SauceBox Cosmetics Mermaid Life Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi friends! Today I’m going to show you this beauty of a palette. To be honest, I was sitting on purchasing this beauty for a while because it is normally $75. Seventy-five dollars. I had no idea how their shadows performed or if the price point was way too high (which is thought it was for nine eyeshadows). On Instagram, SauceBox Cosmetics had a bunch of damaged palettes and discounted them significantly. I purchased mine for $45 dollars (the price includes shipping and a 10% off discount code). I checked for damage and there wasn’t any to the actual palette. There was only a ding in the one eyeshadow. Basically, my face looked like this:

I’m going to show you all some pretty palette pictures and finger and brush swatches of all the shadows. Let’s begin!


Ta-da! This is the front of the Mermaid Life palette. I love the design of the mermaid and how the palette its self is shaped like a clam shell. Adorable. ❤❤❤ By the way, this palette is huge. You’ll see what I mean.

The back of palette mentions that all of these shadows are vegan and cruelty-free. All the shadow names are located in illustrated pearls and it was made entirely in the United States. Each eyeshadow is four grams so there is a total of 36 grams of shadows. This side has the ingredient list and distribution information.

Check out how big this palette is! There’s a decent sized mirror with a very subtle underwater design around the mirror that consists of coral, seaweed, and seahorses. The bottom of the palette has the clam shell design.

Here’s a close-up shot of the mirror for you to check out. Look at all the pretty design detail.

For this part of the palette, I wanted to show you all the shades included. I labeled them all with the appropriate name for you.

Another fun feature of the palette is that it is magnetic and each shade is labeled by the name and the lot number. This is important because duped palettes will not have that information on the bottom of the metal pans. The majority of the time the pans are glued in and not magnetized.

Next up, we have all the pretty swatches of all these shades. All of these shades swatched beautifully and I had no issue with dryness or crumbly eyeshadow.

The top row of shadows had three shimmery and colored shades. La Sirena is a frosted lilac shade that had the same intensity with the finger and brush swatches. Seaside is a pretty sea blue frosted shade that reminds me of the ocean with the sun shining off of it. This shade was more pigmented with the finger swatch than the brush swatch but not by much. Kelp It Real is a very pigmented frosted emerald green shade that has a gorgeous shimmer. This shade applies better with your finger.

The middle row of the palette featured four shades that varied in shimmers and intensity. Pirates Gold is one of the best gold shades that I’ve ever used and swatched before. The good news is that it swatched beautifully using both techniques. Treasure Chest is an awesome frosted copper-orange shade that is very pigmented and swatched beautifully using both techniques. Merman is a dark-beige shade with a subtle silver shimmer. Shell We Dance is supposed to mimic the inside of seashells and is a light-beige with a gold and silver shimmer.

The last row had two shades in it. Warm Sand is a light peach shade and it is the only matte shadow. I was impressed with how pigmented this shade was for a light matte shade. Moonshadows is a light beige that has a frosted silver look. This shade fully describes how pretty the moonlight looks.

Overall, I believe that this palette is one of my new favorites. However, I still believe that $75 is a bit expensive. For the price that I paid, this was a great price for a sturdy palette that excelled in design, layout, and pigmentation. Grab this while you can! Xo


Mont Bleu Product Review!

Hi friends and readers! I thought it would be cute to rhyme the subject title today. Mont Bleu was kind enough to send me some awesome products to review for you all! Mont Bleu was also totally rad and gave me a 20% off code to give to all my readers and viewers! At checkout, use the code BLOG to redeem your discount! Thank you Mont Bleu! ❤❤❤

Here are all the items that I'm going to review for you today!Here are all the items I’m going to review for you today! The items pictured here are a tweezer, two glass nail files, a glass cuticle pusher, and a foot file. I personally liked how every item was black, dark purple and silver.

The first item to show you all is the dual-end cuticle pusher. One side is slanted and the other is pointed. This product can be used for manicures or pedicures. It is also dark purple and glass.

Here is a close-up shot of how to use the slanted side of the pusher. I found the area of my cuticles that needed help and used the tool to push gently to help the area. I liked the hard rubber ends of this tool because it made the job easy.

I used my pointer finger for the pointed side. I like how this item is nicely made and has a bit of weight to it. The pointed side worked just as well as the slanted side.

The second item to check out is their slanted tweezer. I used these the second that I opened the box for two reasons. The first being that I haven’t touched up my eyebrows in a long time and because I had to see how they stood up to my favorite Tweezerman tweezers.

This picture shows how much the ends slant on this set of tweezers. Yes! I hate when ends are pointed or completely straight.

Another favorite feature is the comfort grip on these tweezers. It makes them comfortable to hold and easier to use. I seriously don’t have a pair of tweezers that have this feature. Awesome!

I decided to review both of the nail files together. I absolutely adore the smaller nail file because I can take it with me and I’m a tiny person that enjoys smaller sized things. Both of these files have weight to them and feel lovely. The grip is smooth and the actual file is a tinier grain texture. Each file is adorned with Swarovski Crystals.

Here’s a closeup on the pretty crystals. Oooo shiny. I love shiny things.

This is a picture showing the long file. It has a frosted white glass with a dark gradient going to the grip. This reminds me of a pretty cake knife lol.

This is the smaller file. I love how it fits in my hand and is like the smaller sister to the bigger nail file. This one has the same dark gradient and the same frosted white file.

When I first opened the package, I honestly never saw anything like this before. I looked it up and this is a foot file. This first side has a frosted white textured file part with a rough bumpy section to get rid of dead or rough skin.

The second side of the foot file has smoother surface on the darker side to help smooth your skin after exfoliating it with the other side.

Overall, I was very impressed to try out these products for this company and all my readers. It was an honor! If you are all interested in their products, check out their e-shop here. If you like to purchase items off of Amazon, their Amazon store is listed right here. Also, if you would like to purchase any of their items wholesale, please check out their website located here. Please give this company a try! Their products are awesome quality! Xo!

I Dew Care Disco Kitten Face Mask!

Hi friends! Today before my tattoo appointment I figured that I should post about some things that I’ve been playing with and getting ready to post. As you know, this is the first time I’ve been working from home, blogging, and taking care of my six-year old during the day. Phew.

When I saw the videos of other people using this mask I had to try it because I have such a huge love for Korean skincare and Memebox products. The I Dew Care Disco Kitten mask is fun. I love the chrome look and how I feel like a bright and shiny soul of light when I use it. I have pictures of the box and the product for you!

The box states that this is an illuminating diamond peel-off mask. My first impression was, I wonder if this is like that painful black peel-off mask all over the internet? Hmmm 🤔🤔

This side of the box has your ingredients and usage warnings. This notes that this is for external use only and do not use if you have any open wounds, scabs, eczema, or dermatitis.

This side of the box describes the product and gives you the how-to use instructions. This mask is formulated with pearl powder (to brighten skin), diamond powder (to purify and improve elasticity), rice bran extract (to moisturize and add vitamins), oats (to add antioxidants), and a complex of Lily, orange flower, elder flower, Jasmine, and Magnolia (to hydrate and nourish skin).

I’m pretty sure this side says, DANGER! DON’T STACK ME SO HIGH!

The bottom of the box shows the barcode and expiration date.

The top of the box has a cute little winking face 😉😉😉 right back at you, cutie.

Here is the product out of the box. Mine did not come with the silicone brush to apply the mask so I either use my Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding spoon or my fingers.

The other side of the product has the directions and ingredient list just in case you threw the box away.

Here’s a pretty shot of how smooth the mask is. It has this pretty silver sheen and is pretty tacky.

Before you apply the mask, make sure to clean it first and pat dry. This is what the mask looks like when it is first applied. It says to keep this mask on for 20 to 30 minutes. Try not to touch it or get it in your hair. It hurts and is a pain to get out.

I had the mask on for the full 30 minutes and you can see how much it dried and how creepy it gets when you scrunch up your face.

Here is how it looks when you try and peel it off. I like to try and peel the full mask off in on piece. You don’t have to, I just like to. 😃

Here’s what my skin looks like after. My cheeks are a bit red but went away. It makes my skin so soft and it seems brighter. I love it.

I absolutely loved this product. ULTA carries it but it has been sold out for a while. If you can, grab it and love it. Xo

Hollywood Enzyme Orchid Face Mask!

Hi friends! It has definitely been a while since my last post. I had a shoulder injury that made it very difficult to move. I am back finally haha. I promise that this week I’ll be swatching the Kat Von D Shade & Light Glimmer Eye Palette and I’ll be doing a review on Mont Bleu and some of the products they were kind enough to send me.

I decided to do a post on a face mask because it has been quite some time since I did a new brand or type. This product I received in my Nomakenolife July subscription box. This is the Hollywood Enzyme Orchid mask.

The Hollywood Enzyme Orchid mask has been around for almost 50 years and uses enzymes to clean and soften skin at home.

I see that pictures are disabled in the new Android update right now so I guess we’re waiting for the bugs to be fixed. As you can see, the packaging that the mask comes in is a lot longer than other face mask packs.

This product is made in Japan and all the writing is in Japanese. Have no fear, I’m going to walkthrough this mask step-by-step so you know what to do! Please note that the company has their website on the back.

The first step for this treatment is to tear open the package. I’m sorry I had to tear your head, miss enzyme model 😭😭

When you get the package open, there is… another package! Wait, what? Exactly. This purple package two sides. The top is full of powder and the bottom is a cream that gets mixed into the powder.

The back of the packaging shows the directions on how to fully combine both parts without making too much of a mess.

As you can see, you want to mix the cream part into the powder by pushing up to the powder section of the pack. I moved it up there by curling the package up like a tube of toothpaste.

When your cream is in the powder section, it will puff up like the picture above. I’m really sorry but updating is hard because the pictures disappear and I can’t use them for reference.

Next, you want to tear where the powder portion of the package is…

The inside of the package should look something like this! The directions say to take a small spoon and mix both powder and cream together.

I used my Boscia Charcoal Pudding mask spoon to mix this together but I recommend a spoon with a longer handle. 😂 I made a mess.

After washing your face, you can apply the mixture. The consistency reminds me of a whipped butter. The smell is floral and very faint.

This is what the mask looks like completely applied. There was more than enough product in this package and it says to keep the mask on for 3-6 minutes for sensitive to dry skin and 7-10 minutes for normal to oily skin. I kept mine on for 10 minutes because the summer months turn me into an oil slick.

After the 10 minutes, you can see how the mask absorbed into my skin and during the time it was on it felt kind of tingly.

This is what my face looks like after I rinsed it off with warm water. It did make my face look brighter but my skin was so smooth. It’s been a while since I took the mask off and my face still has the refreshing tingle and looks just as nice. Xo

Sephora Play! July Subscription

Hi friends! Today I have the Sephora Play! July Subscription! Yay! So I recently saw that Sephora points expire after 18 months. Basically, that means no more stocking up. That’s going to make it harder to save for those large ticket rewards. :/ I’m not in an uproar about it but it still stinks. Let’s get started with the review!

Here’s the cute bag that all my items came in. They also had the product description pamphlet.
Here is the first side of the fold out pamphlet. This features fun ways to relax and pamper yourself while at home and on vacation. 
The second side features all the products that I received in my bag. I was pretty happy this month. I either got products I love or products that I wanted to try. Score!
Here is a quick shot of all the items from this month.

Let’s breakdown the items… 

This is the VineActive serum by Caudalie. This is a glow activating anti-wrinkle treatment. Caudalie has a patented Anti-Cell Burn-out Complex that helps skin damage caused by pollution, stress and other problems caused by, well, life.
The back of this serum has instructions on how much product to apply. After cleaning and toning, apply to your face and neck. You can use it under you makeup also. 🙂 
This is seriously one of my favorite face masks. I always make sure I have some on hand when travelling or just to use at home. This gel mask hydrates and tones and has a nice addition of rosewater and rose petals.
The pack of the canister has the how to directions, distribution information, and the 0.5 fluid ounces. I love that you can use this mask daily. Apply all over your face, watch your eyes and mouth, and rinse clean in five to ten minutes.
Here is a close-up shot of the rose face mask. You can see all the textures in there and the small pieces of rose petals. The smell is so lovely and not overpowering. This reminds me of how hot and sour soup looks but all rosy. 
The third item is Briogeo’s Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioner Treatment. Phew. That was a lot to say. This product isn’t greasy thank the stars. I’m so picky with leave-in treatments and this I liked. This milk spray is a mix of coconut, rose, and argan oil.
The back of the bottle has an ingredient list and a quick reading about their product. This treatment is sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, phthalate-free, has no artificial colors and No DEA. Yay! All you have to do to use this spray it onto clean, wet hair and either blow dry or air dry your hair.
This is a lipstick from Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea line in shade ‘Set Sail’. I really liked the color of the tube and the lipstick shade.
The bottom of the tube has the shade name in the middle and the distribution information. This product is 0.035 ounces. Did you know that all the Rainforest of the Sea products contain algae and marine flowers to help soften and smooth areas that you apply makeup to?
The shade ‘Set Sail’ is a pretty dark rose shade that has a mild scent and a buttery texture. You can apply this by using a lip brush or applying directly. Start in the middle over to the corners of your lips.
Here is an arm swatch of Set Sail. I love this color. For the most part, this shade is pretty long-lasting and is full-coverage.
The fifth product is a Bobbi Brown’s Eye Opening mascara. This formula is supposed to thicken, curl and lift your lashes. This product also boasts how easy it is to remove after application.
The other side of the tube just has the name of the mascara and a barcode.
Here is a shot of the applicator. The instructions say to remove this mascara, just use warm water. I liked this mascara but I hated how the product didn’t fully coat the applicator brush.
The fragrance of the month is from Clean and is the scent ‘Sueded Oud’. I adore Clean perfumes because of how the packaging is recyclable and everything is cruelty-free. 
The back of the sample has the ingredients and the ounces (0.05) it is flammable. 
The inside of the tester has a sustainable mission statement and information about the perfume. The Fragrance Family is described as Earthy and Woody. The top notes are: Honeysuckle, blue cypress, and bitch wood. The middle notes are: Temple oud and night blooming Jasmine. The base notes are: Soft suede, gold patchouli, and black amber.

That’s it for the July Sephora Play! Subscription. How do you all feel about the upgraded membership for the one-time only black box? What about the points? Xo

Ipsy July Glambag! 

Hi friends! Today I’m going to show you all what I got in my Ipsy Glambag for July! This month’s bag is too cute. It features Sanrio character Gudetama.

He is such lazy. So cute. ❤
For this month’s Glambag, they focused on items and products that help you take it easy. Mine also included an extra item because I redeemed points. I’ve included it in my review 🙂 let’s get started!

This bag is too adorable! I’m probably going to keep this forever! My ultimate favorite was from last year’s October bag. Spooky.
This is the back of the bag. It features Gudetama’s eggy butt cheeks! Like… how awkwardly adorable!
Here is a quick photo of everything that was included in my Glambag. There was a nice variation of products this month. 

I’m going to start breaking this down right now.

This first item was my bonus item that I redeemed with points. This is Lancome’s Definicils mascara. This mascara’s formula is a lengthening and defining mix. Your eyelashes are supposed to be natural, yet noticeable. 
This is the back of the Lancome package. It has the ingredient list and this mascara features Cils Booster XL to condition and boost your lashes. This also has a warning that says not to dilute your mascara with saliva? Like, why would somebody do that. The audacity. 
Inside the Lancome sample pack it shows a before and after use picture. It also states that this mascara brand has been #1 for eight years. 
This is the mascara wand. The packaging is a tube that reminds me of a toothpaste tube.
This is a sample of Ofra Cosmetics eyeshadow. The website is on the bottom of the package.
This eyeshadow is called ‘Victory’. You can put this eyeshadow in a Z Palette or any magnetic palette. I know Z Palette was very problematic and I understand why people no longer support them. This side of the package has the ingredient list.
Here is what the eyeshadow looks like out of the package. It has a pretty copper gold shimmer to it when swatched.
The third item is this Illuminator brush. Apparently this brush can be used for almost everything. In the forums, a lot of people use it for highlighter, eyeshadow or concealer.
This is a close-up of the bristles. It is densely packed and so fluffy 🙂 fluuufffyyyy.
This is the concealer by Trèstique. First, I love this pencil for applying concealer in nice small dots for blending. The bad news is that this completely is not my shade.
The shade that this concealer came in was called ‘Bisque’. When swatched in my skin, it was bright orange and I wasn’t a fan. 😦
The next item is Tarte’s Deep Dive cleansing gel. It tried this last night in the shower and I loved it. The smell is very earthy and organic. It wasn’t harsh on my face and left it feeling super clean.
This is the back of the Tarte cleaner bottle. There is a barcode and just some copyright information on the product. Tarte’s website is also on the bottom of the bottle.
This hand cream is by Ahava. There is water from the dead sea formulated inside. For a sample, this is a decent size and fits nicely in a purse. You get 1.3 fluid ounces of product in this guy. 
This hand lotion is vegan and cruelty-free! Yes! This product is also approved for sensitive skin! It was allergen tested and is Paraben free! The ingredient list and company information is also here. 🙂

I have two swatches for you all. I did an applicator swatch of the concealer and a finger swatch of Ofra’s ‘Victory’. I’m sorry there’s no brush swatch… I forgot. 😭 I’m begging for ultimate forgiveness!

Here are the two swatches of the products that I received this month. As you can see, the concealer is a bit too orange. It had a nice texture and wasn’t too thick, just the wrong shade. ‘Victory’ is a beautiful shimmery copper shade. This texture is soft and buttery. 

There you all have it! I was overall very happy with this month’s bag. I like when I get other products to try other than the usual makeup items. Xo

Witch Baby Graveyard Oil! 

Hi friends!

Typically I don’t review perfumes unless they’re unique or pretty awesome. I’m not sure how many of you heard of Witch Baby Soaps. All their soaps, bath bombs, lotions and oils are handmade. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out if their products were vegan but they’re all cruelty-free. I was looking at recent posts on Instagram and saw that this Graveyard Oil has a quite a cult following. I saw a lot of followers describing this as a floral scent with a hint of fresh dirt. At first, I was like: 

But after trying it for a few days… I’m like: 

The scent is so unique. It has a very feminine quality with very subtle dirt notes. It reminds me of going to a funeral in the rain where you can smell the flowers, perfume and fresh dirt all around. Morbid? Yes. I tend to gravitate towards the dark and gloomy aspects of life. Let’s get down to the details. 

After my package got put on my neighbor’s porch and I had a panic attack, this is what I found inside the box. The oil was wrapped in the brown paper. A sample of their Medusa face soap was in the green pouch with a store coupon code. Thanks! 🙂
This is what the oil looks like when it is settled! As you can see, it does separate when in the bottle. The shiny silver layer at the bottom does mix nicely through the oil. This bottle contains 2 fluid ounces of product and cost $12. 
This side of the bottle has the instructions and the address of the company. It says to shake well and apply in circular motions. It takes about 10 minutes to fully absorb. Let’s shake this up for you guys… 
Oooo shiny. This reminds me of liquid mercury. This could also be used as a highlighter because of the consistency and sparkle but I wouldn’t recommend it because of it being a perfume and because of the oil.
Here is a shot of the ingredient list. It lists sunflower oil, chia oil, and evening primrose as the main three ingredients. As it seems, no dyes or animal byproducts. 

I have a swatch of the product for you because of the sparkles. Check it out below!

Okay so you can see how subtle both the sparkle is and the product. I did this swatch just to show you that the sparkle isn’t as intense as in the bottle. Please don’t ignore this product because it looks too glittery. It isn’t.

Okay friends! That’s it for this product! If you are curious about this, please shoot over to their website for other fun products! Xo