Black Moon Cosmetics Luna Moon Topper Swatch!

Hi friends! Today in the mail Luna arrived! I was waiting for this to come so I have something exciting and fresh to review! This subtle yet fantastic top coat is vegan and cruelty-free! I believe it was on their website for $19 and I think with shipping this came out to about $25. 

Here’s the pretty packaging that the Moon Topper came in. I love how the stars are holographic and the pretty moon graphic on the box. I apologize about the box being open, I was excited and it accidentally ripped. 
This is the side of the box that shows all the ingredients. Note the cruelty-free bunny and how it says vegan underneath! Yes! This side also shows the distribution information and the company website. The product is also 0.25 ounces.
This side of the box tells the consumer that this holographic topper can be used on lips, face and body. It also is intended for long wear and dries down. It dries in about two minutes. 
This is Luna all natural. I like taking the natural light photos just so you all get the real deal and expectations aren’t all messed up. As you can see, it looks pretty white in the tube. 
Here is what the flash does to Luna. You can see in the tube that there is a pink shimmer and a bit of other colors in there.
This is the bottom of the tube. It has the name of the product and the company. It was made in the United States.
Here is what the applicator looks like. It is a flat and rounded applicator that picks up a decent amount of product. This was also the first time I opened this and it smells like candied fruit. Please note how it is shimmery and pink at this angle.
Black Moon Cosmetics suggested topping Sleepwalker with this shade. I totally took that idea into consideration and did that for all of you!

Okay the best part of the review is up! The swatches! I have included an arm swatch and two lip swatches of the product for you! Enjoy!

This is what Luna looked like under the flash when I swatched it. It is quite the sleeper.
Here is what Luna looks like when you wear it as a simple gloss and sparkle. It has a pretty elegance to it but still doesn’t show up much.
… and BAM! This is what both Luna and Sleepwalker look like together. You can see all the pink, purple and blue sparkles and gives the black lipstick a pretty tint.

I think overall that this Moon Topper is pretty. I like how versatile it is with being dramatic and subtle. Xo


Black Moon Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Coming Soon!

There was a quick picture that I grabbed off of Instagram previewing Black Moon Cosmetics and a new and coming eyeshadow palette! 

Photo credit to: Black Moon Cosmetics and Specktranet!

Wow! So pretty!

More updates will be coming soon!

Black Moon Cosmetics Black Metal Liquid Lip Swatches!

Hi everybody! I know I post about this brand often because they deserve a lot of praise for having a vegan and cruelty free product, a smooth formula and making gorgeous colors that compliment everyone. This product that I’m going to review was something so unique and beautiful, I had to add it in my collection! 

The Black Metal Liquid Lip collection is fantastic. They dry quickly and evenly, smell like vanilla and add an insane shimmer and shine to any look. The entire collection with five shades is $80. You can purchase the original three for $56.

Here is the limited edition box that the original shades came in. I apologize my box looks worse for wear but I store all five in it.
Here’s another view of the box. It is a triangle and it has such a pretty design on it.
Here are the shades in their tubes. They look like pretty jewels. There’s a red, purple, blue, green and rose gold.

I did arm and lip swatches of these for you that way you can see the shimmer and how they look dry.

Here are the swatches of the lip shades. You can see how pretty and reflective they are. These are beautiful unique shades that look great on everyone. 
The first shade is called, Armageddon. This is a gorgeous dark red with an insane amount of shimmer in it. I wear this one a lot because it is so complimentary.
Here is the second shade, Immortal. This is a beautiful dark purple. These apply so nicely and I used one coat on this shade. 
Shade three is Sorrow. This is the only blue lip shade that I own and I’m so happy it doesn’t disappoint. This one is a bit watery than the others so this took two coats. It isn’t so watery that it is dripping every where which is good lol. I love this shade. I love dark toned shades so pretty much almost every shade makes me happy.
This shade is everything. Myth is a black and emerald green that is out of this world. I get so many compliments when I wear this out it’s insane! This is such a unique shade and color.

This last shade was released last. Eternal is a pretty rose gold shade with purple sparkles and reflect. I’ve never seen a shade like this before which is a breath of fresh air.

This is seriously one of those things that you wish more shades happen! I would love a dark shade with some pretty yellow or something like that. If you’re looking for something different, check these out!

Messy Makeup Look #1!

Okay I’m going to be completely honest with all of you. I’m not very neat and tidy when doing my makeup like some people. I have a vanity but since I’ve been a teenager, I’ve always done my makeup on my bed. So typically when I get ready my bed looks like this: 

I work better in chaos most of the time. But today, I’m going to show you all a step by step look in how I do my everyday between chaos.
This is the primer that I used for today’s look. I love Smashbox’s primers. This one is a pore fiiller and helps your face achieve that airbrushed look. 
This is what the primer looks like on. It’s not colored or anything but this is also a picture of what I look like before this look.
Next, I add my foundation or BB. This is one of my favorites because it doesn’t look pasty and it applies easily. It costs me about $15 and is a Korean brand.
As you can see I applied the BB to my face. The Holika Holika BB comes with an applicator paddle so it’s is easy to grab how much you need without waste.
For step three, blend out your foundation by brush, sponge, etc… my favorite method is the Beauty Blender. I’m sorry it is so dirty, he needs a bath lol
Here it is all blended together! If you use a Beauty Blender, make sure that you wet it before use and you pat. Do not drag across the skin. Also, pro tip, please remember to blend into your neck so it looks natural and not like you’re wearing a mask.
For step four, I didn’t add an application picture because this is just a white powder. This is my favorite finishing powder. The packaging and how smooth it makes your foundation look is fantastic. I use Tarte’s kabuki brush for this powder.
For Step Five, I apply my eye primer. This is the only product that will make my eyeshadow stay put. I have really watery eyes so this is a complete godsend. All you do is take a small amount and rub it onto your eyelid until it is fully blended in. I don’t have an applied picture just because this is a skin color and not noticeable in photos.
For Step Six, I’m using the new Eclipse Inner Glow Creme and seeing how it works for me! I was confused how to apply it since almost every video does it a different way. I prefer cool dark tones for contour instead of bronzer just because I’m not tan and it makes my face look funny.
This is how Eclipse looks out of the compact. This isn’t exactly black, the more you play with it, it can be purple and a dark berry shade as well. Interesting product that uses natural ingredients and smells lovely.
I decided that using my finger to apply the shade as a contour would bet best bet. I just applied it where your contour normally goes. If you make a kissy face and keep it diagonal from the top of your ear, that’s where the contour should go.
Here is what Eclipse looks like when it is fully blended out. I used my Glamour Girls X Lisa Frank brush for this. It was pretty easy to blend. Success.
This is the blush that I used for Step Seven. This was the shattered blush that came in the Beautycon Box.
If you want to apply blush, smile and look for the apples of your cheek and then pat and blend back. That way you don’t look like a clown.
Here is what my end result looks like for my cheek and contour area. I do like mine a bit more dramatic than most but you have to do what makes you comfortable.
For Step Eight, I do my eyebrows. I’m using Wunderbrow Wunder2 in Black. This stuff takes practice to apply and a little goes a long way.
I did one eyebrow fully just so you all can see the difference between them when I do the other.
For Step One in eyebrows, you have to outline the bottom of the brow so they don’t end up too big or crooked.
For Step Two you want to lightly fill in your eyebrow and make the top part of your arch.
For Step Three always remember that the spoolie brushes help make your brows more natural by feathering the product and not keeping harsh lines on the front of your eyebrows.
For Step Nine, I started eyeshadow. I used Kat Von D Innerstellar eyeshadow palette with the middle four colors. I numbered them by steps.
For Step One we will be applying our base shade. This gets added on the eyelid and blending upward to the brow.
Here’s what the shade looks like on the eyelid. You want to keep it on the same form and don’t go crazy and go heavy on the entire eye.
For Step Two, add this shade to your inner crease and blend to the outer crease.
Here’s where you would apply shade step two and blend to the other side of your eye. After I do the initial swipe, I use a windshield wiper back and forth motion until shades one and two look blended.
For Step Three, we add this light lilac shade to the outer crease and blend like mad.
For Step Three, this is where you start the shade. After that, blend on the entire crease like crazy. Typically when I’m trying to blend like a crazy person, I repeat my windshield wiper movement and also move the brush in a small circular motion to add a nice airbrush effect.
After Steps 1-3 are blended, it should look something like pictured above.
The shade pictured here gets applied to the entire eyelid.
Here is what I did with Step Four. I applied it to the entire eyelid and then of course blended it to add a smoky effect.
Here is what Steps 1-4 look like when fully applied and blended. We are almost done!
For Step Ten, were going to be making wings! Wings have been my trademark look since I was 18. It is something you have to practice. Pictured is my holy grail eyeliner, Clio Kill Black Pen Liner. This is a Korean brand that is completely waterproof and lasts very long. It costs about $15.
What I do for the first step, I draw an upward line where my eye ends. It doesn’t have to be perfect since it gets filled in.
For step two, you draw a line from the stopping point of your original line on a diagonal to the end of your eye.
For the third step, fill in your wings and get creative! You can add designs and dots for added flair.
For Step Eleven, add your favorite mascara. I really like Better Than Sex Waterproof right now. I didn’t add a picture because I was pretty sure this is self-explanatory.
For Step Twelve, I have to add a highlight. Sometimes I do but the majority of the time I don’t since I wear glasses. This product is a hologram natural highlighter that smells great.
You can see on my upper cheekbone that it adds a subtle pink and purple glow. It was applied with fingertip.
For Step Thirteen, you can add a lip shade. I chose Black Moon Cosmetics Immortal. This came in the Black Metals Trinity Collection. These are very unique and a must have.
For the first step, I always define my bottom lip first just so I know how to shape my top lip and curves. After I applied my bottom lip, I smacked my lips together for a base line to the top lip.
For Step Two, I added more of the liquid formula and finished my top lip with the curves and bow. All I have to do is spray setting spray and let down my hair because I seriously look so different with my hair back like this.

Ready…. Here comes….

The finished look! This is typically my normal routine and I’m so glad that I decided to share it with you all!

There you have it! Out of that entire bed mess, I did make something fun! If you all liked this step by step, let me know and I’ll do more! Xoxo

Battle of the Black Lipsticks!

In my opinion, not all black lipsticks are universal. They vary in shade, consistency, drying and how much they actually cover. I swatched the four black lipsticks that I own so you can see the differences and hear some pros and cons of each! Enjoy!

To be honest, I only have four different black lipsticks. I don’t really see a point in having a thousand of them. There’s Black Moon Cosmetics, Makeup Monsters, Melt Cosmetics and Sugarpill.
Here are the bottoms of the lipsticks. We have some described as extra matte and matte. 

I did lip swatches and an arm swatch of all these for you so you can see how different they are.

Here are the four for you. This was taken maybe five minutes after I swatched them so they could be fully dry. You can see how some are darker and lighter than the others in comparison.

Here are some lip swatches! We’ll go in the same order as they’re arm swatched! Yay!

This one is my favorite out of the four. It is a liquid matte. It smells like vanilla and is a thicker and less runny formula. It dries very fast and isn’t patchy. It lasts super long and is comfortable to wear and doesn’t dry out my lips.
This one does need two coats to cover fully. It takes time to dry and depending how even you apply it, it can be patchy. It removes pretty well and does have a nice matte finish.
I love this one. To be honest, I think the lipsticks look better than the liquid mattes. This is with two coats but feels non-sticky, is even and doesn’t look super obnoxious. It also smells like vanilla!
This one is a bit lighter than the others. I did use two coats but has a very nice feel and wear to it. It also smells like orange cream! Yeah! This one is nice and subtle, where it looks almost natural.

There you have it! I would have to say that out of all of these, Melt’s Bane is my absolute favorite. It is matte, not sticky or drying, smells great and long lasting.

Jeffree Star X MannyMUA lawsuit with Black Moon Cosmetics Details! (Lawsuit Settled) 

You know how I said that Jeffree bring a lot of drama because of things that are said and done? Well, it’s happened again but to a huge legal degree. 

On April 3rd a lawsuit was filed by Black Moon Cosmetics stating that Jeffree and Manny’s collaboration is a blatant copy of their design and logo. To be honest, the similarities are uncanny. If you want to read the full complaint, you can find it right here. (You will also see the screenshot of Manny gushing over their packaging so he’s aware that the company was around even before him using the logo with his Makeup Geek Collaboration.) The black background is a sure copy. They could have used pink with a hologram or anything. 

This is my personal Cosmic Eyedust Vault showing the holographic logo. There are some of my Jeffree liquid lips to the side.
Here are both of the brands side to side to note the similarities.

Considering that their collaboration was due to launch on April 8th, nothing has been said if it is delayed yet. 
Black Moon Cosmetics started in 2015 by a mother and daughter. They have their own website to purchase their liquid lipsticks and cosmic eyedust right here. They also are huge on Instagram and feature a bunch of their customers wearing their products and reviewing them. They are a vegan and cruelty-free company that has a killer formula. To be honest, they’re one of my favorite brands. I love them so much. I’m not an affiliate or paid to say so. I paid for all the makeup you see me swatch out of my own pocket so I form MY OWN opinions rather than being paid for them. 

If you know me personally, I’ve always recommended Jeffree’s products as I love his formula on eyeshadows and of course the liquid lips. I can’t live without Unicorn Blood or Androgyny, I’ve tried. The first huge blow for me was the mini feud between him and Kat Von D. A lot of people sided with their favorite and stopped using the other. They both made video responses to each other and stopped talking. I kept using both products because I love them both and I thought, hey, it happens. Some people are more dramatic than others. Now this. And I’m going to leave it at this. 

Edit: As seen on Manny’s Snapchat, he said that this lawsuit is settled.