shot of the brush that comes with the palette. It is dual-sided and the handle is a purple chrome. All the brush swatches today were done with this brush.

If you read my last post about Urban Decay, I did each swatch by row but split the swatches up in two groups. I kept it the same way with this palette.

The first three shades are these guys. Suspend is a dark brown matte shade that has some cool tones to it. It was very blendable and pigmented. Oil Slick is a grayish black matte with silver sparkles. I had a lot of fallout with my swatches of this shade. Primer is definitely needed. Roadstripe is such a pretty duochrome shade. It is a white shimmer shade with a reflect of a bluish purple. It is a softer buttery texture.
Here are the last two shades in the first row. Gash is a brick red pearl shade. It was very pigmented and the texture was very nice. I was happy about that because in my experiences red shades are always a bit stiff and a bit more difficult to work with. Midnight Cowboy is a beige with a lot of sparkle and shimmer in it. I would say it’s a muted light gold base shade. 
Here starts the second row! 501 is a dark blue that has copper sparkles in it. As you can probably assume, a primer is a great choice for this one to get more glitter to show. Shallow is a medium silver shade with a pearl shift that swatched better with my finger than a brush. Laced is a matte beige that has some pink in it. This shade gave me some trouble trying to build it up enough for swatches so this one does need some work to be applied.
Here are the last two in the row. They are also two of my favorites in the palette. Hot Pants is a bright frosted pink shade that swatched beautifully both ways. Mildew is a frosted forest green shade that looks like it may some dark yellow shimmer to it. It reminds me of moss. This shade swatched very nice as well.
This third row starts off with Smog. Smog is a copper golden brown shade that has shimmer to it. This shade swatched very well and has a great texture. Misdemeanor is a blueish gray shade that has some shimmer to it. What I find interesting about this one is that the finger swatch picked up a very nice blue green shade while the brush picked up more on a muted gray shimmer. The last shade, Freakshow is a dark violet shade with some pearl added to it. I’m pretty sure that this was an older discontinued shade but I would be wrong. 
These two shades are the other two favorites I had in this palette. I love unique shades. Asphyxia is a light lavender with some pink and a blue shift added in. This shade is pretty opaque so I would use a primer for it or as an accent shade. Acid Rain is a bright yellow green that has a bit of a golden pearl accent to it. This shade is also pretty sheer so it would make a better accent shade or use more primer to try and catch more pigment.
These three shades are the start of the last row. Moonflower is a frosted golden orange shade that reminds me of a bright copper or fun beachy shades. It blends and swatches very well. UV-B is a frosted bright blue with some violet undertones in it. I thought this looked a bit more together on the brush swatch than it did on the finger application. Goldmine is a very pigmented and nicely textured bright yellow shade with a slight brown undertone and a bunch of gold sparkle added to it. I totally recommend a primer before applying! 
These last two shades are Twice Baked and Anonymous. Twice Baked is a frosted reddish brown with a slight sparkle to it. It swatches very different than how it looks in the pan. The pan shows more glitter and shimmer, swatched it is almost a matte. The last shade Anonymous is a matte light beige. This would be a good base shade and blends very nice. 

There you have it for this big palette. There are so many looks you can make with this one. I think this collection offers a lot more in comparison to the other Vice palette with all the glitter shades in it. Xo


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