Tarte and Sephora Birthday Exclusive Reward!

Hi friends! My birthday is in six days and then I kiss my 20s goodbye. When I did my last Sephora purchase I decided to cash in some points and grab my birthday gift. They had the Fresh skincare set, a Jack Black skincare set and this new Tarte blush and lipstick mini that I’ve never seen before. I was intrigued and chose this cute guy.

Look at how cute this little duo is! Both are very light shades that compliment every skin tone. 

I took a bunch of photos of this cute bundle and yes the shades are exclusive to the birthday set. 

The back of the box shows that this set is vegan and cruelty-free! Yay! It has an ingredient list of both the blush and the lipstick and their names!

This was a pretty shot of both products. My vanity is proving to be a nice place to take detailed photos. 

Now for the swatches. I did a brush and finger swatch of the blush and a lip swatch of the lipstick. Enjoy!

Here is the arm swatch of the blush. If you notice, it is very subtle when a brush is used. 

And now for the lip swatch!

Please excuse the discontent on my face. It was in the middle of a year wave and I wasn’t too happy. Haha. This shade is a darker nude that works great with my skin tone. 

There you all have it! I enjoyed both products and this nude lipstick actually doesn’t look awkward like some of them do on my skin. Xo!


Fantasy Allure Liquid Lipstick Swatch!

Hi friends! Today I decided to swatch Fantasy Allure’s only liquid lipstick shade, ‘Enchanted Rose’. This was originally a kickstarter campaign from last year. If you donated a certain amount of money you received the lipstick and a fun gift. I did the $30 donation for the lipstick and a compact mirror. 

They describe this shade as a ‘deep red with gold glitter’. It also has a faint vanilla scent and completely dries down in about three minutes. It is pretty long lasting but if you are eating, you may need to reapply. This is also vegan and cruelty-free! Yay! 

I like this shade and seriously wish there were more colors. I know they stated in their campaign that if they raised more money than they were asking, they would release more colors. I’m still silently hoping it happens. 

Here is what the tube looks like for the lipstick. I love the crown gold topper and it is a clear tube so you can see the gold sparkles in the red lipstick.
Here is the bottom of the tube. It has a very pretty rose design in the middle with the name of the shade. There is also the LLC of the company, the lot number and the location where it was made.
Here is what the applicator looks like. It has a hard doe foot. It is a good applicator and grabs a decent amount of product for coverage. 

For the swatches, I did an arm swatch for you all and then a lip one so you can see it applied!

Here is what the arm swatch looks like. It is definitely a red and you can see how subtle the sparkles are yet so pretty.
Here is the lip swatch of Enchanted Rose. I love how dramatic and so subtle it is. This doesn’t dry out your lips and it stays for a decent amount of time.

There you guys have it! This is for sale on their website along with some fairy claw thingies. Grab both if you Like! Xo

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2016 Liquid Lipsticks!

Hi friends! Sorry I got my posts up so late today but my daughter is finishing up Kindergarten and I had some random things to do today. This came out last year around the Christmas holiday. It retailed for $99. In Jeffree Star Cosmetics’s Holiday Collection there were seven shades that could be bought together or separately for $18 each. If you have been reading my posts for a bit now you know that Jeffree’s lipsticks are my go to. His new Summer Collection is launching June 24th. So before that launches, I wanted to put up more of his shades.

Here is the collection all tigether looking cute. I purposely separated Deceased and Sagittarius just because they are so close in color.
Here are the bottoms of the lipsticks. They have the name of the lipstick, how many ounces it has (0.19 ounces, and the company information.
Here is what the applicator looks like for each lipstick. This guy is a pointed doe foot that has a nice flex to it which makes application smoother.

As usual for you all, I have arm swatches of each shade and a nice collage of all the lip swatches! Enjoy!

Here are the first four shades. Chrysanthemum is a light pink with tiny gold sparkles in it. This is a very cute spring shade that is very flattering and subtle. Deceased reminds me of Makeup Monsters and their Wolfsbane shade. It is a greige gray shade that is pigmented and lasts very long. Crocodile Tears is an awesome matte dark green that I love. It isn’t for everyday wear but I do enjoy when people ask about it. Checkmate was named by Nathan. This neon red smells like cherries and is very bright. Sometimes this shade has some flaking but that’s after a few hours.
Here are the last three shades in the collection. Sagittarius is a light purple mixed with gray shade. I love this one. It has great pigmentation and long wear. Designer Blood is the exact dark cranberry red as Unicorn Blood but when this color dries, it has a subtle gold shift to it. The last shade, Pumpkin Pie is a burnt orange with pink and purple sparkles in it.  I’m such a fan of orange lipsticks. 

Here is the collage of the lip swatches!

As you can see here this collection has a very nice variation of color. I love different shades especially if they’re versatile. Xo

Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipsticks Swatches! 

Hi friends! I’m sorry that I didn’t get to post earlier today but I was a chaperone at my daughter’s school. It was a long and trying day but pretty fun. I did a bunch of swatches yesterday for this post because I had some extra time because of the rain. 

This makeup company is awesome. They have a bunch of new and bright shades, a pretty nice formula and the best of all, they’re affordable (only $16 a piece!) Makeup Monsters is a good substitute for some if Jeffree Star’s shades need it be if they’re sold out or you just don’t support the brand. 

These are all the shades that I have. They have a bunch more but I have wayyy too many liquid lipsticks as is!
This is what the bottom of the tubes look like. They have an expiration date and the names of the shades. The limited edition shades had a bright green label for this shade.
Here a quick shot of the applicator. It is the normal doe foot but it pretty firm and not a flex foot. It has a twist top that makes sure that the lipstick is properly sealed. 

Okay, here comes the fun part: the swatches! I did two sets of arm swatches and then a nice lip collage for you all! 

Here are the first four lipstick colors. Muddled is a very light pinkish greige shade that is the lightest by them I own. My skin is a bit too olive to pull it off so I don’t wear it as much as I typically would. Josephine is a light lavender purple shade. This one looks pretty good with pale skin and it looks a bit better on my skin. Wolfsbane is a brownish purple shade that is my absolute go to. It dries perfectly and lasts very long. Silhouette is a opaque purple shade with sparkle. I usually apply two coats to my lips to build up on the purple shade. 
This is the last set of swatches. This is also more colorful than the first set. Rebound is a very nice melon orange shade that does have a bit of flaking but just make sure to completely dry the first coat before adding another. Hit the Dirt is a honey brown matte color that compliments my skin very nicely and dries down completely matte for long wear. Maroon Masquerade is one of the more dark purplish maroon shades that actually stay and is built for long wear. Darkness Prevails is a very nice matte black that does need to be built up for a more bold black shade. It is one of my favorite black shades because I love how it can be built up to something sinister.

Here is the last picture for this review. A quick collage of all the shades put into one so you .can see how they look! 

Here are all the shades that I featured on my lips! As you can see, they are definitely bold and make a huge statement.

That’s all that I have about this brand! Make sure to check them out and they usually have codes for first time buyers! Xo

Caked Makeup Lip Fondant Lip Swatches!

Hi loves! I’m so sorry that it’s been three days since my last post! I had my daughter and fiancee’s birthday on Friday and then we drove up to this bed and breakfast about three hours away. I had no phone service or makeup with me haha. It was nice to get away for a bit. Well now that I’m back in the Monday swing, I’ve swatched a ton of liquid mattes for you today. I swatched nine shades from Caked Makeup. They recently released three other shades that I haven’t purchased yet because I have my eye on some other things first! 

The formula with these guys are like a very soft buttery formula that lasts pretty long through eating and wear. They have some nudes and really nice red shades. They also smell like vanilla cupcakes! 

Here they are! I tried to put them in a gradient order for you all! I love the packaging. The sprinkles around the logo are super cute!
Here was the first set that released. They had a pretty simple bottom label that has the company name and shade name.
The second release of shades released are right here. The bottom labels have changed slightly. They have the company name, shade name and the fluid ounces.

With the swatches I have for you,  I have arm swatches and a collage of all the shades on my lips! I must say that all these swatches were super hard on the lips! 

Here are the first five shades on my arm. Copy Paste is the lightest of all nine shades. It is a very nice nude that isn’t drying. Creme de la Creme is a darker nude, almost a khaki shade. Foreva Eva is a gorgeous pink shade. QT is a darker pink, almost a coral shade. The last shade, Low Key is a beautiful berry shade. It reminds me of strawberries. 
This second row has darker and bolder shades. Sweet Tooth is a bright strawberry shade. Jelly is a fun neon purple shade. This one is my favorite because of how unique it is and how long it lasts on the lips. Legit is a purplish red shade that has great coverage. The last shade, Power Trip, is a very dark red that dries to almost a bold blood red.

I put the lip swatches in a fun collage just because I thought nine separate pictures would make this article very long. So in the picture, you will see me wearing every shade for you!

Here they all are! That is a lot of my face in one area! These shades are all labeled for you so you know which one is which!

These shades are pretty affordable! They’re $16 each and are so worth it. The wear is great and they’re not drying! Check them out! 

Jeffree Star Metallic Liquid Lip Swatches! (Three Shades)

Hi friends! I decided to do a tiny review on some liquid lipsticks today! I have three Jeffree Star metallic liquid lipsticks. I love Jeffree’s formula for his lipsticks. They dry quickly, are pigmented and comfortable to wear. These were $18 each. 

Here are the pretty babies! I put this shot on my Instagram today. No Tea, No Shade is my favorite out of the trio.

Here are the bottoms. They have the name of each shade and some information. It has where they were made, by which company and how many fluid ounces there are in it.

I did my swatches in the usual manner, arm swatches first and then individual lip swatches!

I swatched these guys with the flash on so you can see the sparkle in them.
The first shade is Dreamhouse. The shine in this awesome pink is insane. It reminds me of highlighter. But for lips. This pink is also so reminding of Barbie and I love how Dreamhouse was picked for the shade.
Here is the swatch of Pussy Whipped. This is a pretty golden orange shade. It wears well and it is super comfortable to wear. This also has a nice shimmer to it and a very interesting shade name 😂
Here is the last shade, No Tea, No Shade. This is my favorite shade. It is a nice metallic plum shade that has a subtle highlight to it. It compliments so many looks and skin tones.

There you all have It! These are a very good formula, designed for long wear and are very comfortable. 

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Lip Slick Swatches!

Hi! We all know how much I adore LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs. They just released a second contour book that I am too broke to afford currently. Anyways, they have these really nice lipsticks that are opaque and come in super unique shades. They retail for $12 each, have a minty scent, and are super colorful. It is importanr to note that a little product goes a long way with these and that they are NOT transfer proof and they do NOT dry matte.

Here they are! They are very portable because of the side and you can see how nice the shades look inside the casing. The panda? That’s a mascara from Tony Moly that states that it doesn’t smudge throughout the day. We will see. Hmm. 🤔
Here are the arm swatches. To be honest, since they don’t dry down, I just swatched them and took a pretty picture. About the pigment, a little DOES go a long way. I made a swipe on my arm of each color and blended it out to three rows of each.

I did include individual lip swatches of these guys with my face included! Yes! 🙂

Here is the first shade, Coven Cream. This is a very light shade that gives you a muted look. I love it for subtle looks but if you’ve been reading for a while, I adore dark and bold shades.
Here is Grave Heart! I love this shade so much. It is this adorable candy purple shade that compliments your skin tone very well. To be honest, these do look nice with full face looks too. My normal routine is just mascara, eyeliner, eyebrows and a bold lip. I only wear foundation when I’m going out or it is a special occasion.
This shade is such a nice neon pink! It is also called Succubus! I love how this shade makes everything so glam and I feel so ladylike having it on!
This last shade, Tainted Temptress, is so vampy. The more you put on, the darker it is. I wear this one very lightly and just distribute it around so it is a dark red and it cuts down on the feathering around the lips that tends to happen with these guys.

These are so fun if you’re looking into bold colors that aren’t matte! Just remember that a little goes a long way and that they may feather around the lips if you have too much on! Xo