Black Moon Cosmetics Luna Moon Topper Swatch!

Hi friends! Today in the mail Luna arrived! I was waiting for this to come so I have something exciting and fresh to review! This subtle yet fantastic top coat is vegan and cruelty-free! I believe it was on their website for $19 and I think with shipping this came out to about $25. 

Here’s the pretty packaging that the Moon Topper came in. I love how the stars are holographic and the pretty moon graphic on the box. I apologize about the box being open, I was excited and it accidentally ripped. 
This is the side of the box that shows all the ingredients. Note the cruelty-free bunny and how it says vegan underneath! Yes! This side also shows the distribution information and the company website. The product is also 0.25 ounces.
This side of the box tells the consumer that this holographic topper can be used on lips, face and body. It also is intended for long wear and dries down. It dries in about two minutes. 
This is Luna all natural. I like taking the natural light photos just so you all get the real deal and expectations aren’t all messed up. As you can see, it looks pretty white in the tube. 
Here is what the flash does to Luna. You can see in the tube that there is a pink shimmer and a bit of other colors in there.
This is the bottom of the tube. It has the name of the product and the company. It was made in the United States.
Here is what the applicator looks like. It is a flat and rounded applicator that picks up a decent amount of product. This was also the first time I opened this and it smells like candied fruit. Please note how it is shimmery and pink at this angle.
Black Moon Cosmetics suggested topping Sleepwalker with this shade. I totally took that idea into consideration and did that for all of you!

Okay the best part of the review is up! The swatches! I have included an arm swatch and two lip swatches of the product for you! Enjoy!

This is what Luna looked like under the flash when I swatched it. It is quite the sleeper.
Here is what Luna looks like when you wear it as a simple gloss and sparkle. It has a pretty elegance to it but still doesn’t show up much.
… and BAM! This is what both Luna and Sleepwalker look like together. You can see all the pink, purple and blue sparkles and gives the black lipstick a pretty tint.

I think overall that this Moon Topper is pretty. I like how versatile it is with being dramatic and subtle. Xo


Impulse Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow and Glitter Swatches!

Hi friends! Today I’m checking out a quick purchase I made from Impulse Cosmetics! I purchased their eye primer for glitter, two glitter pots and two loose eyeshadow pots. The nicest thing about this company is that everything is handmade and cruelty-free. They do offer some vegan options and they always say if a product is vegan friendly or not. A lot of the pigments are fun duochromes that have a really bold shift to them.  

They were involved in some makeup drama a couple of years back from stealing images from Fyrinnae eyeshadow and using it as their own. I’ve been doing some searching around the internet and reading that some of the shadows do not match the pictures on their site. Unfortunately, I can see where this makes sense. They had quite some trouble making decent swatches on both that actually matched. I’ll show you all what I mean later in the post. I’m also going to show the pictures off the site for comparison too. 

Here are the jars! The top jar is their eye primer (Glam Glue eye base) that helps with glitter and the shadows. They all have the same design and packaging.
Here are the labels on the bottoms. All of these products are vegan and cruelty-free. They have all the ingredients listed and the website for the products. 
Here are the glitters and the eyeshadows in the jars. As you can see, they look awesome in the jars! I fell in love with Braainz (purple eyeshadow) because of the zombie reference but my swatches were a bit… eh.

Before we get on my arm and brush swatches, I wanted to show you in a collage of how the four shades looked on the website. 

Here are the four we are swatching today. Braainz and Witching Hour are on the bottom. Carver and Hotmess Express are the glitters in the top row. As a tiny disclaimer for myself and my blog, I was not paid for any kind of review and these are my thoughts only. I am not here to bash a brand at all.

Okay so here come the swatches. I did the eyeshadows first, following is the glitter with the Glam Glue.

Here are my swatches of these four shades. As you can see, I have a bit of an issue with how these turned out. Braainz looks definitely a lot nicer on the website and the finger swatch. On the site it did say that this shadow was patted on the primer. With the brush swatch, I absolutely hate the periwinkle that randomly came through. Witching Hour looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE ON THE WEBSITE. I can’t even begin to describe how upset I am. Carver with the primer is nice. I mean you can’t really go wrong with glitter. I also wish HotMess Express looked more like the website photo. 

All I can say is that these are my personal experience and I wish it was better. I love indie brands however, it can be quite scary if you don’t know what you’re going to get or expect. 


Too Faced X Nikkietutorials The Power of Makeup Collection and Swatches!

Hi friends and makeup collectors! Today I’m going to review the Too Faced X Nikkietutorials collaboration collection! I know this came out a while ago but I didn’t start blogging then. It took a while to decide to turn my makeup enthusiasm into an informative aide for people searching the internet. Okay, so I grabbed this on Sephora’s website on launch day because I love Nikkie. I’m not a huge Too Faced fan because I think their shades are very, well, boring and recycled with each palette that comes out. I also think the shades don’t last very long or all middle together into a very uncomplimentary Brown. Okay let’s start looking at the collection. 

Here’s the box the collection comes in. It has the same design as the palette inside.
Here’s the back of the box. It has a complete ingredient list of every item included and a quick picture preview of all the included items.
Here’s everything included in the collection. There’s a glamour tutorial guide, eyeshadow primer, eyeliner, glitter, mascara, and of course the palette.
Here is what the Glamour Dust in ‘Glitterally’ looks like. You definitely need a glitter glue or primer for this to stay on.
Better Than Sex is a great mascara. This one comes in a purple shade! It is exclusive to this collection!
This eyeliner is the Sketch Marker Eyeliner. It has a nice tip but I wish it flexed a bit like the ones I typically use.
Here’s the front of the palette.
Here’s the back of the palette. It has a quick summary of the collaboration.
Here’s the inside of the palette. It doesn’t have a mirror and reminds me of the Vegas Nay collaboration in setup. There are nine eyeshadows, two blushes, bronzer and highlighter.

I did the swatches by row since there are three in each row. The blushes are swatched together and the highlighter and bronzer are swatched together. 

Here’s the first row. It has two shimmer shades and a nice and light base shade.
This second row has two mattes that can be used as a base or transition shade. Irresistible is a very nice shimmer gold shade that is very subtle when used with a brush. Unfortunately, that does happen with a majority of gold shadows.
This is the last eyeshadow row. It has two shimmer colors and one matte black that is actually… very nice. A lot of black shadows don’t last or aren’t very pigmented. I’m happy with this black.
Here are the blush swatches. I Will Always Love You is a beautiful orange blush that adds a subtle color and shade to your cheeks. Justify My Love is a beautiful bright pink with some sparkle. It does get a bit of fallout but nothing frustrating or insane. It blends out quite nicely.
Here’s the bronzer and highlighter. Champagne Truffle is from the Chocolate Bar palettes and is Nikki’s go to which is why it was included. Chocolate Soleil is one of Too Faced best selling bronzers and smells like chocolate. I would live without the smell but it a nice contour shade.

That’s it for this collection! You get a lot of things with it so when it was on sale for $60 it was definitely worth it. I wish the shadows were a bit more unique but overall, it is nice but I just don’t grab for it much.

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette Swatches!

Hi everybody! Happy Monday 🙂 today I’m going to swatch and discuss the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette! As far as what I saw on Google, this palette is sold out and was a limited edition. When it released it was $60. There are 20 shades in here and they vary with color and blendability.

I love the kaleidoscope look and feel to this palette. This one is a bit big and to be honest, not really travel friendly because of how bulky it is. As an artistic palette and for home use, it is great to use.
Here’s the back of the palette. The serial number is there and just some information about the palette on the back.
When you open the top of the palette there’s a mirror and a butterfly. It is cute but pretty impractical. I wish the eyeshadows were close to the mirror but they’re located below the butterfly in a slide out drawer.
When you pull out the drawer underneath the butterfly, you can find the eyeshadows and the brush. To be honest, I like the variety of the colors but I wish they were in an order of sorts. They seem all over the place. There are 20 shades and vary with shimmer and matte shades.
Here’s the brush that comes with the palette. It is double sided and pretty good with blending. I used this brush for the brush swatches for this palette.

I have the swatches set up by rows. There are five in each row.

This first row has some base shades and greens. Looking Glass is a really soft white. Hatter is a bright green with light sparkles. Lily reminds me of the shade Baby in the Gwen Stefani palette. A pretty color but seems the same. Heads Will Roll is teal with some silver sparkles. Time is a really pretty dark purple with silver sparkles. You can see how the swatches vary by finger and brush.
This row starts off with Reflection which is a light peach matte color. Gone Mad is a plum shade with reflect sparkles. Duchess is a light peach sparkle shade. Bandersnatch is a really interesting bluish green matte shade. Dream On is a light purple glitter shade that was hard to swatch with a brush. You can notice the swatch differences in this row also.
This row in my opinion is my favorite and the best with both swatch methods. Dormouse is a honey brown matte with a bit of gold sparkle. Paradox reminds me of fire. I love how orange and red it shines. Kingdom is shimmery brown. Salazen Grum is a gorgeous maroon-orange shimmer. Very pigemented and beautiful. The last is Chronosphere, a brown shade with some gold shine.
This the last row in the palette. You can tell that the brush swatches are not as vibrant as the finger ones. Metamorphosis is a sky blue shade with blue reflect sparkles. Cake is a magenta matte with some glitter. Chessboard is a tan matte shade good for a crease. Royal Flush is a white shimmer. Mirror is a gray shade with some shine.

Overall, this palette is a really nice piece to compliment the movie. The palette is too big to actually travel with and I do wish the shades applied better with a brush and there wasn’t so much fallout.