Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Swatches!

Hi! Despite the rain, it is a good day because my Aurora glow kit came in the mail! Yesss!!! 

It is so pretty in person. I’m so in love with the colors since I love thinking outside of the box with looks! This palette is vegan and cruelty-free! This palette was $45 and the release was two days ago. I’m impressed with the shipping since on ABH’s site, shipping is free when you spend over $25! 

They kept the hologram, ombre and glitter with this one! Sooo shiny and pretty!

Here’s the back of the palette where you’ll find the ingredients, the vegan and cruelty-free stamp and the serial number.
Here is the inside! I haven’t used it yet so the pans haven’t been touched! I’m sad there isn’t a mirror but I’ll definitely survive haha. There are six shades in here just like Moonchild.

I did the swatches by finger just because it might be hard to cheek swatch them with the light due to more rainy weather.

Look at these! Eclipse is very similar to Pink Heart but darker. Luna is like Forever Lit but a bit more silver. Spectra is just gorgeous being a purple with pink shimmer. Yes. Helia reminds me of the color of money being a green and gold. Orion is a teal highlight. Sweet Jesus. Lyra is a beautiful gold orange.

I can’t wait to apply these colors! Thanks for reading!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit Swatches!

Hi everybody! I took a day off from swatching and blogging yesterday because I had fun family things to attend to. I decided to have a fun Sunday and review another glow kit for you! As far as I know this one is out of stock at a bunch of places and originally retailed at $40.

Remember everybody, April 4th the gorgeous Aurora Glow Kit is releasing also for $40!

Here’s the palette! Bam!

The palette looks like the other glow kits that came out before the six pan kits. It has the same sparkles and ombre in the box as the others.
The back of the palette shows the ingredients, the serial number, the cruelty-free bunny and the color of the shades. The shades include: Marshmallow, Sassy Grape, Butterscotch, and Taffy.
Here’s the inside! It is set up like the others and sadly with no mirror 😦 The pans are huge! I swear I’m never going to run out of beautiful highighter! Check out Sassy Grape!

I swatched the highlighters like the others with just a single finger swatch.

Look at these! They’re beautiful! Of course Sassy Grape is a beautiful pinky purple highlight! Taffy if a great pinkish peach shine. Butterscotch is lighter than it looks on the box. Marshmallow is blinding yet beautiful.

I love Anastasia’s glow kits. You get a lot of product for the money and the choice of shades is wonderful. The texture is very buttery and smooth. 🙂

*New* Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit: Aurora!

Oh. Check this out! I’m actually super impressed by the colors in here. I’m pretty sure that I saw that it will be released on April 4th for $40. You can apply them dry or wet depending on what look you want. Here are some watches for you on different skin tones all taken from Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Instagram and website.

Here’s the finger swatch preview of Aurora. I love how shimmery they are. It’s like a unicorn threw up. I mean that as nicely as I can. 🙂
Here’s Aurora on fair and medium toned skin. So pretty.
Here’s some more swatches on deep tones. I personally love these swatches more! Look at Spectra shining through!

Remember: April 4th. $40 and you can look and feel like a unicorn too!