Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette Swatches!

Hi loves! I hope that you had a great weekend! I had a nice break and it was fun to research and read for a bit of a break! Today I decided to swatch this limited-edition Anastasia palette from 2015. This was a holiday palette and released for a really affordable price of $35! It came with fourteen shades. The shades were very nice neutrals with some colorful shades. There were very few matte shades but it had very pretty shimmer shadows. This palette is also duplicated pretty heavy so I did point out how to spot one versus a fake! Let’s begin!

Here is the front of the palette. This palette is tiny and travel friendly. The palette is textured with an almost snakeskin feel.
Here is the back of the palette. It has the names of the shadows and their ingredients. You can see the serial number and cruelty-free bunny.
Here is the inside! It has a nice sized mirror and it has all the shadows labeled by name. There is a double sided brush included and is crafted nicely. On a fake one, the palette doesn’t fully open. It stays hatched instead of opening flat. You can also see where the magnets are placed in the palette. Another sign of a fake is the ribbon under the brush. On the fakes it slants to the side, where as it is straight on the real ones. The shade, Isla is also shimmery in the authentic palette, where it is chalky and matte in the fake.
Here is the brush that is included in the palette. It is a very nice quality. The fakes don’t have the decorative ‘A’ included on it and the bristles are scratchy. I used this brush with all the eyeshadow brush swatches today.

I did the swatches for you as many as I could on my arm but seven finger and brush swatches didn’t fit so I have them labeled by shade for you! 

Here are the first set of shadows. Buttery is the only matte on this first set. It is a very nice matte brow bone highlight or nice base shade. Pink Champagne is a shimmery rosy brown shade. It has some copper sparkles in it. It swatched great with both applications. Metallic plum is also very buttery and nice swatched. It is a purple mixed with a bit of  brown that has a frosted look to it. Self-Made is a very nice gold/copper/brown that swatches nicely. Witchy is a dark brown with gold shimmer in it. There was a lot of kickback with this shade when applying it both ways. 
Here is the second set of shadows. Blush is a very interesting color. It shifts from gray to pink. I love it. It has a soft and buttery texture. It swatches well but is very light. Blossom is a very nice pink with a copper sheen to it. It swatches quite well and adds a very cute pop of color. Deep Purple is a very pretty violet shade that is a nice pop of color. It isn’t as buttery as the other shades but still applies well. Treasure is a nice shimmery neutral shade. The fallout wasn’t awful with this shade but still there. Hot and cold is a nice copper shade that blends very well and lasts very long.
Here are the last four shades in the palette. Sherbert reminds me of a nice coffee shade, like a pinkish light brown. It swatches and applies well. Isla is a bright green with a bunch of shimmer in it. I love how pigmented this is and lasts pretty long. Spirit rock is a matte black with pink and navy sparkles in it. It is a pretty chalky shade and does apply better on the finger swatch. Hot Chocolate is a matte brown with red tone in it. To be honest, I had an easier time swatching this with the brush than my finger which is why the swatch is so wonky. The shade is kind of firm and dry.

Overall, this palette has a bunch of nice shades that blend nicely and have great pigmentation. This is sold out because of it being a limited edition but you can find it on third party sites. Just be careful and make sure you reference the fake vs. real signs!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Swatches!

Hi! Despite the rain, it is a good day because my Aurora glow kit came in the mail! Yesss!!! 

It is so pretty in person. I’m so in love with the colors since I love thinking outside of the box with looks! This palette is vegan and cruelty-free! This palette was $45 and the release was two days ago. I’m impressed with the shipping since on ABH’s site, shipping is free when you spend over $25! 

They kept the hologram, ombre and glitter with this one! Sooo shiny and pretty!

Here’s the back of the palette where you’ll find the ingredients, the vegan and cruelty-free stamp and the serial number.
Here is the inside! I haven’t used it yet so the pans haven’t been touched! I’m sad there isn’t a mirror but I’ll definitely survive haha. There are six shades in here just like Moonchild.

I did the swatches by finger just because it might be hard to cheek swatch them with the light due to more rainy weather.

Look at these! Eclipse is very similar to Pink Heart but darker. Luna is like Forever Lit but a bit more silver. Spectra is just gorgeous being a purple with pink shimmer. Yes. Helia reminds me of the color of money being a green and gold. Orion is a teal highlight. Sweet Jesus. Lyra is a beautiful gold orange.

I can’t wait to apply these colors! Thanks for reading!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

There was so much hype surrounding this palette! Right now, it has been discontinued. Not because there was anything wrong with it, but because it was a limited edition. As we all know, this palette was put together by Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. I typically don’t support anything Kardashian because I don’t understand they hype behind them (real talk: I don’t own any Kylie products) but I had to have this because of the warm toned shadows. There were twelve shades in here and it retailed for $45. If you buy it through a third party, be careful. They duplicated this palette heavy. I did a Facebook live video on comparing the fake and real one. I’m going to be filling you all in on how to spot a fake! 

Here’s the front of this palette! The real one is a nice gold that isn’t overly gold and cheap looking. The logo is also embossed. If you put the box on the side, it should say Anastasia on the top.
Here’s the back of the palette. The serial number is there for you to reference. The cruelty-free bunny is there and not as bold as on a fake palette. Another huge difference is that the sticker that is printed for the back on the fakes have the ingredients for the Modern Renaissance palette.
Here’s the inside! There’s all twelve shades! That is how the inside looks of a real one. On the fake, the mirror has a logo stamped on it that ruins how practical the mirror could be. The fake also has a color named, STH Ave instead of 5th Ave. Also, the colors are lighter, chalky, and do not stay on.
Here is the brush that comes with the palette. The fake has ombre white to black bristles and has a cursive A in a circle on the brush. It is rough on the eyes and it could scratch.

I did the swatches by row with the usual brush and finger swatch.

Here are the first six! These shades are so soft and buttery they almost melt. They blend easily and you can make so many looks. The only one that looks noticeably different in swatches is Claudia. It is a really nice blackish blue.

Lula, Isabel and Violeta are very buttery matte shades. The others are very nice shimmers, Bronx is a gorgeous olive green that blends like a dream. The others are very warm toned and shimmery.

There you have it! If you need any other assistance spotting a fake palette, please ask me!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit Swatches!

Hi everybody! I took a day off from swatching and blogging yesterday because I had fun family things to attend to. I decided to have a fun Sunday and review another glow kit for you! As far as I know this one is out of stock at a bunch of places and originally retailed at $40.

Remember everybody, April 4th the gorgeous Aurora Glow Kit is releasing also for $40!

Here’s the palette! Bam!

The palette looks like the other glow kits that came out before the six pan kits. It has the same sparkles and ombre in the box as the others.
The back of the palette shows the ingredients, the serial number, the cruelty-free bunny and the color of the shades. The shades include: Marshmallow, Sassy Grape, Butterscotch, and Taffy.
Here’s the inside! It is set up like the others and sadly with no mirror 😦 The pans are huge! I swear I’m never going to run out of beautiful highighter! Check out Sassy Grape!

I swatched the highlighters like the others with just a single finger swatch.

Look at these! They’re beautiful! Of course Sassy Grape is a beautiful pinky purple highlight! Taffy if a great pinkish peach shine. Butterscotch is lighter than it looks on the box. Marshmallow is blinding yet beautiful.

I love Anastasia’s glow kits. You get a lot of product for the money and the choice of shades is wonderful. The texture is very buttery and smooth. 🙂

*New* Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit: Aurora!

Oh. Check this out! I’m actually super impressed by the colors in here. I’m pretty sure that I saw that it will be released on April 4th for $40. You can apply them dry or wet depending on what look you want. Here are some watches for you on different skin tones all taken from Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Instagram and website.

Here’s the finger swatch preview of Aurora. I love how shimmery they are. It’s like a unicorn threw up. I mean that as nicely as I can. 🙂
Here’s Aurora on fair and medium toned skin. So pretty.
Here’s some more swatches on deep tones. I personally love these swatches more! Look at Spectra shining through!

Remember: April 4th. $40 and you can look and feel like a unicorn too!

Anastasia Beverly Hills X Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit Swatches!

Hi! I think the only palette that I have left to review as far as Glow Kits go are Sweets and of course Aurora when that comes out on April 4th. (Have you seen how pretty it is?!) I’ll be adding a post about it soon! This kit is the most recent from ABH, sold out everywhere, and it was a collaboration with Nicole Guerriero. Nicole is a YouTube beauty influencer. This highlight palette is rad. It has a nice variation of shades and they’re buttery and shinyyy… ohhh. I get majorly distracted by shiny things.😂😂 anyways, let’s get on with the photos!

Look at how glittery this is! Also, the words are a hologram rainbow! The same holds true for the Moonchild palette and still adorable!
The back of the kit looks the same as the others that I’ve reviewed before. The serial code is there for your buying needs. Also, note the cruelty-free bunny and…. THE VEGAN NOTE! Yes! A vegan glow kit ❤
Here are the shades! The pans are still decent size! They’re smaller than the ones in the original kits but hey, you get six shades instead of four! The shades are: Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Daydream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter, 143.

And here’s the finger swatches of this!

Here they are! In my opinion, Kitty Kat is awesome for a slight highlight. Daydream is this really unique orange tone that blends pretty well with blushes. For the extreme highlighters Forever Lit is bright and possibly blinding! Remember, if you’re not big on highlighting, you can use these on your browbones, eyelids and your inner corner.

As it seems, ABH is putting out glow kits at a fast pace. They’re beautiful and always sell out. Do not sleep on their glow kits.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Highlighter Palette Swatches!

This is another great highlighter palette by Anastasia. This one fits my skin more and I love the textures of these. 🙂 This one is called Gleam.

This palette has the same ombre and sparkle feel as ‘That Glow’ but in a gray tone.
Here’s the back of the palette! It looks identical to ‘That Glow’. The serial number is there and the cruelty-free bunny. The shades are named: Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst, and Crushed Pearl.
Here’s the inside of the palette! The pans in this are the same size as in ‘That Glow’ but sadly there’s no mirror :/
Here are the swatches of the highlighters! I love Hard Candy with the really subtle pink shimmer. None of these are too dark on my skin especially crushed pearl.

Here’s the other palette! I keep noting the serial numbers just in case anybody is buying one from third-party sellers so you know if it authentic or not! I’m just here to help!