Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop Light of Carol Anne Brightening Facial Mask! 

Hi friends! Happy Memorial Day! We celebrated this weekend to honor our veterans to served. Today, with the rain we’re having means I’m stuck inside with massive sunburn to make a post. Haha. I decided to review another mask by the awesome Ghouslish Delights Bath Shop. This one is the Light of Carol Anne Brightening Facial Mask. This was the first mask I ever tried by this brand. It is the same prices as the others, $9.50. This mask is also vegan, cruelty-free and all natural. I enclosed all the pictures to show what it looks like, texture and how to apply! 

Here is the front of the jar. It has the logo, the name of the mask and what it does. This one is a brightening mask. This product is also 2 ounces.
Here is a side shot of the warning. It had a blood splatter pattern that I still managed to get wet and basically ruin the design. I’m sorry! This is to make sure that the user is aware that this is for external use only and if you are pregnant or nursing to ask a physician before use.
Here is the ingredient list on the other side of the jar. There is Kaolin Clay with a bunch of natural plant powders. This is the side that you will see the how-to for using the mask. 
Here’s what the mask looks like inside the jar. It is a golden beige color. As you can see, I have more of this than Dagon’s Tribute so in the picture, you can see more texture and detail.

The next couple of pictures is going to show how much I usually use for a treatment, how much water I use to mix it and then how to apply.

This is about the amount that I usually per treatment. I would say this is about two tablespoons.
This is about how much water I use. I would say this is about a tablespoon. I like my masks a bit thick so I use less water than the equal part ratio.
Here is how it all looks mixed together. It has a nice floral and earthy scent and definitely a bit thicker than most people like.
For the first step and a very important step, please make sure that you clean your face. Use a makeup remover wipe or anything. Just to get rid of extra dirt and oil.
Here is what the mask looks like when first applied. It is a nice clay consistency and applies smoothly. 
I kept this mask on for 30 minutes. It says 15 to 20 but because of how thick I apply it, it needs some extra time.
Here is what it looks like after 30 minutes. You can see the mask is very dry in a bunch of areas and starting to crack.
I wish I had photos to show you of washing the mask off but I tend to multitask when I can and I take my mask off in the shower. But you can see how much brighter and smooth my skin looks.

There you guys have it with this post. Please give this brand a try if you’re looking for another great vegan and cruelty-free brand to add. Xo


Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Loves. Lovesssss. This came yesterday and I was so excited to swatch and review it today! You probably all know that this palette came back to the site due to popular demand one last time last Tuesday (April 18th). I managed to grab one at launch time and then it sold out quickly. Like four minutes quickly. There were a lot of upset people who said a lot of mean things saying that they won’t support the company anymore and that they only put five out etc… click here to read it.

So. It arrived yesterday and with shipping, I paid $55.50. It came in sealed bubble wrap with more foam reinforcement around the palette. Here’s what it looks like out of the shipping box:

This is so eye-catching! I have the sleeve on it but when taken out of the sleeve, the front just has the brand and palette name and is black.
Here is the back of the palette. It has a hashtag that you can use on Instagram, where the company is located, their website, it has the ingredients of the matte and metallic shades. It also notes that Ladyship is not a vegan shade. This palette is also cruelty-free.
Here’s the inside! The palette is a beautiful gold which compliments the shades inside. There is also a really nice mirror in here! Yay!

Before I get to the swatches, I wanted to let you all know that I did the shades three at a time to show how pigmented and soft they are. 

Here are the first three shadows! These shades are so soft and buttery. Crown is a nice white which can be used as a brow highlight or fun inner corner highlight. Royal Highness is a shimmer that is a silver and dark purple shade. Your Majesty is a copper shimmer with a gold, yellow and orange feel.

Here are the other three in the first row. Princess is a nice dark beige matte shade. It can be used for a base or nice crease. Empress is a beautiful bright orange that wow, I wish I could put all over my face! Queen Mother is a shimmery dark purple that is very deep and almost makes a raspberry shade.

In the second row, these first three shades are two mattes and one shimmer. Heir is a very light pink beige shade that could be a very nice base shade. Royal Prerogative is a dark brow almost the same shade as JS’s Courtney which is used as a crease shade. Noblewoman is a shimmery cranberry shade that is to die for.

Here are the last three shades. Ladyship is the non-vegan shade. It is a matte burgundy that is a bit stiff and chalky but still blends out well. Duchess is a dark brown that is super pigmented and not patchy. The last shade, Dethrone reminds me of a dark brown with gold shimmer in it.

I was seriously so impressed with how buttery all the shimmer shades are! They were so soft and buildable! This palette was so worth the money and the understandable hype! 

First Impressions! Baby Bat Beauty Liquid Lip and Highlighter!

Oh hi! I’m so happy to review this company! To be honest, I love reviewing indie brands and their fun products! They typically think out of the box more and have more unique shades of lip, eyeshadow and highlighters. Also, a lot of indie companies have an excellent product that also deserves recognition! I’m so happy to review a highlighter and liquid lip today from Baby Bat Beauty! 

Baby Bat Beauty is located in Philadelphia, Pa. (Which is about an hour and a half away from my town) they just celebrated their company being a year old and released the Kill the Lights highlighter. It was $10 and is so cute. There’s a bat in the middle of the highlighter and smells like birthday cake! It is a confetti of colors. It has blue, pink, purple, green and yellow in it! 

Here’s the bottom of the product. It gives the ingredients, company information and this is cruelty-free and vegan!

Here’s the inside of the highlighter! It looks so cute! I love the way all the colors come together! I’ll shown you in a swatch of course!

Here’s the swatch of Kill the Lights when all the colors combine! I love the bluish purple shine it has to it!

Let’s move on to the liquid lip! I wanted to buy more but I didn’t want them to not work for me and then I’ll never use them so I chose Bonfire Babe as my sample shade! A little while ago I purchased ‘Shroom’ from Lime Crime because I ADORE orange lipsticks! I loved Shroom so much… but the smell. It smelled like melted Play-Doh and it completely reeked all the way into my nostrils. I gave it away and longed for a nice orange that dried completely and didn’t smell like butt. It just so happens, Baby Bat Beauty has exactly what I was looking for! 

Here’s Bonfire Babe! You get a really nice size tube for the money. They’re $13.99 each. They smell like vanilla and I’m seriously impressed right now!

Here’s a picture of the applicator:

This one is flat. I like to use these even though it took practice to use over a doe foot. The product is a bit thinner than Black Moon Cosmetics’s formula. Maybe as thin as Jeffree Star.

I’m so in love with this shade. My first impression so far is… wow. It dries so quick and all this was one application. It smells great and isn’t drying. It feels comfortable and is exactly what I was looking for!

This company is such a win! Please support your indie companies and their awesome products! ❤❤

Lunatick Cosmetics Lab Relic Eyeshadow Palette!

Being a horror enthusiast and spooky gal, I love this company. All their products come packaged as planchettes, Necronomicon looking contour books, bullet shell lipsticks, and coffin shaped eyeshadow palettes! The Relic palette is amazing. This company is vegan, cruelty-free and just plain amazing!

Here it is! I love it so much! With the exclusion of the Elvira palette, they all look the same 🙂
Here is the back of the palette. It says the name and shows what shades are included the name of the shades are: Elemental, Lovelace, Ascendant, Ruins and Scripture.
Here’s the inside! This palette gives me goosebumps! I love the feel of the inside with the bat shaped mirror and the imagery! I apologize in advance for Lovelace being funky looking. I apply that one wet because it works a bit better!

Here’s the amazing swatches!

Look. At. How. Pigmented. They. Are! This palette is so fun for smokey pumpkin looks or a good everyday for us spooky gals. All of these blend well and as you can see, pick up quite well on the brush!

I have many more of these palettes to come! Check them out and be spooky!