Pretty Vulgar On Point Liquid Eyeliner Review!

Hi friends! Today I’m going to review the Pretty Vulgar On Point liquid eyeliner. I got this eyeliner that usually retails for around $22 for $6. This was part of their 20K giveaway. The site was glitchy and was a terrible experience. The eyeliner came yesterday and this is the second time I’m using it and it seems like the pen is already dried out. I’m not too happy but I can’t always review things that I like and things don’t go as planned. 

I’m going to show you the box, the pen, and my waterproof test.

Here is the front of the package. The packaging is cute. It is 0.034 fluid ounces.

The back of the box states this is not to be applied on your waterline or your contact lenses. Wtf? It has the ingredient list and that this is shade #26, or Top Secret. This has the distribution information and that it is cruelty-free.

This is the top of the box. It describes the formula as a quick drying, smudge proof, and color rich formula. The website is located at the bottom of the paragraph.

This is the eyeliner pen. It has a pretty ink pen quality to it and the gold top comes off. This pen is all hard plastic and feels durable. 

This is the pen applicator. It is very flexible and has a nice felt quality. Be careful with how much this flexes because it can be problematic if you are just starting out with liquid eyeliner.

This is how the pen handles on my hand. It does have a nice color but as you can see, it isn’t a consistent pigment with the lines. There were also some hiccups and drag. 

The next thing up with this was the question of this being waterproof. It never stated it was but as a personal criteria, I need things to be waterproof! Below, is my waterproof test.

I took the eyeliner swatch from before and ran it under my sink. It didn’t fall apart under the water which was a good sign. 

After I took my hand out of the water and rubbed it with my finger…

This was the end result. As you can see, this just isn’t waterproof. It made me so sad. 

Okay readers, this eyeliner does the job. However, I feel this product could be so much better. It could have less drag, consistency in the pigment could be better. If this was waterproof, that would have made me a happier customer. Xo


Juvia’s Place The Zulu Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! Sorry I updated so late today! My birthday was on Thursday and my mom wanted to take my daughter and I out for the day. It was a blast 🙂 we just got back a bit ago and I made dinner and completely realized that I didn’t update this awesome palette on here today! This is the new Juvia’s Place The Zulu Eyeshadow palette. This palette was on sale for $17.99 which is a steal for these limited edition colors. Let’s have a closer look.

These palettes always have such a celebration of heritage and lovely design. The palette is pretty compact. 

The back of the palette is always blank and the information is on the boxes. This box has a small blurb celebrating the Ndebele people, the ingredients, company information and that this product is cruelty-free.

These are the shades! There are six bright matte shades and three shimmer shades. I am such a fan of bright colors I needed this in my collection. The one reason I didn’t jump on the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay is because they didn’t include a yellow. I just wish the shades impressed me more.

For the swatches, I did them by row so there are three shades in each row.

This first row is all matte shades that are very pigmented. They didn’t have names so I’ll just describe them by sjade. The bright orange reminds me of Sugarpill’s Flamepoint but you can’t go wrong with so many oranges. The yellow is very vibrant and pigmented. Yet again, it reminds me of Buttercupcake by Sugarpill. This last shade is a burnt orange that is very pigmented and a nice shade to work wirh.

The middle row is my favorite in this palette. The first shade is a bright almost matte turquoise shade with a green tint to it. It blends very well and used it in a look on Saturday. The middle is a shimmery lime green with sparkle. As always, Juvia’s Place has amazing shimmer shades. The last shade reminds me of the ocean. It is a bright blue with silver sparkle. This is so bright and pretty. 

The last row has beautiful shades in it. The first one is a shimmer shade. It has a rose base with a lot of gold sparkle in it. The next shade is a bright matte red shade. I really enjoy the texture and shade of this usual red. It is bright. The last shade is a pretty matte purple that blends quite well. 

This palette is a steal for the price and the color pay out. The pans are a decent size and Juvia’s always delivers a decent product. Xo

Kat Von D Lolita Eyeshadow and Blush!

Hi friends! For an early birthday present I bought myself Kat Von D’s super limited Lolita eyeshadow and blush. I bought it for $19 and cashed in some points and picked out the birthday gift. This eyeshadow single doubles as a blush that I’ve swatched for you and took a bunch of pictures. This is vegan and cruelty-free. 

Here is the product in the box. It is a small cardboard box that has a pretty silver lettering on it. 

The back of the box has a more detailed description of what the product is in different languages and ingredients listed. 

The bottom of the box has the barcode and has the vegan stamp of approval! Yay! There are symbols showing that it is eye and face safe and also recyclable.

I was feeling pretty artsy with this so I added my O2 plant and my Cthulhu pop figure. The product is a beautiful dusty chestnut rose type of shade. 

These are the swatches of Lolita. It blends out so well! I’m excited to use it today! I’m not too sure how much to use for blush so that will have to be played around with a bit. 

There you have it, the beautiful eyeshadow single, Lolita. I’m pretty sure they are going to release it again in the future but only time will tell. Xo

Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book Swatches!

Hi friends! Today this post is kind of a long one. This palette by Kat Von D was a holiday limited edition back in 2013. It retailed for $55 and is no longer manufactured. This palette includes 24 shadows that vary between matte, shimmer, and sparkle. Another really neat feature is that you can mix two shades to make another. There are going to be a bunch of photos today because I swatched two adjacent shades and what their mix will look like. 

For some reason, WordPress isn’t letting me edit descriptions for my pictures or letting me use the tinier fonts for each picture. I apologize for how this looks in advance because this isn’t okay and isn’t my usual format. This is what the box looks like that the palette fits in. It is a beautiful illustration by Kat Von D with a pretty pattern surrounding it.

Here is what the back of the box looks like. It gives a quick preview of all the shades and their names in the palette. Any shade with a ☆ next to it is a brand new shade.

Here is the palette out of the box. It has the same drawing with just a black background. I like how thin this palette is because you could travel with it and it not be too much of an issue.

Here is the back of the actual palette. It shows you which two shades go together and how to use it. You can also see that there is a serial code on the back. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a duplicate of this palette but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here is a close-up of the how to use portion of the back. You can alternate which way you put them on but in my experience, I found more luck by putting the darker shade down first then following with the lighter shade.

I did the shots of the inside of the palette separate because the top is where Kat describes how to make three different looks with the shadows. Sadly, No mirror.

Here is the bottom of the palette on the inside. It has that sleeve of plastic that I wasn’t a fan of in the Star Studded book. It has all the names of the shadows on it so it is useful bit could have been printed on the actual palette.

And here is just a quick shot of all the pretty shades without the plastic on it. 

I did all the swatches the usual way, with a brush and a finger. I did the two shades mixed with a brush because it made the most logical sense. 

The first two are Dark Throne which is a very nice gray matte which is so dark it is almost black. It is paired with Precious, which is a nice white shimmer shade. As you can see when they’re mixed together, the shades make a gray with a silver and white shimmer. It reminds me of Sugarpill’s Soot and Stars shade.

The next two are Babe which is a bright lavender pink shade and Piaf which looks like the first two mixed. The texture on these are lovely and very blendable. When these two mixed together, it made a very nice shimmery purple shade that has hints of pink in it.

The next two are Sunset Blvd. and 8 Bit. Sunset Blvd. is a shimmery yellow and gold shade that is a bit stiff but still blends well out of the pan. 8 Bit is a shimmery frosted blue with some silver. Mixed together, it creates a fun golden blue green shade. It reminds me almost of an oil slick. 

Holy Bible is the first shade in this duo. This one is a very soft and buttery light blueish white with some shimmer. Oddfellow is a very matte black with green and blue glitter in it. Mixed together, it creates an almost cobalt blue with glitter in it.

Birdcage is a very pretty golden bright green that has a bit of shimmer to it. Gunner is a matte forest green that has a bunch of silver glitter in it. When you mix these together, it makes this really rad frosted green shade and please remember to use primer for these shades!

Both of these two are brand new shades! Instaglam is a frosted white shade and Stupid Autocorrect is a frosted reddish orange. They both blend great and the pigment is definitely there. Mixed together, it makes a frosted grape shade.

These two shades, Galore and Hexagram are stunning. Galore is a very light yellow shimmer shade and Hexagram is my fsvorite shade in the palette. It has so many color notes. It has undertones of dark red and the shimmer is mixed with a golden green. Love. So much love. When they’re mixed together, more of the reddish warm notes come out. 

Smile Now and Cry Later are also two brand new shades! Smile Now is a very light peach shadow with a bit of a pink shift to it. Cry Later is a chocolate brown with light silver sparkles in it. When mixed together it makes a muted brown with a pretty light shift. 

These next two are very pigmented. Arcadia is a shimmery purple and pink that has bright silver shimmer to it. Wonderland reminds me of dried blood. Creepy but a beautiful rusty reddish brown is a necessity in my collection. Mixed together, it makes this fun purple shimmer on top of the red. 

We are almost done! I swear! Queen is a pretty color shift of reddish brown to a green shimmer. Bukowski is a very bright blue that has a tiny shine to it. When these mix together it makes a dark shimmery green and the shimmers come to light more. 

Last but not least we have Countess and WTF. Countless is a very light matte beige shade. WTF is a shimmery bright red. When mixed together, the red gets really muted down and makes an interesting yet subtle color.

This post was a complete swatch fest today! I apologize for the fact that I wouldn’t edit the captions to my photos and the font is very large. Hopefully it will be fixed sometime soon! Xo

Fantasy Allure Liquid Lipstick Swatch!

Hi friends! Today I decided to swatch Fantasy Allure’s only liquid lipstick shade, ‘Enchanted Rose’. This was originally a kickstarter campaign from last year. If you donated a certain amount of money you received the lipstick and a fun gift. I did the $30 donation for the lipstick and a compact mirror. 

They describe this shade as a ‘deep red with gold glitter’. It also has a faint vanilla scent and completely dries down in about three minutes. It is pretty long lasting but if you are eating, you may need to reapply. This is also vegan and cruelty-free! Yay! 

I like this shade and seriously wish there were more colors. I know they stated in their campaign that if they raised more money than they were asking, they would release more colors. I’m still silently hoping it happens. 

Here is what the tube looks like for the lipstick. I love the crown gold topper and it is a clear tube so you can see the gold sparkles in the red lipstick.
Here is the bottom of the tube. It has a very pretty rose design in the middle with the name of the shade. There is also the LLC of the company, the lot number and the location where it was made.
Here is what the applicator looks like. It has a hard doe foot. It is a good applicator and grabs a decent amount of product for coverage. 

For the swatches, I did an arm swatch for you all and then a lip one so you can see it applied!

Here is what the arm swatch looks like. It is definitely a red and you can see how subtle the sparkles are yet so pretty.
Here is the lip swatch of Enchanted Rose. I love how dramatic and so subtle it is. This doesn’t dry out your lips and it stays for a decent amount of time.

There you guys have it! This is for sale on their website along with some fairy claw thingies. Grab both if you Like! Xo

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi loves! Today is the second to last day of school for my daughter. She’ll be helping with my posts during the summer so I have am extra set of hands 🙂 today I decided to review Kat Von D’s Mi Vida Loca Remix eyeshadow palette. This was a holiday limited edition for 2015. It cost $59. I think the one for last year was the Too Faced Better Together collaboration. I couldn’t justify spending the money because I would have used the Too Faced side. 

Anyway, this palette has 24 shades that vary in neutrals, bright shades, matte and shimmer. I do enjoy the versatility of this palette but I do recommend using primer for the brights just to enhance them and make sure the color is bolder. These shades also share the names that match her studded kiss lipsticks.

Here is the front of the palette. This is a pretty big one but the packaging is so pretty. I think the main reason I love this brand’s packaging is because Kat does the artwork for each piece.
Here is the back of the palette. The back photo shows you how the palette is going to be set up. It looks like a vintage vinyl record. All the matte neutral shades are in the middle surrounded by a wheel of bright shades.
Here is a close up of the serial number just in case you find one to purchase and are worried about authenticity.
Here is the page of looks that come included in the palette. There are three different looks explained step-by-step for you.
Here is what the palette looks like out of the sleeve. There is no mirror but a lot of colors. Everything is labeled and set up nicely.

For the swatches I did the neutrals first and then in groups of three to really show how pigmented and colorful they are. They were done by finger and brush.

Here are the first four shades. Moulder is a very light beige matte shade that has a nice texture and good blendability. Vox is a middle brown matte that also swatched nicely and has good pigment. Strutter is if Vox and Moulder had a baby shadow. This is a beige shade that shows up great and had a good texture. The last shade, Lyric, is a shimmer white shade with some fun silver micro glitter. It is buttery and blendable. It would be a good inner corner shadow.
Here are the last three neutral shades. Black Metal is a nice and plain matte black shade. It swatched very nice and wasn’t patchy. Skulls is a light gray with silver shimmer in it. I love this shade. Noble is a darker version of Strutter. This is a good crease or base shade. 
Here are the first three shades of the outer circle. Löve is a light pink shade with a bunch of shimmer. Anthem is a matte magenta that you would want to use a primer in when using as you can see with the brush swatch. Muse is a light lavender matte shade that is buttery and nice to blend out.
These next three shades are pretty lovely. Echo is a bluish purple that has some pink sparkles in it. Please use primer for this shade because the brush application wasn’t as good as the finger swatch. Dark Wave is a matte navy blue that was decent with the swatches but primer would enhance it. Synth is a very pigmented electric blue matte shade that blows me away when I see it swatched. I was so excited that it was so pigmented and nicely textured.
Here are the next three in the circle. Hyperballad is a matte teal shade that primer is necessary. It doesn’t do badly but could be more intense. Lemme is a pretty brownish green with a bit of yellow shimmer shade. I enjoy this shade so much. It blended out great and has a great texture. Misfit is the electric green that I wished was in the Star Studded Eyeshadow Book. There isn’t any sparkle in Misfit but it is a beautiful matte electric green. Thanks, Kat!
Here are the next three. Vinyl is a shimmery and frosted version of Misfit. I use this shade for a lot of looks and because it can blend very well. Legend is a shimmery light yellow shade that also blends out very nicely. Fran is an awesome matte goldenrod shade that is a pretty unique shade. 
These three were so nice. They are pigmented, swatched great and are beautiful warm shades. Analogue is a matte light orange and is almost a peach shade. Harpsichord is a orange shade with a bunch of copper shimmer to it. Rewind is a raspberry shade with a bit of copper shimmer in it. I love these and I’m pretty sure you can make some beautiful eye looks with these.

These last two shades in the palette I recommend using a primer on just for more intensity. Destroyer reminds me of a matte strawberry shade. But you can see that it needs some primer to help it along. Swoon is a very pretty matte bright pink. It has the perfect name and performs very well. 

I like this palette a lot more than Star Studded because the shades are better formulated and perform better. Primer is still needed for a bunch of the shades but at least they can work on the eye. Xo