Looxi Beauty Charmed Swatch!

Hi readers! This is going to be a quick post today because I finally hit 30! Happy birthday to me! I managed to grab Charmed when it was back in stock last week! This pan only cost $5 and is so versatile. Most people use this as a highlighter also! 

This is a pretty purple and duochrome into a greenish blue tint. This shade is super pretty and with it being vegan, it definitely appeals to me!

This is the card that came with the pan. The shade is in the middle of the card acting like one of the Os.
This is a beautiful closeup shot of Charmed. I really wanted to capture the shimmer and different colors in this pan.

For the swatch of this pretty shade, I did a finger and brush swatch! Enjoy!

I took the swatch with flash enabled so you can see the color shift. You can see how pretty the shift is with this eyeshadow.

There you guys go! I hope you love it as much as I have! Xo!


Vanessa’s Vanity Invisible Grape Highlighter! 

This highlighter is all over Instagram right now. With good reason of course. This woman makes an awesome product and sells her things on Etsy. Everything is vegan and cruelty-free. There is a bit of a wait to grab it, nothing crazy. And it is affordable. I think it was $15? You get a decent amount of product and a little goes a long way. 

Here is the bottle of highlighter. This stuff does separate so you do have to shake it before you use it.
Here is the bottom of the highlighter. It doesn’t have anything fancy, just the name of the product.
I wanted to take a picture of the product with the flash on so you can see how pretty it is in the bottle. The shimmer of purple is everything I’ve been looking for!
It comes with a dropper but you have to be careful because the product does leak out of the dropper. I just dab some on my finger and spread it out.
Here is the highlighter applied to my hand. It strobes like crazy! It has a nice shine to it that goes from a white sheen to bright purple! Yes!

If you love highlighters and love to support hard working people on Etsy, grab this while you can! Xo

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Palette Swatches! 

Hi loves! It’s a beautiful day outside and I decided to blog early so there’s time to enjoy the sunshine! A good palette to emphasize on color today would be this limited edition Tarte palette! This palette was released earlier this year. This palette retails for $40 and has ten eyeshadows and one highlighter included. 

Here’s the front of the palette. It is a sturdy plastic and is a circle. Think of a bigger compact. It has a pretty jewel design on the top.
Here’s the back of the palette. There isn’t much information there just the palette name, serial number, weight, and company location. 
Here’s the inside of the palette. The shadows are set up around the highlighter. There is one matte shade to use as a base and the rest are shimmer and sparkle shades. There is a pretty nice mirror in this palette.
Here’s a more stylized picture of the shadows and highlighter. I put it on Instagram to show texture and sparkle.

I did five swatches at a time so there will be two groups and then a swatch of the highlighter.

Here are the first five shadows. Myth is a pretty matte pinky greige shade. Magic is a coppery metallic shade. Wings is a metallic orange. Marvel is a silver sparkle. Trance is a dark lavender with some sparkle in it. Some of these shades are pretty stiff but still blendable with a brush. 
These are the next five. These shadows are more pigmented with a pearl like quality. Fairy is a dark purple with a sparkle shift. Mystic is a gray shade with a sparkle shift. Dream is a pretty blue green with a subtle shift. Crystal is a very muted pink purple with a gold shift. Pixie is a light pink with gold shift. It reminds me of Sugarpill’s Trinket liquid lipstick.
Here’s swatches of the highlighter located in the middle of the pan. It packs a punch when swatched with a finger. I wish it was more visible when brushed but if you’re looking for a subtle shimmer, this is a good choice.

There is a lot more to this set. There’s brushes, liquid lipsticks, mascara, and dipliner. If you love fun limited-edition makeup, snag this adorable palette for the ultimate glitter and shimmer looks.

First Impressions! Baby Bat Beauty Liquid Lip and Highlighter!

Oh hi! I’m so happy to review this company! To be honest, I love reviewing indie brands and their fun products! They typically think out of the box more and have more unique shades of lip, eyeshadow and highlighters. Also, a lot of indie companies have an excellent product that also deserves recognition! I’m so happy to review a highlighter and liquid lip today from Baby Bat Beauty! 

Baby Bat Beauty is located in Philadelphia, Pa. (Which is about an hour and a half away from my town) they just celebrated their company being a year old and released the Kill the Lights highlighter. It was $10 and is so cute. There’s a bat in the middle of the highlighter and smells like birthday cake! It is a confetti of colors. It has blue, pink, purple, green and yellow in it! 

Here’s the bottom of the product. It gives the ingredients, company information and this is cruelty-free and vegan!

Here’s the inside of the highlighter! It looks so cute! I love the way all the colors come together! I’ll shown you in a swatch of course!

Here’s the swatch of Kill the Lights when all the colors combine! I love the bluish purple shine it has to it!

Let’s move on to the liquid lip! I wanted to buy more but I didn’t want them to not work for me and then I’ll never use them so I chose Bonfire Babe as my sample shade! A little while ago I purchased ‘Shroom’ from Lime Crime because I ADORE orange lipsticks! I loved Shroom so much… but the smell. It smelled like melted Play-Doh and it completely reeked all the way into my nostrils. I gave it away and longed for a nice orange that dried completely and didn’t smell like butt. It just so happens, Baby Bat Beauty has exactly what I was looking for! 

Here’s Bonfire Babe! You get a really nice size tube for the money. They’re $13.99 each. They smell like vanilla and I’m seriously impressed right now!

Here’s a picture of the applicator:

This one is flat. I like to use these even though it took practice to use over a doe foot. The product is a bit thinner than Black Moon Cosmetics’s formula. Maybe as thin as Jeffree Star.

I’m so in love with this shade. My first impression so far is… wow. It dries so quick and all this was one application. It smells great and isn’t drying. It feels comfortable and is exactly what I was looking for!

This company is such a win! Please support your indie companies and their awesome products! ❤❤

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Swatches!

Hi! Despite the rain, it is a good day because my Aurora glow kit came in the mail! Yesss!!! 

It is so pretty in person. I’m so in love with the colors since I love thinking outside of the box with looks! This palette is vegan and cruelty-free! This palette was $45 and the release was two days ago. I’m impressed with the shipping since on ABH’s site, shipping is free when you spend over $25! 

They kept the hologram, ombre and glitter with this one! Sooo shiny and pretty!

Here’s the back of the palette where you’ll find the ingredients, the vegan and cruelty-free stamp and the serial number.
Here is the inside! I haven’t used it yet so the pans haven’t been touched! I’m sad there isn’t a mirror but I’ll definitely survive haha. There are six shades in here just like Moonchild.

I did the swatches by finger just because it might be hard to cheek swatch them with the light due to more rainy weather.

Look at these! Eclipse is very similar to Pink Heart but darker. Luna is like Forever Lit but a bit more silver. Spectra is just gorgeous being a purple with pink shimmer. Yes. Helia reminds me of the color of money being a green and gold. Orion is a teal highlight. Sweet Jesus. Lyra is a beautiful gold orange.

I can’t wait to apply these colors! Thanks for reading!

Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

Yay! The Alchemist palette! This palette took seven years for Kat to formulate and design this beauty. The formula is vegan and cruelty-free and the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable! 

The packaging is tiny and so are the pans. I know from reading and watching videos about reviews, people were complaining about the size and amount for the money and constantly comparing it to the Moonchild Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  To be fair, both palettes are great when we’re not comparing everything. 

First things first, this an eye and face palette. I use it for adding tiny areas of color for pop, for example my lips, inner corner of my eyes, and under brow. The shades are duochrome and magical. It is travel friendly and has a mirror! I’m not a huge fan of highlighters just because I wear glasses and people can’t see it anyway. Let’s start checking this beauty out!

I tried to capture how pretty this palette is. First, the design is gorgeous, I’m obsessed with packaging. If something catches my eye, I’m done for, haha. It also has a beautiful holographic sheen to it.
Here is the back of the palette. It has the serial number because from what I’ve seen, these are being duplicated too. It shows the ingredient list and shows that it is eye and face approved.
Here’s the inside! I love the mirror and how tiny it is for travel purposes. The colors are in tiny pans but a little does go a long way.

Since this palette is for eyes I did finger and brush swatches for you all!

Here are the swatches! You can see how pretty they swatch with both applications. They also have these great duochrome properties. They do look similar to Moonchild’s shades but these are a bit more multipurpose.

Here you go! These beauts sold out multiple times on Sephora’s site as well as katvondbeauty.com they do restocks that are usually announced through email or Instagram. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit Swatches!

Hi everybody! I took a day off from swatching and blogging yesterday because I had fun family things to attend to. I decided to have a fun Sunday and review another glow kit for you! As far as I know this one is out of stock at a bunch of places and originally retailed at $40.

Remember everybody, April 4th the gorgeous Aurora Glow Kit is releasing also for $40!

Here’s the palette! Bam!

The palette looks like the other glow kits that came out before the six pan kits. It has the same sparkles and ombre in the box as the others.
The back of the palette shows the ingredients, the serial number, the cruelty-free bunny and the color of the shades. The shades include: Marshmallow, Sassy Grape, Butterscotch, and Taffy.
Here’s the inside! It is set up like the others and sadly with no mirror 😦 The pans are huge! I swear I’m never going to run out of beautiful highighter! Check out Sassy Grape!

I swatched the highlighters like the others with just a single finger swatch.

Look at these! They’re beautiful! Of course Sassy Grape is a beautiful pinky purple highlight! Taffy if a great pinkish peach shine. Butterscotch is lighter than it looks on the box. Marshmallow is blinding yet beautiful.

I love Anastasia’s glow kits. You get a lot of product for the money and the choice of shades is wonderful. The texture is very buttery and smooth. 🙂