SauceBox Cosmetics Mermaid Life Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi friends! Today I’m going to show you this beauty of a palette. To be honest, I was sitting on purchasing this beauty for a while because it is normally $75. Seventy-five dollars. I had no idea how their shadows performed or if the price point was way too high (which is thought it was for nine eyeshadows). On Instagram, SauceBox Cosmetics had a bunch of damaged palettes and discounted them significantly. I purchased mine for $45 dollars (the price includes shipping and a 10% off discount code). I checked for damage and there wasn’t any to the actual palette. There was only a ding in the one eyeshadow. Basically, my face looked like this:

I’m going to show you all some pretty palette pictures and finger and brush swatches of all the shadows. Let’s begin!


Ta-da! This is the front of the Mermaid Life palette. I love the design of the mermaid and how the palette its self is shaped like a clam shell. Adorable. ❤❤❤ By the way, this palette is huge. You’ll see what I mean.

The back of palette mentions that all of these shadows are vegan and cruelty-free. All the shadow names are located in illustrated pearls and it was made entirely in the United States. Each eyeshadow is four grams so there is a total of 36 grams of shadows. This side has the ingredient list and distribution information.

Check out how big this palette is! There’s a decent sized mirror with a very subtle underwater design around the mirror that consists of coral, seaweed, and seahorses. The bottom of the palette has the clam shell design.

Here’s a close-up shot of the mirror for you to check out. Look at all the pretty design detail.

For this part of the palette, I wanted to show you all the shades included. I labeled them all with the appropriate name for you.

Another fun feature of the palette is that it is magnetic and each shade is labeled by the name and the lot number. This is important because duped palettes will not have that information on the bottom of the metal pans. The majority of the time the pans are glued in and not magnetized.

Next up, we have all the pretty swatches of all these shades. All of these shades swatched beautifully and I had no issue with dryness or crumbly eyeshadow.

The top row of shadows had three shimmery and colored shades. La Sirena is a frosted lilac shade that had the same intensity with the finger and brush swatches. Seaside is a pretty sea blue frosted shade that reminds me of the ocean with the sun shining off of it. This shade was more pigmented with the finger swatch than the brush swatch but not by much. Kelp It Real is a very pigmented frosted emerald green shade that has a gorgeous shimmer. This shade applies better with your finger.

The middle row of the palette featured four shades that varied in shimmers and intensity. Pirates Gold is one of the best gold shades that I’ve ever used and swatched before. The good news is that it swatched beautifully using both techniques. Treasure Chest is an awesome frosted copper-orange shade that is very pigmented and swatched beautifully using both techniques. Merman is a dark-beige shade with a subtle silver shimmer. Shell We Dance is supposed to mimic the inside of seashells and is a light-beige with a gold and silver shimmer.

The last row had two shades in it. Warm Sand is a light peach shade and it is the only matte shadow. I was impressed with how pigmented this shade was for a light matte shade. Moonshadows is a light beige that has a frosted silver look. This shade fully describes how pretty the moonlight looks.

Overall, I believe that this palette is one of my new favorites. However, I still believe that $75 is a bit expensive. For the price that I paid, this was a great price for a sturdy palette that excelled in design, layout, and pigmentation. Grab this while you can! Xo


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2016 Liquid Lipsticks!

Hi friends! Sorry I got my posts up so late today but my daughter is finishing up Kindergarten and I had some random things to do today. This came out last year around the Christmas holiday. It retailed for $99. In Jeffree Star Cosmetics’s Holiday Collection there were seven shades that could be bought together or separately for $18 each. If you have been reading my posts for a bit now you know that Jeffree’s lipsticks are my go to. His new Summer Collection is launching June 24th. So before that launches, I wanted to put up more of his shades.

Here is the collection all tigether looking cute. I purposely separated Deceased and Sagittarius just because they are so close in color.
Here are the bottoms of the lipsticks. They have the name of the lipstick, how many ounces it has (0.19 ounces, and the company information.
Here is what the applicator looks like for each lipstick. This guy is a pointed doe foot that has a nice flex to it which makes application smoother.

As usual for you all, I have arm swatches of each shade and a nice collage of all the lip swatches! Enjoy!

Here are the first four shades. Chrysanthemum is a light pink with tiny gold sparkles in it. This is a very cute spring shade that is very flattering and subtle. Deceased reminds me of Makeup Monsters and their Wolfsbane shade. It is a greige gray shade that is pigmented and lasts very long. Crocodile Tears is an awesome matte dark green that I love. It isn’t for everyday wear but I do enjoy when people ask about it. Checkmate was named by Nathan. This neon red smells like cherries and is very bright. Sometimes this shade has some flaking but that’s after a few hours.
Here are the last three shades in the collection. Sagittarius is a light purple mixed with gray shade. I love this one. It has great pigmentation and long wear. Designer Blood is the exact dark cranberry red as Unicorn Blood but when this color dries, it has a subtle gold shift to it. The last shade, Pumpkin Pie is a burnt orange with pink and purple sparkles in it.  I’m such a fan of orange lipsticks. 

Here is the collage of the lip swatches!

As you can see here this collection has a very nice variation of color. I love different shades especially if they’re versatile. Xo

Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Friends, I’ve been waiting since the pre-order dropped in February for this baby to come to my house today. I had to make birthday foods so I crept in my kitchen all morning waiting for the mailman and then around noon it happened. 

Wait for it….

Hey girl… what is that?! The box for this was epic and very sturdy.
I opened the box which was secured with tape. There was a bunch of air packing inside and then nestled in the middle was this bundle of joy… I unwrapped it and…
This adorable bag was inside! It feels like felt and came with a really rad bookmark for purchasing the palette! I was so excited to open the bag, like I’m pretty sure I was sweating…
There it is! I’ve waited so long! 🙂 this baby was $56. That was with shipping included. I’m completely in love with the palette design.
Here’s the back of the palette. It has the names of all the shades, address and website of the company, ingredients and a fun blurb about the triplets.
Here is the side of the palette. Note how it looks like a book! I’m in love! The design is so intricate on every side. I’m so impressed with how lovely it is.
Here is the inside of the palette! There is a nice sized mirror. All the shades are labeled in a cursive gold font. There are twelve shades in this palette. At the bottom of the mirror there is a quote from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe that says, “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen”.

Located above is a quick video of the palette in action! 🙂 

For the swatches I did them in the usual format of finger and brush. I did three shadows each time so there will be four different pictures showing you the shades in this palette!

This first row has broomstick, sorcerer and cloak in it. Broomstick is a matte honey brown shade. Sorcerer is my favourite in this row because I love red shades. I love this one because of the shimmer properties in it. Cloak is a very pigmented matte gray. I actually needed a gray in my collection so I’m even more excited right now.
In this second row we have potions, prophecy and Salem. Potions is a pretty emerald green shade that has a pretty pearl effect. Prophecy is a matte very light peachy white shade. Salem is a brownish purplish shifting shade that I totally dig. 
The third row has Merlin, bewitched and cauldron. Merlin is a dark navy blue shade that has some pearl quality to it. Bewitched is a beautiful gold shimmer shade. I want to use it on everything! Cauldron is a shimmery black shade. I was happy to see that it swatched pretty well with the brush as most black shades tend to turn gray or don’t pick up as much. 
This last row has spellbook, charms and Jinx in it. Spellbook is a darker matte brown shade that swatched pretty decent both ways. Charms is a very light pink matte shade that would be good as a base or light transition. Our last shade, Jynx, is a huge hitter silver sparkle shade. Wow. 

Overall, the design is top notch. I wouldn’t personally travel with this one just because it is so big and because of the cost. God forbid it gets stolen. I haven’t tried using the shadows on my eyelids yet, I’m actually going to do that right now but from the swatches I’m expecting great things! Xo

Cargo Cosmetics You Had me at Aloha Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi loves! Today it is another windy and rainy day. I figured what would be a great way to forget about being stuck inside would be to review the limited edition You Had me at Aloha Eyeshadow Palette by Cargo Cosmetics. This is still available online for $34. I purchased mine at Kohl’s on sale for $25 with a free deluxe sample of their mascara. Yay! 

This palette was a must have for me. I love the beautiful purple shades and well of course, I’m Hawiian and my collection wouldn’t be complete without it. Let’s get started with the fun palette pictures and swatches!

Here is the front of the palette! Took the picture of the palette and the box together because they are different. The box has the name of the palette and the actual palette is more subtle. But it is so pretty with the hibiscus flower printed on both.
Here is the back of the palette and the box! The box has some suggested looks with two shades and then four. It also includes a really awesome diagram with where the shades should be placed and blended. Both the box and palette have matching serial numbers which is super important!
Here’s the inside of the palette! It has twelve shades that vary in matte and shimmer and just scream the colors of Hawai’i. There was also an eyeliner and double-sided eyeshadow brush included.
Here’s the eyeliner that came with the palette. I’m not a fan of pencil liner so I have no idea how this applies.
Here is the brush that came with the palette. I used this brush to do the swatches for you since I was curious about the quality.

I’m going to show you the swatches of this palette but I wanted to tell you that I did six on each arm but with the first row I split it up in three colors because the nude mattes were hard to see. 

Here are the first three shades in the palette. As you can see, they are a tad hard to see on my skin. Hula is a very pretty silver shimmer that picks up better on finger swatch than brush. Waikiki is a golden beige that almost matches my skin tone. Hapuna is a light beige matte that was also a bit hard to see.
Here are the three other shades in the first row. These guys are more pigmented than the first three. Kona is a chestnut brown with a slight shine. Shell is a veryy pretty shimmer. Shaka is a dark pink-purple that reminds me of island flowers.
This second row was a lot more visible and pigmented than the first one. Hibiscus and Island are golden shades that are reminiscent of sand and gold. Kai and Tiki could make a fun duo that could make a palm tree inspired look 🙂 Lei is a color inspired by flowers and Luau is a dark purple with a slight shimmer.

This palette is fun and I love it just because of heritage pride. The colors are very pretty but I do wish they applied a bit better on the brush. Aloha!

Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Stack Swatches!

Hi everybody! This is the last stack that I own so until I grab the other two, the three should be of help that I have on here! This one is the Love Sick Stack. It has a beautiful array of colors that vary from a shimmery peach to a blue gray shade. Let’s check out the packaging!

Here is the Love Sick Stack. It look identical to the other two that I showed you before 🙂
Here’s the stack with the colors shown and me playing with the magnets of course 🙂 you can see all the different shades included in here.
Here you can see the bottom of the stack. It has the names of the shades on each pan, the website and a serial number which is 1501 LS. I’m not sure if these are being duped or not but I would rather be safe than sorry. 🙂

Okay! Yay! Swatch time!

Here they are! Amelie is at the top showing off a really nice shimmer. This I have used as a blush or subtle highlight that works wonderfully. Promiscuous is a duochrome purple to blue shade. Love Sick is a dark matte red. Fixated is that blue gray that I mentioned in the intro. You can make a killer smoky eye with this stack.

Okay there we have it with this stack! I think I said before that these retail for about $50 but this company has the fastest shipping ever. I’ve ordered and received things in three days! Considering that I live in Pennsylvania and they ship from California, that is super fast! 🙂

Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Stack Swatches!

Hi! I hope that you all had a good holiday! Today we’re going to take a lol at more of Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow stacks. I think I noted before that there are five stacks in total but I only have three of them. This one is an awesome celebration of neon colors. 

Here’s the stack all stacked up! Haha! All the stacks look identical when stored so usually what I do is put a color that I remember from each so I know which one I’m looking at 🙂
I love how these are magnetic so you can stack them all artsy and have some fun! Check out how bright these are!
Here’s the bottom of them! There’s nothing that really stands out. They have the name of the shade on each pan, the company’s website and the serial number. It was hard to catch but this serial number is 15M1R.

I have the swatches for these of course! Done in the typical finger and then brush swatch! 

Aren’t these fantastic?! You can use all of these on the eye for a funky neon look or just use two for a subtle look. Radon is really the only one that is a bit chalky and has some fallout but nothing that will frustrate you.

That’s it for this stack! I have one more to go and then the three that I have will be on the site 🙂

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Contour Palette Swatches!

Hey everybody! Today I decided to swatch and review my favorite Contour book ever. The LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Contour Palette! This is a beautiful palette with an awesome mix of highlight, blushes, bronzer and gray toned contour shades. The palette is  $74 originally which sounds like a lot but you get 12 pans. When you apply math to it, that means that each pan is about  $6 each which is a steal. The really nice thing about is if you run out of your favorite shades, you can purchase them individually off of their website and they magnetize right into the palette. Let’s check out the packaging!

I love the packaging of this palette! It has this great Necronomicon feel to it! The eye is such a great and creepy touch!
The back of the palette shows the ingredients and all the names of the shades. It would take a while to name all of them but I did in my swatches and numbered the shades on the swatches and the inside preview.
As you can definitely see, there’s something in here for everybody especially pale skin. My favorite shades are Medium Cool #7, Pink #11 and a mix of Light Brown #6 and a bit of Brown #9. I did label these by number to match up to the swatches below.

Here are the swatches!

Here are shades #1-#6. These are your lighter shades and the subtle highlight shades. These all blend together very nicely and are very creamy.
Here are shades #7-#12. These are your darker bronzer, contour and blushes. The blushes are beautiful and you can mix them. Dark Brown #12 is very dark so be careful 🙂 the cool contour shades are awesome to use instead of bronzer to add depth and shadow.

Something else that I forgot to add about this palette is that you can also use it for eyeshadows and it is cruelty-free and vegan! Yay!!!