Beautycon Summer Box!

Hi loves! The Beautycon box comes every three months and I completely forgot about it! The box curators for this season are Kim Thai and Aidette Cancino. To be honest, I have no idea who Aidette is but I do love Kim. She has a great moisturizer out with Ofra Cosmetics and false eyelashes with Cake Face Cosmetics and she’s great with body positivity and a good outlook.

This box costs $35 (cost with shipping included) a bit pricey but the products inside exceed the cost by a bunch. To be honest, I wasn’t super stoked to have anything in this box but I can’t complain about anything given.


This is how the box looks when it comes. It does have a holographic band that went around it but that had my address and I want to keep that private 😂



Here is a quick preview of what the box looks like this Summer. It seems a bit lackluster. I eyeballed those face masks though!


Every time Beautycon has a box, they give a card in it that tells you what products are in it. This is just the front. I think it is a close-up of broken CDs.

Here is the back of the card. It has a list of all the products and the company instagram names. They also have all the platforms you can find Beautycon on.

Now that we have the box and the card explained, let’s move on to the products!

Our first product is from Colourpop. This is their Ultra Satin Lip in shade, London Fog. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Colourpop and tend to shy away because of all the drama with their shipping department but I liked this. It did stay pretty sticky on my lips but it didn’t wear off easily.

Here is a quick shot of the applicator. It is a doe foot that doesn’t flex too much and picks up a decent amount of product.

Here is a lip swatch of the London Fog shade. This was taken about three hours after the first application. It still looked pretty nice after all that time. I did make an arm swatch of everything found in this box but I will include it at the end!

Product two is a Lush Lip Gloss by Doucce. I don’t wear lip glosses just because I like my lip products to dry down. This is a super high gloss with a pretty pink sparkle hue.

Here is a quick shot of the applicator. It is the same doe foot as the Colourpop one.

The third product is a eyeshadow crayon by Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics in shade Gold Plated. I really liked this and it reminds me of the eye caviar by Laura Mercier. It goes on smoothly and has a nice sparkle to it.

The top of the crayon is where all your pigment is. You just apply it to your eyelid and dab it with your finger to blend. This is also a twist bottom so if the eyeshadow gets low, you can twist to get a better tip.

Item four is a Makeupdrop×Beautycon collaboration for a silicone makeup applicator. This one says it is the original when Molly Cosmetics did come out with it first. I swear, sometimes saying, ‘The Original’ reminds me of a place having the ‘World’s Best Pizza/Coffee’. This is cruelty-free, paraben free, and non-toxic.

This is a shot of the back of the box. It has directions and how to clean it. They have their email just in case there’s an issue and their Instagram handle. Their website is also available to you.

This is what the silicone applicator looks like. It has a stamp with the collaboration on it and is shaped like a droplet of water. The one disappointing thing is that this applicator stunk really bad. I’m hoping washing it and keeping it with my things will make it better.

The fifth product is by Manna Kadar Beauty. This Flutter Mascara in Jet Black is Leaping Bunny approved and smells nice and floral.  This retails for $29 so for the price of the box, it was a steal!

Here is a shot of the mascara wand. It looks like an hourglass and this one can coat every lash. The formula is unique because it comes off in strings in the shower and doesn’t smudge all over your face instead! I love it.

Product six is an eyeliner pencil by Jontéblu in shade Electric Bleu. I don’t use pencil eyeliner but it has a nice feel to it. The liner didn’t catch on my skin and was pretty pigmented.

Product seven and eight are both by Deco Miami. The nail file is made of frosted glass and is a nice pink to white ombre. The cuticle oil is vegan, cruelty-free and all natural. It has a nice lemon scent and made my nails looks pretty.

This oil helped brush the cuticles back and added a really nice shine to my nails.

Product nine is a peel-off gel mask by Freeman. I used to use these masks when I was a kid because I love to peel them off. I’m having a nostalgic moment! This is a cucumber mask that is used to refresh skin.

Here is the back of the package. It has directions on how to use it and take it off, their website and symbols that show they’re on Facebook and Instagram. This is also cruelty-free.

The last item are two bamboo charcoal sheet masks by Feel. The front says these are powerful detoxifiers. I’m hoping they work like the Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding!

The best part is finding out that this is a Korean skincare mask! Yes! They have the ingredients listed, a how to use, and what main ingredients are in the mask and their properties.

Here are those arm swatches that I promised you!

Here they all are! The blue eyeliner is so vibrant and fun. The Colourpop shade is a bright red that is nicely pigmented. I loved the shade for the lip gloss but it was so sticky. The eyeshadow is beautiful and subtle.

There you have my review of the products included in this summer box! I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, please let me know! Xo


Author: aubr3y87

I recently was a full-time worker that has went to a stay at home mom lifestyle and I'm attempting to blog about makeup and the perks of being a mother.

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