Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Swatches!

Hi readers and friends! I was going to wait until a lot of drama subsided with this palette but I wanted to show swatches for it. We all know this palette and we all know that a lot of people hate it, love it or are on the fence about it. This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. As we all know, this palette was marketed as the sultry and night-loving sister palette to Modern Renaissance. For some awkward reason, when I saw the marketing for these two palettes, I immediately thought of Daria and Quinn.

This is just how my mind works, I suppose. Anyways, I purchased this palette right off of Anastasia’s website before it glitched out and I snagged a P7 batch which I hear is the better performing palette. Yay! 🎉🎉🎉 Let’s check out the pictures and swatches I took for you all!

This is the palette in the box. I apologize how this box looks but because of the felt on the palette, I tend to keep it in the box for storage. I also have used this palette religiously for the last two weeks just to check out pigmentation and how each shade performs.

The back of the box has the batch code which is P7F2O. From what I watched and read online, the P7 batch performs better than the others that were originally launched. The box also has the main ingredients, distribution information, cruelty-free bunny, the layout of the shadows, and it shows a six month shelf life. Don’t get it twisted. All of ABH’s eyeshadow palettes have a six month life, while their glow kits have a 12 month shelf life. Please check my other posts for my verification on this.

Here is my actual palette. I love how it is a darker color than the Modern Renaissance palette. It will still get dirty but I don’t think it would be as noticeable.

The back of the actual palette has the same information as the back of the box. It has a note that says the eyeshadows were made in the United States. The brush includes in the palette was manufactured in China. Please note that these shadows have talc as the main ingredient instead of mica. I’m describing a lot of the details because there are dupes of this palette all over Wish and eBay already. *sigh*

Here’s the inside of the palette. It has a mirror that comes with a peel-off sticker and two rows of shades. There are eleven ultra-matte shades, two duochrome shades, and one shimmer shade. As you can see, I have used this palette a little bit.

Here is a close-up of all the shades in the palette. Since this palette is more of a pigment palette than an eyeshadow palette, please use these colors with caution and just dab a bit on each application and don’t be scared to build up color. 🙂 A little of this guy goes a long way.

Here is a picture of the brush included with the palette. It does have nice blendability and the bristles were soft. I used this brush for all the brush swatches today.

Okay, it’s swatch time! Please note how much pigment are in these swatches. I promise that I haven’t hit pan yet on any of these shades and I have used all of them in my two week use experiment. I swatched these in quads. Also, the quads are shades that would compliment each other to make eye looks.

The first four shades being swatched are Cube, Dawn, Roxy, and Electric. Cube reminds me of the Pink Heart highlighter from their Moonchild Glow Kit. You do need to work this shade but it adds a beautiful inner corner tone. Dawn is a peachy beige matte that works as a great base shade. Roxy is a pastel orange-pink shade. I love this shade and how pigmented it is. Electric is a pretty duochrome that is a brownish green that is super pretty.

The next four reminds me of camo colors. Destiny is a matte olive green that is lighter wirh brush application but can be built up. Adorn is that token copper shimmer shade that has been in every palette for the past two years. It blends well but nothing new. Fudge is a matte chocolate brown. New Wave is one of my favorite shades in this palette. This is a matte light-orange yellow and so pretty. This shade is highly blendable.

This third swatch set starts off with All Star. I love this shade but it lacked in pigment with both application techniques. This shade can be built up into something beautiful. Mercury is a dark beige-gray matte shade. Untamed is a dark bluish-green that needs to be built up when using a brush. Edge is a matte mustard shade that can be found in Lime Crime’s Venus 2 palette.

The last two shades are Axis and Rowdy. Axis is a dark matte blue. It looks nicer muted with the brush technique, in my opinion. Rowdy is a matte browinsh-burgundy shade. Please take note, while pretty, use lightly because it takes over a look quickly.

There is the overview of the palette for you. I’m happy with this purchase, but everyone is different with their preferences. If you are unsure, wait until Sephora carries it to swatch and check the shadows out on your own 🙂 xo


Anastasia Beverly Hills Venom Lip Gloss

Hi friends! Today I have a quick review on an Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss. I haven’t tried any lip products from them because I have a lot of the same shades from different companies. On the same Ulta trip I went on my friend grabbed this pretty gloss for me because it called out my name and she wanted to thank me for going with her. This lip gloss is in the shade Venom and I love it. 

Here is the box with the lip gloss tube. The gloss is a dark red with purple and red sparkles. This product is 0.18 ounces.
This side of the box shows the ingredients. Before it lists them it says shades and then lists the shades. I’m not sure if all the shades share the same ingredients or they were just listing them. 🤔🤔🤔
This side of the box has the shade name, website, distribution information, the adorable cruelty-free bunny logo and the serial code (B5IA). I know that the liquid lipsticks are duplicated and I’m not too sure about the lip glosses but I would rather make sure that you all are safe consumers. 
This side of the box gives a small description of the product and states that you can wear alone or layer it with lipstick. This also has an allergy warning.
This is the bottom of the lip gloss. It has the ounces listed as well as the shade name, distribution information and the website. 
The applicator is a flat piece. You can use both sides to gather product and easily apply it on the lips.

I have two types of swatches for this product. I have an arm swatch and one on my lips so you all can see the shade and sparkle. 

This is the arm swatch of Venom. It is a dark red gloss with some sparkle shift. I couldn’t get most of it to show up 😦
Here is what Venom looks like swatched on lips. It is a very pigmented gloss that is very full-coverage. This was done with the initial product on the applicator. This gloss also has a pleasant yet subtle vanilla scent.

There you have it with this lip gloss. I love this product because of the scent not being gross or overpowering. The coverage is awesome and I love the color. Do you all have a favorite Anastasia product? I would love to know! Xo

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Swatches!

Here’s a pretty popular eyeshadow palette that is made for every body. The Modern Renaissance palette is a permanent fixture in Anastasia Beverly Hills’s line. It has a bunch of warm tones and you can make so many looks with it. This beauty retails around $42. This palette is heavily duplicated so be careful when buying one for less than retail price! I’ll be showing you all some things so you know a real versus a fake!

Here is the front of the palette. I was so excited to open this because the palette is fuzzy. The Anastasia logo is a rose gold metallic print. Make sure that your palette is fuzzy and the logo is shimmery.
Here is the back of the palette. There is a Cruelty-free bunny on the back. Remember to check out decal placement on the back. There are ingredient lists, a stamped serial number and a quick description of the palette.
Here’s the inside of the palette. There is a mirror in the palette. The magnets that close the palette should be sealed under the casing. The ribbon under the brush should be straight and not to the side. The shade names should be spelled correctly and in the order seen above. Also look for pigment changes. The fakes tend to be lighter in the pan.
This brush comes with the palette. It is a dual sided brush that has the logo and writing on the brush. The fake has very stiff bristles and there’s no Anastasia logo. I also did the brush swatches with this brush today.

I did the swatches in groups of five shades because I’m coming to find out that less is more. There will be three pictures with five in two pictures and four shades in one photo.

Here is the first group. Note how pigmented they are. This first group has a lot of base and brow bone shades. Buon Fresco is a nice pink greige that is matte and blends very well. Antique bronze is a very soft bronze that has a gold shimmer to it.
Here’s the second set four of these shades are matte and there is one shimmer shadow. Love Letter is a pretty berry pink that is a bit stiff in texture than the others. Cyprus Umber is a very nice dark brown that is matte and has a decent texture. Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange are mattes that would be great base or crease shades. Primavera is a very buttery sparkle shade.
Here are the last four. These are all matte shades. Red Ochre and Venetian Red are very nice warm tones that are firm and a bit chalky but blend great! Warm Taupe is a great transition shade and Realgar is a bright orange that is really pigmented.

There are more palettes out there like this. I will say that the pigmentation and blendability in this palette are great and I can’t complain too much about this. Please remember how to buy authentic items and don’t get swindled!

Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveler Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi everybody! I decided to swatch another Anastasia Beverly Hills palette today! This one was released in 2015 and was $30. There are twelve shadows included in it. Five shades are on their permanent line so if you don’t have many eyeshadows by them, this would be a good start. I like the design of this palette and then when I show you all the swatches, we’ll discuss the shades and textures.

Here is the front of the palette. It has a very nice design.
Here’s the back of the palette. It has an ingredient list of every shade, the cruelty-free bunny, a serial number and a tiny blurb about the collection.
Here’s the inside of the palette. You can see that this one is almost the same layout as the Self Made Palette. There is a bunch of neutrals with pops of shimmery color. There is a mirror and a dual-sided brush.

Up next are the swatches. I did them by row since there were only six shades in each row. 

Here is the first row of shades. Soft Peach is a very matte light peach shade. It is hard to see and a bit powdery. Morocco is a brick red matte shade the swatches worked out pretty well but this was powdery as well. Heirloom is a very dark purple with pink and purple sparkle in it. This was hard to swatch on the brush as it is also very powdery and loses a lot of the pigmentation. Bellini is a pretty golden peach shimmer shade. I like to use this one with darker colors or by itself. Pink Champagne was also in the Self Made Palette. This pretty grayish pink shimmer is nice for an eyelid shade. Chic is a sparkle shade that honestly is more sparkle than pigment which makes me sad.
Here is the second row. The colors are a bit bolder and more pigmented on this row. Spoiled is a peachy light brown shade that is very firm compared to the buttery shades in this palette. It shows up better than Soft Peach. Fudge is a dark brown with red tones in it. This color performed well on both swatch techniques and didn’t give as much trouble as the other mattes in this palette. Azure is a navy blue that has a metallic look to it. I wish it swatched better with the brush but it didn’t perform too badly. Intense Gaze is my favorite shade in this palette. It is a metallic coral shade that swatched well and is very pigmented. Metallic is a very nice metallic gold that is made bolder with a yellow hue in it. It swatched very nicely. Noir is a matte black that is almost perfect with texture (not powdery, very pigmented) until you attempt to blend it out.

I wish I could have liked this palette more. I didn’t hate it, I don’t love it, it’s just a between meh. The mattes could have performed better. I loved the metallic shades. I’m not going to lie to you and pretend to like products that I had difficulty swatching or using. You deserve the honest truth.