Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book Swatches!

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a good day! Today while I’m waiting for the service electric man to come, I have an internet connection! I swatched the Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book for you all! This was a holiday palette for 2015 and cost $55. There are 24 shadows in here and set up as a quad shadows for unique eye looks for you. There are matte, shimmer and sparkle shades. 

Before I start, as a fan of Kat Von D’s eyeshadows, this collection is not like her normal formula. It is chalkier and not as pigmented. There was also so much fallout. To be honest, you’re not missing anything if this isn’t in your collection. The shade, Gothica is the biggest disappointment I’ve ever encountered. I’ll definitely show you in the swatches. Here come my shots of the palette!

Here is the front of the palette. I really do like the design of this one. It has a star embossed with a rivet like design. It also has Kat Von D’s logo on the bottom in the middle. I lost the sleeve to this palette so for that I apologize.
Here is the back of the palette. As you can see, there’s directions on the looks you can make, a serial code that I enlarged for you in the next photo, and all the shades and their names.
Here is the serial code. I’m hoping that it is visible for you all because I heard there are dupes of this palette. Be careful!
On the back of the palette there’s this fun how-to column. It shows you for each quad where is the neutral base, lid shade, crease shade and accent shade. I thought this was pretty rad and helped if somebody was confused. 
Here’s the inside of the palette. It has a piece of plastic with all the shades written on it. There is a nice sized mirror with a fun star cut out shape going on. I thought the plastic cover for the shadows was nice so you know the name but does get in the way a lot.
Here is a better shot of the shadows without the cover. They are all arranged nicely.

I did the swatches with finger and brush like usual and I did them in quad shades so you can see four shades at a time and how they would be used in each look.

Here are the first four shades in the upper left of the palette. I enjoyed all the shades in this look. They all swatched beautifully.  Solar is a pale beige shade that is almost white. Nephilim is a shimmer golden beige shade. Platonic is less shimmery than Nephilim and they almost look like the same shade except Nephilim is a tad darker. Mandala. I love the color. A bright reddish orange is always a good shade. I did a bit of trouble swatching it with my finger because it would kick up a lot of product in slabs and go all over. Brush and primer is recommended for this shade.
This next set is located in the upper right of the palette. This color scheme reminds me of something that would have been in her Innerstellar eyeshadow palette. Damned is a darker beige than in the first quad. This shade is matte and decent in texture. Division is a gray silver with a ton on shimmer. I loved how nice the texture was of this shade. Depeche is a shimmery gold with a honey brown matte. It blends nicely and is pigmented. Brass Knuckles reminds me of an Easter yellow with gold shimmer in it. I wish it was more pigmented and a bit more brass. 
This quad is in the middle on the left. Anti-Star is a very soft and buttery grayish white shade with some light blue shimmer in it. Estrella is a dark navy shade that has a hologram effect shifting it to a bright blue. Black Star is a matte black with a lot of silver glitter in it. This shade has a fallout alert that I’m warning you of because it will go all over the place so primer is a must. Starflyer is a beautiful matte bright blue. I wish it was more vibrant with the brush swatch. It was very chalky and patchy so I did have to go over pigment a bunch of times to get a decent swatch. 
Yikes. This quad in the middle right is a disaster. We will discuss this. Banshee is a matte white shade that I like. It swatched great and I have no complaints about it. Violator I thought was a very pretty pinkish purple shimmer. Gothica. As you can see there was some issues. This shade I guess was supposed to maybe be a pressed purple glitter that was just awful. Nothing swatched with the brush and you can see all the fallout around what did actually swatch. It has the texture of wet sand. I’m so sad. Fascination Street is a matte bluish purple that needs primer and a lot of building up. There is a lot of fallout with this shade also. 
Here is the quad from the bottom left. This one is a decently pigmented smoky eye look. Moz is a matte light beige shade that is pretty pigmented and has good texture. Heaven Knows is pretty powdery so primer and carefulness is a must. This is a dark beige with a tiny silver shimmer to it. Smiths is a very nicely pigmented and textured golden brown with shimmer. Leather is a dark chocolate brown matte shade. This might be my favorite quad just because it is the most workable out of the palette. 
I wanted to love these four shades so much. But I just couldn’t. Crosses is a matte beige shade. Covenant is a shimmery olive green that is pretty dark and swatched very well. Craft looks exactly like Covenant except for some pieces of silver glitter in it. Like…. why? It just made me so sad. Anything would have been better than that. Lastly, we have Cult. I wanted to love this shade with all of my being. It was too chunky and the fallout was awful. This is a bright lime green matte shade with silver sparkle. 

Okay so I’m pretty sure that was one of the most disappointing swatch reviews I’ve ever done. Sometimes when holiday palettes are released, so get a bit paranoid about the quality of them just because everything is so rushed to meet the deadline. I’m pretty sure that holds evident here. A lot of these shadows should have been reformulated so they were usable. Gothica,  specifically. There were some hits in here but I think the misses stand out more. Xo


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