Jeffree Star X MannyMUA Liquid Lip Swatches!

Hi all! Did you all purchase anything from this launch on Saturday? I had a bit of a fit on Saturday with this launch. Let me set the scene for you all. Typically when I know there’s a huge launch, I log onto the site about five minutes before, set up my login credentials, and see if there’s anything else I could buy. 

To be honest, I didn’t need anything but the bundle so I sat and waited. One o’clock rolled around and I put the bundle in my cart. I clicked checkout and PayPal and then a message came up. A message that said, there was a lot of traffic in the site and to hold on tight and it would process you through to your purchase. Basically a queue line. Let’s just say I hit checkout at 1:01 PM and was stuck there for 30 more minutes. When the page cleared, the bundle was sold out and in my opinion, completely messed up.

In complete frustration, I went on Beautylish and purchased the two lipsticks because I don’t wear much highlighter and it would have been a waste of money. I scored free two day shipping and now we’re here! I’m so happy with these. One nude shade and one gorgeous red. Let me show you all the things!

I love ordering from Beautylish, especially when it is a Jeffree item. The wrap is flash of all of his tattoos. It included a sticker of the collaboration logo.
Here they are in the boxes! The boxes have this really neat holographic shimmer to it. Love.
I wanted to capture how beautiful these are in the sun for you all. I love the black packaging with the holograms all over.

I swatched these for you all! I did an arm swatch and then on the lip! Enjoy!

Here they are! All labeled and gorgeous! These swatched very nice! They’re super smooth!
This nude is awesome. It wasn’t patchy and went on super smooth. Please excuse my face in this picture, I think it looks funny but at least the shade showed up. Just look at my lips haha.
Yes. This is my new favorite color and I hope it becomes a permanent shade! I love oranges as we all know and this is just fantastic. I think I rock colors better than nudes.

Either way, grab these. They’re a great consistency, great shades and an overall pretty collaboration. Great work, guys ❤❤


Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

Yay! The Alchemist palette! This palette took seven years for Kat to formulate and design this beauty. The formula is vegan and cruelty-free and the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable! 

The packaging is tiny and so are the pans. I know from reading and watching videos about reviews, people were complaining about the size and amount for the money and constantly comparing it to the Moonchild Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  To be fair, both palettes are great when we’re not comparing everything. 

First things first, this an eye and face palette. I use it for adding tiny areas of color for pop, for example my lips, inner corner of my eyes, and under brow. The shades are duochrome and magical. It is travel friendly and has a mirror! I’m not a huge fan of highlighters just because I wear glasses and people can’t see it anyway. Let’s start checking this beauty out!

I tried to capture how pretty this palette is. First, the design is gorgeous, I’m obsessed with packaging. If something catches my eye, I’m done for, haha. It also has a beautiful holographic sheen to it.
Here is the back of the palette. It has the serial number because from what I’ve seen, these are being duplicated too. It shows the ingredient list and shows that it is eye and face approved.
Here’s the inside! I love the mirror and how tiny it is for travel purposes. The colors are in tiny pans but a little does go a long way.

Since this palette is for eyes I did finger and brush swatches for you all!

Here are the swatches! You can see how pretty they swatch with both applications. They also have these great duochrome properties. They do look similar to Moonchild’s shades but these are a bit more multipurpose.

Here you go! These beauts sold out multiple times on Sephora’s site as well as they do restocks that are usually announced through email or Instagram. 

Jeffree Star X MannyMUA lawsuit with Black Moon Cosmetics Details! (Lawsuit Settled) 

You know how I said that Jeffree bring a lot of drama because of things that are said and done? Well, it’s happened again but to a huge legal degree. 

On April 3rd a lawsuit was filed by Black Moon Cosmetics stating that Jeffree and Manny’s collaboration is a blatant copy of their design and logo. To be honest, the similarities are uncanny. If you want to read the full complaint, you can find it right here. (You will also see the screenshot of Manny gushing over their packaging so he’s aware that the company was around even before him using the logo with his Makeup Geek Collaboration.) The black background is a sure copy. They could have used pink with a hologram or anything. 

This is my personal Cosmic Eyedust Vault showing the holographic logo. There are some of my Jeffree liquid lips to the side.
Here are both of the brands side to side to note the similarities.

Considering that their collaboration was due to launch on April 8th, nothing has been said if it is delayed yet. 
Black Moon Cosmetics started in 2015 by a mother and daughter. They have their own website to purchase their liquid lipsticks and cosmic eyedust right here. They also are huge on Instagram and feature a bunch of their customers wearing their products and reviewing them. They are a vegan and cruelty-free company that has a killer formula. To be honest, they’re one of my favorite brands. I love them so much. I’m not an affiliate or paid to say so. I paid for all the makeup you see me swatch out of my own pocket so I form MY OWN opinions rather than being paid for them. 

If you know me personally, I’ve always recommended Jeffree’s products as I love his formula on eyeshadows and of course the liquid lips. I can’t live without Unicorn Blood or Androgyny, I’ve tried. The first huge blow for me was the mini feud between him and Kat Von D. A lot of people sided with their favorite and stopped using the other. They both made video responses to each other and stopped talking. I kept using both products because I love them both and I thought, hey, it happens. Some people are more dramatic than others. Now this. And I’m going to leave it at this. 

Edit: As seen on Manny’s Snapchat, he said that this lawsuit is settled.