Looxi Beauty Charmed Swatch!

Hi readers! This is going to be a quick post today because I finally hit 30! Happy birthday to me! I managed to grab Charmed when it was back in stock last week! This pan only cost $5 and is so versatile. Most people use this as a highlighter also! 

This is a pretty purple and duochrome into a greenish blue tint. This shade is super pretty and with it being vegan, it definitely appeals to me!

This is the card that came with the pan. The shade is in the middle of the card acting like one of the Os.
This is a beautiful closeup shot of Charmed. I really wanted to capture the shimmer and different colors in this pan.

For the swatch of this pretty shade, I did a finger and brush swatch! Enjoy!

I took the swatch with flash enabled so you can see the color shift. You can see how pretty the shift is with this eyeshadow.

There you guys go! I hope you love it as much as I have! Xo!


Juvia’s Place The Zulu Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! Sorry I updated so late today! My birthday was on Thursday and my mom wanted to take my daughter and I out for the day. It was a blast 🙂 we just got back a bit ago and I made dinner and completely realized that I didn’t update this awesome palette on here today! This is the new Juvia’s Place The Zulu Eyeshadow palette. This palette was on sale for $17.99 which is a steal for these limited edition colors. Let’s have a closer look.

These palettes always have such a celebration of heritage and lovely design. The palette is pretty compact. 

The back of the palette is always blank and the information is on the boxes. This box has a small blurb celebrating the Ndebele people, the ingredients, company information and that this product is cruelty-free.

These are the shades! There are six bright matte shades and three shimmer shades. I am such a fan of bright colors I needed this in my collection. The one reason I didn’t jump on the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay is because they didn’t include a yellow. I just wish the shades impressed me more.

For the swatches, I did them by row so there are three shades in each row.

This first row is all matte shades that are very pigmented. They didn’t have names so I’ll just describe them by sjade. The bright orange reminds me of Sugarpill’s Flamepoint but you can’t go wrong with so many oranges. The yellow is very vibrant and pigmented. Yet again, it reminds me of Buttercupcake by Sugarpill. This last shade is a burnt orange that is very pigmented and a nice shade to work wirh.

The middle row is my favorite in this palette. The first shade is a bright almost matte turquoise shade with a green tint to it. It blends very well and used it in a look on Saturday. The middle is a shimmery lime green with sparkle. As always, Juvia’s Place has amazing shimmer shades. The last shade reminds me of the ocean. It is a bright blue with silver sparkle. This is so bright and pretty. 

The last row has beautiful shades in it. The first one is a shimmer shade. It has a rose base with a lot of gold sparkle in it. The next shade is a bright matte red shade. I really enjoy the texture and shade of this usual red. It is bright. The last shade is a pretty matte purple that blends quite well. 

This palette is a steal for the price and the color pay out. The pans are a decent size and Juvia’s always delivers a decent product. Xo

Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Mini Palette Eyeshadow Swatches!

Hi friends! Today I decided to show a palette that has a bunch of colors in it. The Masquerade Mini by Juvia’s Place. The Masquerade Mini retails for $28 while the larger palette is $35. The pans are a pretty decent size in the mini and are larger is the larger palette. There are also 16 shades in each.

Here is the front of the box the palette comes in. The design on the box matches the palette, even down to the hot pink color.
The back of the box has all the information about the palette printed on it. The palette itself is blank. The box has a tiny paragraph about the palette, company location, and ingredients. This is also cruelty-free!
Here is the inside of the palette. You can totally see that you get a lot for the money in this beauty. The pan size is pretty decent and very versatile. There is no mirror but it carries the front graphic into the palette.

For the swatches, I did them by row so there will be four rows with four shades in each! 🙂

Here is the top row! It has four jewel shades. They swatch great and when you apply these, it works better to pat them on the lid. Chi is a dark jewel purple shade. Mali is a jeweled green shade that looks frosty. Dalia is a beautiful bright blue that is shimmery. Zola is a baby blue that is frosted and also a jewel shade.
This row is all about pink tones. I love it. Makeda is a shimmery dark purple that isn’t frosted so it is more subtle. Zobo is a matte pink that is nicely pigmented. Calabar is a shimmery pumpkin shade that has tons of sparkle and pigment in it. The last shade, Bori, is the hottest pink alive with silver sparkle reflects in it. 
The third row has a bunch of warm tones in it. Giza is a shimmery light shade that would look lovely in the inner corner of the eye or brow bone. Burkina is a khaki shade that is matte and a good crease or transition shade. Cairo is a bright orange that has sparkle in it. Ada is a matte brick red with orange undertones. It is very pigmented and lovely.

The last row is full of pretty brown shades and shimmer. Dahia is a gorgeous light beige with sparkle. It is very buttery and bendable. Zulu is a burnt orange matte shade. Casablanca is a pretty copper shade that has tons of sparkle in it. And Fulani is a middle brown matte shade that blends out and is a great crease shade.

 There is a new eyeshadow palette coming out soon this month! I’ve heard the 26th! That one is geared towards night and day looks! Xo

Juvia’s Place The Nubian Palette Swatches!

Hi loves! I know you all read about me raving about Juvia’s Place so much but I need to get all the swatches down so you all can see how beautiful these are! This one is the original Nubian palette! 

Here is the front of the palette! This one is more compact than the other palettes which is nice for a travel size.
Here’s the back of the palette. It has the same layout as the other palettes. On the actual palette, it is just a blank side and the box gives the information. The same information (description, website, location and ingredients) are all printed there.
Here is the inside of the palette. There is no mirror which in my opinion would have made the palette perfect. There are twelve shades in here that are a nice variety of mattes and shimmer shades.

Since the shades do not have names, I swatched them by row in the same fashion just with no names. For example, it will be row one and the shadows from left to right. 

Here is the first row! The two matte shades are in the middle. One is a muted orange and a beige with an orange undertone to it. The outer two are your shimmer shades. The first one is a pretty light beige with a pink pearl tone to it that shines. The last shade is straight up sparkle that swatches very well.
Row two is all straight up shimmer. There’s a copper, gold, cranberry and brown. These are super pigmented and would be great for your eyelid or to do that fun halo trend.
The last row alternates shadows. They go shimmer then matte, and repeat. What I like about this row is you can use the shimmer and matte combo for a very nice toned look. The first shimmer is a burnt orange metallic shade. The one next to it is a dark beige with orange tones. The third is a dark brown with a gold shimmer to it and the last matte is a dark brown that swatched pretty well.

Overall, I love this palette. There are a lot of looks that you can build with it and all of them blend together extremely well. It is very tiny and you still get a lot of shadow in it. The cost of this beauty is a very affordable $30. It is usually on sale for $23.50.

NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream and a Simply Nude Lip Cream Swatches!

Hey everybody! I went out to Ulta today to check out things. Man, going in there during the 21 Days of Beauty is insane. I didn’t go in for anything on sale today, I was there for one purpose: NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream. Luckily for me, all NYX products were buy one, get one 50% off! Which means one full price lip cream was $6.50 and the sale price was $3.25. Win! The only two that were out of stock were Enamored and Bewitching. I also grabbed one Nude because I wanted to take advantage of the sale. To be honest, I have a bunch of nudes shades but I like dark colors which is why I leaned more towards the Vamp collection. Here are what they look like just in case you haven’t seen them! 

Here they are in all their cruelty-free glory! The packaging isn’t anything crazy and it doesn’t need to be. I love NYX products. They’re affordable and work extremely well for the prices.
Here are the swatches of these guys. I put the nude, Sable, in top. As you can see the coverage on them is awesome. The black shade at the bottom is not a Lip Cream. It is a top coat!

I know I already did arm swatches for you all but I wanted to swatch them on my lips so you can see how they actually look properly applied. I also used my favorite shade, Covet, with the black top coat so you can see it in action!

Here is what Sable looks like on. I love how this shade looks on me because a lot of nudes make me look like a corpse. It went on smooth and stayed on for a decent amount of time.
Here is the shade Aphrodisiac. It applied very smooth and evenly. There’s no scent to these shades which is nice because I hate chemical scents and sometimes the vanilla fragrance is obnoxious.
Here is my favorite shade that I own, Covet. It looks like Aphrodisiac but with a copper shine. It goes on smooth and not patchy. Yay! 🙂
And here is Covet with the Black Top Coat. It is a subtle change but really adds a nice tint to the color.
This purple shade is beautiful. I usually shy away from dark plum/purple shades because they never dry evenly or feather badly. I love how dark this purple is and how evenly it applied.
She Devil is a really nice cream that is very similar to Jeffree Star’s Unicorn Blood so I’m thankful this was made as a great and quick alternative. I was very impressed that this didn’t apply patchy like most dark colors do.
Here’s the top coat all by itself. To be honest, this works as a black lip gloss. I love it. It adds a really nice touch to plain lips. Impressed.

There’s all the swatches of my purchase today! I was super impressed with the shade selection, application and how evenly the shades looked and stayed on my lips! For the price and the amount that you receive, hook yourself up and grab some!

Zawachin X NOYL Eyeshadow Palette Swatch!

This full-size palette with twelve shades was given out in February’s Nomakenolife subscription box. In total, there are four different variants of this palette.

NOYL teamed up with a popular TV personality, Zawachin (she’s known for being a past idol and her talents with monomane meiku, or imitation makeup) to create different palettes that can help with any look, from everyday to glamour.

NOYL nmakenolife
This is the sale picture for the palettes on Global.Rakuten.com. These palettes are pretty affordable at four dollars each!

When I first got the palette, I definitely did not have high hopes for it. The packaging looked cheap, the brush is two-sided (one with a sponge and the other with bristles that looked scratchy.

When I did the swatch test on my arm with my finger, I was really impressed with how much they could be built up, how buttery the shades were and just how impressive the shimmer shades were!

NOYL Palette swatches
I marked the swatches how they were labeled on the back of the palette. Look at the blue and green! They’re impressively bright! Shades D,E, and F are also very nice neutral tones. If it looks like I did two lines of each color, I didn’t it’s just that the eyeshadows have points in a row for each shade.

Basically the bottom line on this one is that I’m seriously impressed! For a really affordable price and how many shadows are in the palette, this is a steal and definitely gets my approval for a fun palette to use! Xoxo