Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop Light of Carol Anne Brightening Facial Mask! 

Hi friends! Happy Memorial Day! We celebrated this weekend to honor our veterans to served. Today, with the rain we’re having means I’m stuck inside with massive sunburn to make a post. Haha. I decided to review another mask by the awesome Ghouslish Delights Bath Shop. This one is the Light of Carol Anne Brightening Facial Mask. This was the first mask I ever tried by this brand. It is the same prices as the others, $9.50. This mask is also vegan, cruelty-free and all natural. I enclosed all the pictures to show what it looks like, texture and how to apply! 

Here is the front of the jar. It has the logo, the name of the mask and what it does. This one is a brightening mask. This product is also 2 ounces.
Here is a side shot of the warning. It had a blood splatter pattern that I still managed to get wet and basically ruin the design. I’m sorry! This is to make sure that the user is aware that this is for external use only and if you are pregnant or nursing to ask a physician before use.
Here is the ingredient list on the other side of the jar. There is Kaolin Clay with a bunch of natural plant powders. This is the side that you will see the how-to for using the mask. 
Here’s what the mask looks like inside the jar. It is a golden beige color. As you can see, I have more of this than Dagon’s Tribute so in the picture, you can see more texture and detail.

The next couple of pictures is going to show how much I usually use for a treatment, how much water I use to mix it and then how to apply.

This is about the amount that I usually per treatment. I would say this is about two tablespoons.
This is about how much water I use. I would say this is about a tablespoon. I like my masks a bit thick so I use less water than the equal part ratio.
Here is how it all looks mixed together. It has a nice floral and earthy scent and definitely a bit thicker than most people like.
For the first step and a very important step, please make sure that you clean your face. Use a makeup remover wipe or anything. Just to get rid of extra dirt and oil.
Here is what the mask looks like when first applied. It is a nice clay consistency and applies smoothly. 
I kept this mask on for 30 minutes. It says 15 to 20 but because of how thick I apply it, it needs some extra time.
Here is what it looks like after 30 minutes. You can see the mask is very dry in a bunch of areas and starting to crack.
I wish I had photos to show you of washing the mask off but I tend to multitask when I can and I take my mask off in the shower. But you can see how much brighter and smooth my skin looks.

There you guys have it with this post. Please give this brand a try if you’re looking for another great vegan and cruelty-free brand to add. Xo


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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