Ipsy August Glambag!

Hi friends! I received my Glambag over the weekend and wanted to share it with you all! The theme this month was Good Vibes. As with the current events happening, I wish you all safety and good vibes to get you through. I know it doesn’t mean much, but positivity and love are everything.

Okay, soooo Ipsy has a new money back program. I’ll go into it as much as I can.

To be honest, I did not want to get up and take pictures at my table so my fox blanket will be the background today. This was one of the bag designs out of three. The big pamphlet behind the bag details the new reward program.

This is the front cover of the reward program booklet. It has Gabriel Zamora and a pink poodle on it. It also says Lavish Life on the side. To be honest, I don’t know much about Gabriel, I don’t pine and obsess over people on Instagram so I have no clue as to what he does or has done. Sorry.

These pages describe the Ipsy Cash and how it works. Basically, you earn cash back when you purchase from your favorite makeup brands and you can get the rebate in the mail or through PayPal.

I included these pages as examples of which brands are available in this program. MAC, Smashbox, and Bobbi Brown are three major brands included in this new service.

Next, I have my five products for the month and I included swatches of the eyeliner and the eyeshadow. Enjoy!

I was pretty happy with the variety this month, there was a Glamour Dolls brush, green tea moisturizer, The Balm eyeshadow, a new brand eyeliner, and a First Aid Beauty face cleaner. I love that cleaner! I think I first tried it before I started blogging and missed it dearly! Welcome home, cleaner!

The first item is the First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser with red clay. This is safe for sensitive skin, removes excess oils, unclog pores, and purified skin. This sample is one ounce of product.

The back of the product has the ingredient list and you need to avoid contact with your eyes. This is allergy tested and hypoallergenic. It says to use this only twice a day, and to use it just lather it together and gently rub onto your face. After you cover your face, just rinse. Ta T’s!

This is a moisturizer from A-True Spring Green Tea Watery Calming Cream. That isb a mouthful but smells amazing. This cream is 70% Black Tea water and it states that this heritage is from France and rediscovered in Korea. Sounds epic.

The back of the sample has the ingredient list and the directions. After you clean your face, massage this on your face and neck. This sample is 1.5 ounces and is made in Korea.

The third product is this rosy blending eyeshadow brush. I love these brushes and they’re so affordable. I snagged one of the Lisa Frank angled brushes before and wow. Such fluffy. So blend.

Here’s a pretty close-up shot of the bristles. This brush reminds me of the blending brush from Sugarpill. Or maybe I just like white and pink synthetic bristles. 🙂

This is a new precision tip eyeliner by Steve Laurant. This is waterproof and does not fade to grey. Yay!!!

There’s the tip of the eyeliner. It glides and applies easily and does not run or smear. I enjoyed this.

This is a sample shadow from The Balm Voyage Volume Two. I love the design for the sample shadow.

This eyeshadow has a 12 month shelf-life and has a lot number of 16L1. This side of the sample has the website, distribution information and the ingredients.

The shade I received was Willkommen. This is a buttery and shimmery brown shade. It is super pigmented.

Next, I have a finger swatch and a test of the new eyeliner for you all! Check these out!

I seriously love this liner. I have such problems finding actual waterproof eyeliners that last. I’m so happy I got the opportunity to test this one out! You can see how pigmented the eyeshadow is also. I’m impressed. However, it is nothing new to the eyeshadow game.

There you all have it! Next post will be about Sephora Play and their August bag! Xo!


Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi friends and new followers! I appreciate you all so much. I’ve been really grateful lately for everything and it’s been so great to have this blog and see it grow. It’s almost like giving birth again haha. Today I decided to swatch a really great palette that is seriously seen everywhere. The Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette! I purchased this when ULTA did a weekend flash sale and it was only $28! There are so many looks in here to help with the perfect smoky eye. 

The Naked palettes are heavily duplicated and there are some companies that have put out at Naked 4 and Naked 5. Urban Decay never released those so they’re fake. Whenever I see people using them, I pretty much look like this:

Of course, you all know I uploaded the box, palette and close up of shadows so you can tell the difference and not buy a fake! 

Here’s the front of the box. The logo is raised and the box has a nice smoke background.
Here is the back of the box. It has a small paragraph about the palette and the shades inside. It also has a picture of the double-ended brush that comes with the palette. There are also pictures of all the eyeshadow shades included.
Here’s the look book that is inside of the box. There are four different how-to prints on there.
Here’s a shot of the actual palette. It is a very nice hard plastic case and it has smoke printed on it. The writing is raised up also.
Here is the back of the palette. It is pretty opaque and you can see the pans and brush inside the palette. There is some company information and a serial number on the back.
If you look closely around the ring of light there is the serial code. Please match yours to that code to ensure an authentic palette.
Here is the inside of the palette. It has four very dark shades in the middle and surrounds them with lighter shades on the sides. Some of the shades are matte and some are shimmery.
Here is a close up of all the shadows in the palette. Please make sure that the pigments match by their name when purchasing. Note how buttery the shadows are and full the pans look. A lot of the fakes have a grainy texture to them and the pans don’t look full.

There are twelve shades in this palette so I did three groups of four for better shots of each shade. I used the dual-sided brush that the palette came with for the brush swatches.

Here are the first four shades in the palette starting from the left. All four of these are a metallic shimmer shade. They are equally pigmented with each swatch application and are very smooth. High is a light pink with a gold shimmer to it. Dirtysweet is a copperish gold with a nice pearl shine. Radar is a golden brown shift. Armor is a dark purplish gray with some silver sparkle in it.
Here are the second set of shadows in here. These are the four dark shades located in the middle of the palette. There is a dark eggplant, matte black and some shimmery gunmetal shades. Slanted is a shimmery gunmetal shade. Dagger is a blueish gray matte shade that is better swatched by finger than brush. Black Market is a very nice matte black that is pretty nice in texture. Smolder is my favorite shade out of these four. It looks black but shifts to a pearly dark eggplant color. 
This is the last group from this palette. These shades are all matte and I wish they swatched a bit better by brush. Password is a matte gray that looks more pigmented with the finger swatch. Whiskey is a nice honey brown shade that applied quite well with both techniques. Combust matches my skin shade. I tried to make it as noticible as possible in my arm but with no avail. Thirteen is a nice matte white. It has a good texture and decent pigmentation for a white shade.

There you have it with this palette! I hope some of my insight will help people buy authentic palettes and stay away from harmful ingredients! Xo

Cargo Cosmetics You Had me at Aloha Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi loves! Today it is another windy and rainy day. I figured what would be a great way to forget about being stuck inside would be to review the limited edition You Had me at Aloha Eyeshadow Palette by Cargo Cosmetics. This is still available online for $34. I purchased mine at Kohl’s on sale for $25 with a free deluxe sample of their mascara. Yay! 

This palette was a must have for me. I love the beautiful purple shades and well of course, I’m Hawiian and my collection wouldn’t be complete without it. Let’s get started with the fun palette pictures and swatches!

Here is the front of the palette! Took the picture of the palette and the box together because they are different. The box has the name of the palette and the actual palette is more subtle. But it is so pretty with the hibiscus flower printed on both.
Here is the back of the palette and the box! The box has some suggested looks with two shades and then four. It also includes a really awesome diagram with where the shades should be placed and blended. Both the box and palette have matching serial numbers which is super important!
Here’s the inside of the palette! It has twelve shades that vary in matte and shimmer and just scream the colors of Hawai’i. There was also an eyeliner and double-sided eyeshadow brush included.
Here’s the eyeliner that came with the palette. I’m not a fan of pencil liner so I have no idea how this applies.
Here is the brush that came with the palette. I used this brush to do the swatches for you since I was curious about the quality.

I’m going to show you the swatches of this palette but I wanted to tell you that I did six on each arm but with the first row I split it up in three colors because the nude mattes were hard to see. 

Here are the first three shades in the palette. As you can see, they are a tad hard to see on my skin. Hula is a very pretty silver shimmer that picks up better on finger swatch than brush. Waikiki is a golden beige that almost matches my skin tone. Hapuna is a light beige matte that was also a bit hard to see.
Here are the three other shades in the first row. These guys are more pigmented than the first three. Kona is a chestnut brown with a slight shine. Shell is a veryy pretty shimmer. Shaka is a dark pink-purple that reminds me of island flowers.
This second row was a lot more visible and pigmented than the first one. Hibiscus and Island are golden shades that are reminiscent of sand and gold. Kai and Tiki could make a fun duo that could make a palm tree inspired look 🙂 Lei is a color inspired by flowers and Luau is a dark purple with a slight shimmer.

This palette is fun and I love it just because of heritage pride. The colors are very pretty but I do wish they applied a bit better on the brush. Aloha!

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette Swatches!

Hi everybody! Happy Monday 🙂 today I’m going to swatch and discuss the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette! As far as what I saw on Google, this palette is sold out and was a limited edition. When it released it was $60. There are 20 shades in here and they vary with color and blendability.

I love the kaleidoscope look and feel to this palette. This one is a bit big and to be honest, not really travel friendly because of how bulky it is. As an artistic palette and for home use, it is great to use.
Here’s the back of the palette. The serial number is there and just some information about the palette on the back.
When you open the top of the palette there’s a mirror and a butterfly. It is cute but pretty impractical. I wish the eyeshadows were close to the mirror but they’re located below the butterfly in a slide out drawer.
When you pull out the drawer underneath the butterfly, you can find the eyeshadows and the brush. To be honest, I like the variety of the colors but I wish they were in an order of sorts. They seem all over the place. There are 20 shades and vary with shimmer and matte shades.
Here’s the brush that comes with the palette. It is double sided and pretty good with blending. I used this brush for the brush swatches for this palette.

I have the swatches set up by rows. There are five in each row.

This first row has some base shades and greens. Looking Glass is a really soft white. Hatter is a bright green with light sparkles. Lily reminds me of the shade Baby in the Gwen Stefani palette. A pretty color but seems the same. Heads Will Roll is teal with some silver sparkles. Time is a really pretty dark purple with silver sparkles. You can see how the swatches vary by finger and brush.
This row starts off with Reflection which is a light peach matte color. Gone Mad is a plum shade with reflect sparkles. Duchess is a light peach sparkle shade. Bandersnatch is a really interesting bluish green matte shade. Dream On is a light purple glitter shade that was hard to swatch with a brush. You can notice the swatch differences in this row also.
This row in my opinion is my favorite and the best with both swatch methods. Dormouse is a honey brown matte with a bit of gold sparkle. Paradox reminds me of fire. I love how orange and red it shines. Kingdom is shimmery brown. Salazen Grum is a gorgeous maroon-orange shimmer. Very pigemented and beautiful. The last is Chronosphere, a brown shade with some gold shine.
This the last row in the palette. You can tell that the brush swatches are not as vibrant as the finger ones. Metamorphosis is a sky blue shade with blue reflect sparkles. Cake is a magenta matte with some glitter. Chessboard is a tan matte shade good for a crease. Royal Flush is a white shimmer. Mirror is a gray shade with some shine.

Overall, this palette is a really nice piece to compliment the movie. The palette is too big to actually travel with and I do wish the shades applied better with a brush and there wasn’t so much fallout.

Urban Decay’s Moondust Palette Swatched Four Ways!

Okay so from doing a lot of YouTube watching and review reading, I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on this palette. A lot of complaints about fallout, not being pigmented enough and just people plain hated it. To be honest… I LOVE this palette! 

My dear friend Kristina helped me swatch this one after my doctor appointment today. We decided to swatch it four different ways to show how to play with the shades and their application. I did the normal finger and brush swatch and then on the back of the box it states, ‘Tip: We recommend applying Moondust with your fingers. For extra intense payout, apply it wet and blend out the edges with a dry brush’.

So with further ado, here are the pictures!

This cover is a hard plastic that imitates stars in the sky. It is a heavy and durable palette.
The back has just the basic information about the palette.
The palette is very simple and has an awesome mirror!

Here come the swatches! I’ll start with the finger and brush ones first!

As you can see, the finger application is the way to go with this one. The difference in pigmentation and fallout is insane. The brush is nice if you want something subtle but there’s not much of a pop.

The third in the list is using a wet brush.

You can see here that using a wet application does work but the brush still doesn’t do much justice to these shades just yet. :/

And the final…. wet finger swatch! Wait for the magic…

Boom! Yes! They look beautiful! The most amazing thing was that there was no fallout because it all went on the skin! They look vibrant and so beautiful!

Okay so there you have it! If you have this and we’re quite frustrated, use the wet finger technique! Xoxox

Pony Effect: That Girl Fever Shadow Palette

I have a huge spot in my heart for the Asian beauty scene. I love how the looks are all so subtle yet elegant and how funky and edgy it can look. My entire skincare regime is all Korean and Japanese based products (eventually I will be doing reviews on my favorites. Promise). This palette is from Pony Effect. This is a Korean beauty line that I purchased off of Memebox. This is a super popular brand in Korea and of course it is a line created by Pony (aka: Park Hye Min). I’m pretty sure that when I bought this it was new release holiday palette and it retailed at the time for close to $41.

Here’s the palette! A very convenient size for travel! I love the holographic text and how durable it feels. It is little, has weight to it and is my favorite color!
Here’s the back of the palette showing the names of all the shades with hashtags for every one of them!

And here’s the reveal:

Here’s the inside of the palette! I love how big the mirror is! I absolutely hate when there’s no mirror because I  have to carry one with me…. -_- the plastic insert that fits over all the shadows has the names in Korean and English for your learning needs 🙂

What I did for the swatch part since I’m doing finger and brush swatches, I did three colors in a row and labeled them all for you. 🙂 Let’s begin.

The first three in the first row are all really nice nude or transition shades. You can see how nice they apply with both finger and brush and they are definitely able to build up for more pigmentation.
The middle row has the greatest shimmery red-orange shade ever, Beautiful Liar. But you can see how much more it shows up with a finger swatch than with the brush. Ready to Party and Drunk Dial are also really nice browns with great pigmentation with both applications.
The last row was full of fun glitter shades! The best part about the glitter is that it isn’t those huge obnoxious chunks that fallout on everything. You can see with All That Glam that the brush application is a lot lighter because of the glitter. Bad or Good is less pigmented using the brush also but you still get a nice payout with color.

To be honest, I love the versatility of this palette and you can get so many looks out of it. My fiancee and I travel a lot and having tinier palettes that I can take with me on our adventures are a definite plus.