Yanqina Doll Eyeliner Review! 

Hi friends! I had a post up earlier before about my internet being down which makes posting hard from my phone because of all the data that it eats. Good news is that it is temporarily working for now. In the meantime I was preparing a post about a cute eyeliner that was being shown on Instagram. A cute little liquid eyeliner that looks like a geisha doll. 

I must admit that for a cute $2 eyeliner off of Amazon, I’m very impressed.

There she is! The design is completely adorable. It is a decent plastic with a screw off top.
Here is the back of the eyeliner. It has some Chinese characters, the name of the brand and how many ounces it is.

I believe this product is from China. There is little or no information about this product but it is waterproof and the black doesn’t fade. Which makes me scared because it is more than likely that it isn’t cruelty-free. 😦

Here is what the pen looks like out of the bottle. It is a screw top to ensure that it doesn’t dry out. The pen is also a strong semi-flexible tip that is good for detail.
I always do a little test with eyeliner to see how well the pen performs. I could write the brand name right out of the bottle in one swipe and not reapplying through it. After it dried, it didn’t budge. 
Next is the waterproof test! I put my hand under the faucet on full blast waiting to see if it would run off.

After the water I rubbed on it a little and…

It actually survived water and rub! Success! 🙂 I wasn’t actually expecting much from this eyeliner so I’m happy with the results.
Yes, the pen is also great with making wings.

I was very impressed with this cute eyeliner. Like I stated before, it concerns me that it was questionable about the ethics of the company but if you’re looking for something affordable, check this out. Xo


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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