Eyeshadow Swatch Intro!

Hey there! So I decided that I wanted to do swatches not just using my finger but with a brush also. Reason being is that sometimes finger swatches differ considerably from using the shades with your brushes. For each palette that I swatch and give input on, I’m going to label each watch with a F for finger and B with the brush. All my brush swatches are going to be done with my E.L.F. Studio C Eyeshadow brush unless otherwise specified.

This brush costs about $3 at Target. I got mine from E.L.F.’s website during their end of the year sale as part of the ‘Best of 2016’ gift when you spent $25.

Here is an example of what the swatches are going to look like just so you know ahead of time 🙂

Example Swatches
For the examples I used J. Cat Beauty in ‘Tangerine Light’ (the first two) and then NYX’s ‘Jade’ (bottom two)

I hope that this method will be helpful to you all when making your purchases! Xoxo