Nomakenolife June Box!

Hi friends! I hope your weekend was good! On Friday after I blogged about the Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book this arrived at my house. 

As you all know, this is my favorite subscription box that I currently get. You get five to six full-size items from Japan. This month was all about two in one items for practicality and quickness. 

My blog pictures still can’t have captions written under them so the descriptions are going to be a bit messed up like on Friday. I’m so sorry.

Here is what the box looks like. Underneath is where the address and customs information is.

Here’s all the products that the subscribers received this month! Yay! There’s always a decent variety of items that keep me interested.

Let’s get started on the individual items! 

The first item is the Makeup Block 3-in-1 beauty tools. I was pretty excited about this just because of how this is designed. These stack on top of each other and are very easy to store. It saves room on the go and is compact.

Here is the back of the package. All the writing is in Japanese and there is a website that I can see. The picture on the side shows you what order it gets stacked in and how much more convenient this item is.

This is how the block works when you stack it yourself. I think is pretty neat. This comes with a lip brush, eyebrow brush and a spoolie (screw). It also has a cap that locks on to keep it clean.

Now for the second item!

I’m so thankful for another sample for Ahalo Butter! I’m in love with their shampoo! Yesss!

Since I talked about the shampoo and hair mask last month, I just wanted to add a picture of it for this month. Now for item three…

This is Country & Stream’s Honey UV Water Gel. This is a honey based sunscreen. The scent is a mix of lemon and honey. It is SPF 32 and can be applied to the face and body. 

The back of the package really doesn’t offer much that we can read but I will let you know that this sunscreen has honey and eight different types of natural extracts. There is lavender, rosemary and jojoba just to name three. Along with the honey, there is also royal jelly extract, collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. Since I have a lot of tattoos on my arms, this will come in handy this summer!

The next item for me was pretty awesome!

This is the Candy Doll Lip and Cheek Cream! This product is used and endorsed by Tsubasa Masukawa, who is a Japanese model. This pink shade can be used as a lip and cheek cream. It is a very light pink that dries down matte. 

On the back of the package, there is a website for Candy Doll and a quick how to describing where to apply the cream.

I did a quick arm swatch of the shade for you! It is a pretty light pink.

I did apply some to my lips and a tiny amount to the apples and upwards on my cheeks to show you all how subtle and pretty it is on your face. 

This next product was completely disappointing for me and I wish it wasn’t because the company was raving about having this in this month’s box.

These are the Lumi Deco Nail Decals! I was pretty excited about these because they were apparently LED when you paid with your phone or took a selfie. They didn’t work.

On the back of the package it says that it works for Android. If you have an iPhone, I’m not sure if they will work which could be quite disappointing. They were made in Korea and have a website to check out. The photos show all the ways that you can use your phone to activate the nails. 

The first side on instructions comes with a nails file and ways to use your nails.

The other side of the paper shows you how to apply the nails and how to activate the LED function. They reminds me Jamberry nail stick ons. It was also frustrating because all the directions are printed in Japanese.

Here are what the nail decals look like on and with the LED main nail on my pointer finger. I’m not a fan of doing much with my nails and found doing this quite frustrating and not a fun experience. I removed all this after the picture was taken.

And the last item this month is….. *drumroll*

This is the Angel Recipe All in One Essence! This was also a preview for this month’s box and I was so excited because I love skincare so much. This product has fresh collagen in It! There is also one of those cute baby pictures on the packaging 🙂  

The back of the packaging has some pictures to show how the product works with the skin and it was made in Japan. The rest is a bit unclear.

This formula is their white & medicated blend. It has Arbutin and Vitamin C. Arbutin suppresses melanin, prevents freckles and uneven coloring. The Vitamin C helps brighten the skin. 

Here is just a quick shot of the back of the bottle. It says that it is 50 ML, gives a company phone number and is made in Japan.

Besides the fail nails, I did enjoy the rest of my samples! I hope this box becomes more popular so other people can enjoy their service too! Xo


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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