How I feel about Suqqu Foundation.

Hi friends! Today. On my face, I’m wearing Suqqu Foundation. To be honest, I’ve never heard of it until Jaime’s mother asked me about it because she purchased it. That means I had to research some stuff.

Outside of Japan, Suqqu is found in Japanese department stores. Mainly in Taiwan and Thailand. It can be found in the United Kingdom as well. The Japanese words, Suuqu-to means posture with attitude. Well. My my my. This brand strives to give women ways to help with self confidence and well being by taking care of their skin and herself. This brand is known for gankin, or facial core techniques. In Japan, facial massage is an important step in skincare. 

To be honest, it has taken me forever to look for a price on this stuff and I was way too polite to bring up a price in conversation. After combing the internet for a price, this foundation typically will run you around $66 to $100 depending on retailer, availability and if your shade is in stock or not. Thankfully, Jaime’s mother was nice enough to let me sample some of hers for my post today so yay! Here are some quick pictures of the product for you.

Here is a photo of the box. It is a very minimal black box that has barely any writing on it except for the embossed logo on the side and the sticker showing ingredients, shade number and website. The location of the company is also printed on the sticker.
Here is the top of the jar. All it has is the name of the company on a shiny black top. The bottle is made of glass.
Here is a side look to the bottle. It doesn’t look like there is a lot of product (which is why I felt bad taking any) but a little goes a long way.

Okay, so for today I went out for a few hours with my mom and wanted to text how this foundation held up with it being kind of warm outside today.

Before adding the foundation, I added Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer to my face. Just to keep it real, I used my Nomakenolife Lucky Wink foundation brush to apply the foundation. I followed the step to add a pearl sized amount to both cheeks and forehead. After that you dip into the foundation and stipple the area. After fully patted around, smooth it all out.
Here is what the foundation looked like with just the three drops I used. I kid you not. It didn’t take a while to dry down and completely covered my face.

Fast forward about 15 minutes…

Here is a quick look I put together to go out and test this foundation. My skin feels light and not weighed down. The foundation is very matte and my skin is breathing. Eyes are Lime Crime. Lips are Caked. Brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills.

That photo was also taken at 10:15 AM. Let’s see what it looks like at 2:45 PM…

Okay so here’s the look four hours and fifteen minutes later. The only thing to wear off slightly is the liquid lipstick. My face still feels matte and not greasy. I didn’t have to blot down my face at all or wipe at it. I’m pretty impressed with that just because I do have oily skin.

I do like the performance of this foundation. I’m happy that my face wasn’t oily or greasy as the day went on. If this wasn’t so hard to find or expensive, I would probably purchase some for myself. Xo


Holika Holika Blush and Highlighter Compact Swatches!

Oh. My. These are cute! Dudes, I love Holika Holika. The brand is Korean and oh so cute. These blush and highlighters that I have to swatch today are so cute, I get all happy when I open them. I have Hello Holika #1 and Midnight Owl #2. These are hard to find and cost a pretty high amount, I’m not sure if it is because of rarity, but yikes! On Amazon, both of these go for $24 a piece. These are nice and colorful and then blend out to a nice shimmery sheen. 

Here is the front of Hello Holika! I love the design of this and the adorable witch in the logo.
Here is the back of the palette. There isn’t much information except for the batch code and expiration date.
Hello sparkles and cute design! I love this design so much! The cat is definitely a coral pink shade with a bunch of light shimmer around it. Holika Holika is also printed in the highlighter.
Here is the front of Midnight Owl. It has a nice design with an owl perched on a tree and has the Holika Holika logo on it.
Here is the back of Midnight Owl. This is exactly like Hello Holika!, not much information just the batch code and expiration date.
I love owls so much! Look at how pretty this is! The green shows up well but all blended together makes a very nice and subtle highlight.
Midnight Owl also came with this wide brush. It fits both pans perfectly and picks up a decent amount of product.

I used flash for the swatches of both of these and I used my finger to pick up more pigment because when using the brush, it is a very subtle sheen that is hard to pick up with a camera. 

Here are the swatches! You can totally see the difference in color with these. Hello Holika is more of a coral pink and orange shimmer and Midnight Owl is more purple with silver sheen. These are very subtle and can be used for a subtle pop. As a nice reminder, Korean cosmetics are a lot more subtle than makeup in America. I love subtle highlight so these are right up my alley.

As you can see there are pigment differences between the two. They are nice but not if you are looking for a bold highlight. I do think they are a bit expensive but the design is adorable.

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Swatches!

I tend to keep my mouth shut on a lot of topics. There’s usually a lot of drama around Jeffree due to things that he’s said and things that he done. One can go on and on about things but that’s not really the purpose of this post. The purpose is to swatch the palette and give my opinion. If you’re not a fan of Jeffree, you don’t have to read the palette review. If you are a fan and just curious about it, please read on.

This was the first palette that Jeffree released. It gets a lot of mixed reviews from what I read and hear. It depends where you stand on the drama spectrum. Some say that the shades are chalky and not pigmented. Others rave and say this is the best palette ever. And then thrown either some hate or praise to back up their comments. To be honest, I enjoy this palette and I found it refreshing. The price of this was $45 and for the size of the shades, it is worth the money. I enjoy unique colors and fun shades so I enjoy what was in it. The shades are pigemented and nice. Courtney is the best crease shade ever. Anyways, here’s the palette!

Here’s the palette. It is pretty nice size and not really heavy. It is pink with a cursive font.
There’s nothing on the back of the palette except for the serial number.
Here’s the inside of the palette. The pans are huge which is really nice. There’s a good sized mirror which makes me happy. There are ten shades in here and they are: Star Power, Princess, Violence, Rich Bit*h, Courtney, Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White, and Black Rainbow.

I did the swatches by row.

Here’s the first row of swatches for you. The only shade that I had an issue swatching was a brush of Rich Bit*h. The rest look about equal in pigmentation for each finger and brush swatch.
Here’s the second row. As you can see all these swatched about the same as the first row except for Expensive which finger swatched better. My only other complaint is that Black Rainbow has a lot of fallout so be careful when doing your routine.

There you have it! I think the palette and the color selection were good. There’s something for everybody in here and a bunch of looks can be made with this one.