Kat Von D Lolita Cheek and Eye Blush! 

Coming soon next month Kat Von D is releasing her popular liquid lip shade, Lolita as a blush and eye shade! It will be available through Sephora!

Edit: it has been announced that this will be only $19, limited edition and definitely a June release through Sephora! 

Double Edit: June 6th to be exact!


Kat Von D Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi everybody! I hope that your weekend was great! The weather was a bit grim here but nothing too unbearable. Today I’m reviewing another Kat Von D eyeshadow palette. Her bestseller, the Shade and Light. This palette is heavily duplicated so I took pictures of the box and will go through how to spot a take one! I bought this off of her site for $48. The fakes are usually on third party retailers for $26 and lower. The pictures are an authentic palette.

Here is the front of the box. It has very nice lettering that has a highlight of color. The letters are embossed on the actual palette. On the fakes they are flat and lack shine.
Here is the back of the box. It has the names and all the shades on the back.
Here is the look page. As you can see this palette has three different looks with four shades in each look. There is a Cool look, Neutral look and Warm look. I’m not sure if the fakes come with these but make sure that yours has one. These looks show you how to balance, define and lift your eyes.
Here is the palette taken out of the box. It is a hard plastic and the Shade and Light lettering is raised and crafted nicely. The smaller lettering is gold and shimmery.
The back of the palette is matte with gold lettering and design. There is a serial number that is stamped black on the left side. I have a close-up for you all for comparison.
Here’s the serial number! I tried to make the light hit it as much as possible. Please make sure your serial code matches this for an authentic palette!
Here’s the inside of the palette. There is a nice mirror with a decent design around it. The logo is printed on top of the mirror and not just a blank rectangle.
Here is a quick shot of the shades and their names. Please note how the shadows look full and not sunken into the pans. The shadows are sunk and the pans don’t look as full.

I have the swatches for you for this palette. I did them in order of the looks the come in so there will be three sets of four. 

Here are the shades in the neutral look. If you follow the look page, it goes through step by step and what shades to use are your base, contour, definition and highlight. As you can tell, the shades are decently pigmented even the pale white shades.
These are the shades for the Cool look. This is used to lift the eyes to make them look longer and bigger. I like to do this with my looks normally and I love darker looks so this quad is my favorite.
This is the last look in this palette. The Warm look. This one is used to create the illusion of making your eyes closer or farther apart. Succubus is a very nice brick red shade. Here is a look at how pigmented these shades are and a reminder is that the duplicates from third party sellers wear off quickly, are chalky, and not pigmented.

This post should have everything you need to know to make sure that your is authentic or if you are looking to buy. Please make sure that you know all the things to look for!

Purederm Eye & Neck Hydro Gold Gel Mask

I feel so bad reviewing something that I was only partially happy with. I’m sorry. Today’s mask I reviewed was the Purederm Eye & Neck Hydro Gold Gel Mask. This cost me about $3 and it is from Korea.

Here’s the mask! It seperates into two parts. The neck part and the eye part. It states that it has excellent adhesion, intensive hydration and no skin irritation! The adhesion on the neck is the only complaint. There is one treatment in here. 
Here’s the back of the package. The directions are written in both Korean and English. It has the ingredients which include Gold, Ardisia Crispa Extract, Adenosine, and Niacinamide.  They all help restore elasticity, brighten skin and diminish aging. It says the adhesion is aided by the gel that forms to the areas and deliver emollients to the skin. The moisturizing ingredients include: Rooibos, Aloe and Althaea Rosea Root Extract help dry skin and help your skin to look fresh and smooth. There’s no skin irritation because the mask has soft mesh in it and the essences are mild.
Here are the eye masks. They are in plastic and a surrounding fabric that keeps the mask in place.
Here’s the neck mask. I felt bad because it reminded me of a chicken breast with how the mask feels.

Before I show you where to apply the masks, make sure you wash your skin!

You want to apply the eye masks right under the eye where dark circles and wrinkles typically appear. Make sure to smooth out any air bubbles that might get trapped under the masks.
The neck mask works the same way. Smooth out any air bubbles and make sure you stay still. Mine would roll off no matter how hard I tried to smooth it on there. 😦
These masks can stay on for 20-40 minutes. I did mine for the max.
Sadly my neck mask came off after 20 minutes but it does feel smoother like the package said. When you take off the eye masks, they are definitely drier than when you put them on so just peel them off.

After you peel them all off you can rub the excess treatment into the skin. This mask isn’t a complete fail, I just wish the neck part would have stayed on longer. My skin does feel smoother and softer. If you are still curious about how these work, you can pick them up here: Eye & Neck Hydro Gold Gel Mask