Apocalyptic Beauty Blogger Package!

Hi loves! I just got home from vacation and I finally updated by blog! I’ve been creeping on Etsy recently for eyeshadows and fun beauty products that are affordable and also deserve recognition for awesome homemade products. My creeping led me to Apocalyptic Beauty’s store and she offered a Blogger package that I ordered that came with six sample bags and one full-size eyeshadow of your choice! 

Aren’t the shades beautiful?! I was so excited when this package arrived! Yay!

Here store has a lot of affordable and pigmented beauty products. She also offers blushes, highlighters and perfumes. I will be a repeat customer after this. One thing I also liked is how each product is named after fun pop culture and horror references. It makes it more fun for me 🙂

I chose Horrorshow as my full-size product. This is close-up shot of the product in the pan. It is a light pumpkin orange with gold amd silver sparkles in it.

I have included swatches of each shade and they are labeled by name, finger swatch and brush swatch. Enjoy!

The first set of swatches are these three. Horrorshow is a light orange-peach with gold and silver sparkles. It swatched nicely on both tests and has a lot of pigment. The next shade is They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara. This shade is a violet that has an emerald green shift that when swatched, has dark red pigments. It reminds me of My Pretty Zombie’s Everything Looks Better on a Meat Hook. The third shade is Vogon Poetry. I love this shade so much. This is a nicely pigmented and swatchable bright green that has a lot of shimmer and almost a yellow tint to it. I’m so impressed! 
This last row has four shades in it. The first shade is Polly Plague. This a bright violet shade that has a subtle sparkle to it. The Amber of the Moment is the next shade. This shade is a very light beige that has a lot of gold shimmer to it. It would make a lovely lid shade or an inner corner shade. Thoroughly Spoiled is a dark purple mixed with a light gray shimmer. This shade has so many fun color shifting properties, I could cry. The last shade, Planet Queen is a teal matte shade that has teal sparkles for an extra kick. Love.

To be honest, I was not disappointed with anything in this blogger package. Please PLEASE support this wonderful etsy user! Xo


Looxi Beauty Charmed Swatch!

Hi readers! This is going to be a quick post today because I finally hit 30! Happy birthday to me! I managed to grab Charmed when it was back in stock last week! This pan only cost $5 and is so versatile. Most people use this as a highlighter also! 

This is a pretty purple and duochrome into a greenish blue tint. This shade is super pretty and with it being vegan, it definitely appeals to me!

This is the card that came with the pan. The shade is in the middle of the card acting like one of the Os.
This is a beautiful closeup shot of Charmed. I really wanted to capture the shimmer and different colors in this pan.

For the swatch of this pretty shade, I did a finger and brush swatch! Enjoy!

I took the swatch with flash enabled so you can see the color shift. You can see how pretty the shift is with this eyeshadow.

There you guys go! I hope you love it as much as I have! Xo!

Pretty Vulgar On Point Liquid Eyeliner Review!

Hi friends! Today I’m going to review the Pretty Vulgar On Point liquid eyeliner. I got this eyeliner that usually retails for around $22 for $6. This was part of their 20K giveaway. The site was glitchy and was a terrible experience. The eyeliner came yesterday and this is the second time I’m using it and it seems like the pen is already dried out. I’m not too happy but I can’t always review things that I like and things don’t go as planned. 

I’m going to show you the box, the pen, and my waterproof test.

Here is the front of the package. The packaging is cute. It is 0.034 fluid ounces.

The back of the box states this is not to be applied on your waterline or your contact lenses. Wtf? It has the ingredient list and that this is shade #26, or Top Secret. This has the distribution information and that it is cruelty-free.

This is the top of the box. It describes the formula as a quick drying, smudge proof, and color rich formula. The website is located at the bottom of the paragraph.

This is the eyeliner pen. It has a pretty ink pen quality to it and the gold top comes off. This pen is all hard plastic and feels durable. 

This is the pen applicator. It is very flexible and has a nice felt quality. Be careful with how much this flexes because it can be problematic if you are just starting out with liquid eyeliner.

This is how the pen handles on my hand. It does have a nice color but as you can see, it isn’t a consistent pigment with the lines. There were also some hiccups and drag. 

The next thing up with this was the question of this being waterproof. It never stated it was but as a personal criteria, I need things to be waterproof! Below, is my waterproof test.

I took the eyeliner swatch from before and ran it under my sink. It didn’t fall apart under the water which was a good sign. 

After I took my hand out of the water and rubbed it with my finger…

This was the end result. As you can see, this just isn’t waterproof. It made me so sad. 

Okay readers, this eyeliner does the job. However, I feel this product could be so much better. It could have less drag, consistency in the pigment could be better. If this was waterproof, that would have made me a happier customer. Xo

Juvia’s Place The Zulu Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! Sorry I updated so late today! My birthday was on Thursday and my mom wanted to take my daughter and I out for the day. It was a blast 🙂 we just got back a bit ago and I made dinner and completely realized that I didn’t update this awesome palette on here today! This is the new Juvia’s Place The Zulu Eyeshadow palette. This palette was on sale for $17.99 which is a steal for these limited edition colors. Let’s have a closer look.

These palettes always have such a celebration of heritage and lovely design. The palette is pretty compact. 

The back of the palette is always blank and the information is on the boxes. This box has a small blurb celebrating the Ndebele people, the ingredients, company information and that this product is cruelty-free.

These are the shades! There are six bright matte shades and three shimmer shades. I am such a fan of bright colors I needed this in my collection. The one reason I didn’t jump on the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay is because they didn’t include a yellow. I just wish the shades impressed me more.

For the swatches, I did them by row so there are three shades in each row.

This first row is all matte shades that are very pigmented. They didn’t have names so I’ll just describe them by sjade. The bright orange reminds me of Sugarpill’s Flamepoint but you can’t go wrong with so many oranges. The yellow is very vibrant and pigmented. Yet again, it reminds me of Buttercupcake by Sugarpill. This last shade is a burnt orange that is very pigmented and a nice shade to work wirh.

The middle row is my favorite in this palette. The first shade is a bright almost matte turquoise shade with a green tint to it. It blends very well and used it in a look on Saturday. The middle is a shimmery lime green with sparkle. As always, Juvia’s Place has amazing shimmer shades. The last shade reminds me of the ocean. It is a bright blue with silver sparkle. This is so bright and pretty. 

The last row has beautiful shades in it. The first one is a shimmer shade. It has a rose base with a lot of gold sparkle in it. The next shade is a bright matte red shade. I really enjoy the texture and shade of this usual red. It is bright. The last shade is a pretty matte purple that blends quite well. 

This palette is a steal for the price and the color pay out. The pans are a decent size and Juvia’s always delivers a decent product. Xo

Ipsy June Glambag! 

Hi friends! I hope you had a good weekend! Today I’m going to review my Ipsy Glambag for this month! 

The Glambag this month is a fabric bag with lips on it and a little card that focuses on how to make your looks bold and loud!

These are the five items that were sent to me this month. There’s an eyeliner, mascara, lip and cheek pigment, skin cleaner and eyeshadow. It was a nice mix that in a pinch I could make a look with.

The first product is from NYX.  This is their Whipped Lip and Cheek Soufflé in shade Cocoa Bean. I did take an arm swatch and lip swatch for you of this. This is a nude brown that you can use for contouring or a light brown lip shade. 

Here is a quick shot of all the ingredients, shade name and where it was manufactured. 

This is how the applicator looks. It is a soft diamond shape that has a hold in the middle to evenly distribute product to your entire lip. This smells faintly of vanilla and is a very smooth formula.

This is the quick lip swatch of Cocoa Bean. It is a very warm brown that adds a subtle hint of color to your lips. I apologize for the look in this photo. It was pretty early and I wasn’t awake yet. 😂

This is the Maxlash Volumizer Mascara by Doucce. This mascara is a true black and the wand helps coat every lash that you have.

As you can see, there is a lot of texture to be had from the wand. It is pretty intense and I am digging this mascara so far. I have it on in my lip swatch picture of the NYX shade above.

The third item is an eyeshadow single from Luna in the shade Jace. This is a vegan and cruelty-free shade! Yay! I like how this actually comes in a box so it prevents being broken.

Here on the back of the box they have the website, shade name, distribution information, and ingredients. 

This is Jace out of the box looking completely pretty. This shade is a dusty rose shade that is matte and a light color. This would be nice for a soft summer look to add a pop of color. 

The back of the eyeshadow has the name of the shade and the website to grab more products from.

I’ve been using this Skyn Glacial Face Wash since Friday and I love it. This has white willow bark in it with a bunch of other ingredients to help purify, soothe and detoxify your pretty face. 

The back of the product has the ingredient list, a how-to use, and the company website.

The last product is from Makeup Forever. This is their Aqua XL Eye Pencil in M-10 Matte Black. 

The back of the product has a quick blurb about Makeup Forever and their mission statement, an ingredient list and where you can find this product. 

The inside of the sample pack has a preview of all 20 shades in the line, states that it is waterproof, ultra gliding and has an intense color. In my arm swatches, I did a swatch of this and it stayed on my arm, completely unsmudged from about 12:00 PM until the next morning at around 8:00 AM. They don’t lie about it being waterproof and smudgeproof!

The last picture is of my arm swatches. They are all labeled by what product they are and there is a finger and brush swatch of the Luna eyeshadow. Enjoy!

The top swatch was of the NYX Cocoa Bean shade. It is very subtle but totally can pass a bronzer. The next swatch is of Jace by Luna. I seriously love how subtle this shade is. The last is the Makeup Forever eyeliner. Look at how black this eyeliner is. 

There you have it loves! This is the June Glambag in all of its glory! Xo