Beautycon Subscription Box

Hey everybody! I get a lot of subscription boxes that I am gladly going to provide pictures of and discuss with you all. I know a lot of people dislike them because of the samples and it makes a lot of clutter but I like it for the simple fact that for a minimal fee monthly, I can try before I buy with some items. Everything in this post is going to be about the Beautycon Box. Instead of it being a monthly subscription, it comes out every three months for $29 ($35 with shipping). The other really neat thing about it is that you get full size items and always something fun that is well worth the cost of the box.

This is how it came to my door on Saturday. The box always reminds me of graph paper but always has a cute wrap-around center 🙂

When I opened it, I was pretty excited to find that the epic surprise this month was Cargo Cosmetics Around the World palette!

Around the World
This palette has an adorable design and is a fun neutral matte palette!

I have a bunch of photos coming your way of everything else that was in the box for this Spring.

NOTE: Beautycon reached out to their subscribers to ask us if our blushes came broken. They are sending out new ones! :O)