Jeffree Star Cosmetics 2016 Summer Collection Swatch!

Hi everybody! Happy Friday! I stepped out my door and it was disgustingly hot outside so I decided to swatch Jeffree Star’s summer collection from last year. The entire collection was five shades and cost $75. I was really excited when this came out but was slightly disappointed in the pigmentation and texture. I loved the colors and names but they were really streaky. All the shades were scented with the exclusion of (714) which was brought back as a previous limited edition shade. Unfortunately,  I threw away the boxes that these came in so I can’t show photos of those. Sorry 😓😓😓

Here are the shades from the 2016 collection. They had a pretty bright yellow and hot pink theme going on. There was also a great variety of shades included.
Here are the bottoms of the tubes. They have the shade name, company information and ounces. Each tube has 0.19 ounces of product. 
Here is a quick shot of the applicator. This is the usual Jeffree doe foot he uses for his lip products. They have flexibility to them but nothing crazy. The applicators pick up a decent amount of product. 

I have swatches for you of this collection! Yay! I have arm swatches and then a collage of all the lip shades on. Doing multiple lip swatches really kill my lips. They’re sore haha. 💋

Here are the arm swatches for you all. The first shade is Nude Beach. This reminds me of a beige peach shade. The next shade is (714) and is a light coral pink shade. Virginity is next and is a beautiful Lilac shade. Queen Bee was the most unique shade in the set being bright yellow. Watermelon Soda is my favorite and applied the best and has the best coverage. I would say this is a bold dark pink shade. 
Here are the lip swatches. The first row is Nude Beach and (714). The bigger picture on the bottom is Virginity and then the top is Queen Bee and Watermelon Soda. I would have to say that Queen Bee was the most difficult shade to work wirh because it was so streaky and a thick formula. (714) needed about three coats to make it stand out because it was very thin and streaky.

These were the colors for last year’s summer collection. I would say if you collect makeup, buy it but honestly, you’re not really missing much because of the inconsistent texture and pigmentation.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Chrome Collection Sneak Peek #2!

Hi readers and friends! Here is the second official color reveal of Jeffree Star’s Chrome Summer Collection! Say hello to….

Butt Naked!

This is totally the perfect nude for me! I look strange in very light nudes so I’m looking forward to this!