Juvia’s Place The Zulu Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! Sorry I updated so late today! My birthday was on Thursday and my mom wanted to take my daughter and I out for the day. It was a blast 🙂 we just got back a bit ago and I made dinner and completely realized that I didn’t update this awesome palette on here today! This is the new Juvia’s Place The Zulu Eyeshadow palette. This palette was on sale for $17.99 which is a steal for these limited edition colors. Let’s have a closer look.

These palettes always have such a celebration of heritage and lovely design. The palette is pretty compact. 

The back of the palette is always blank and the information is on the boxes. This box has a small blurb celebrating the Ndebele people, the ingredients, company information and that this product is cruelty-free.

These are the shades! There are six bright matte shades and three shimmer shades. I am such a fan of bright colors I needed this in my collection. The one reason I didn’t jump on the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay is because they didn’t include a yellow. I just wish the shades impressed me more.

For the swatches, I did them by row so there are three shades in each row.

This first row is all matte shades that are very pigmented. They didn’t have names so I’ll just describe them by sjade. The bright orange reminds me of Sugarpill’s Flamepoint but you can’t go wrong with so many oranges. The yellow is very vibrant and pigmented. Yet again, it reminds me of Buttercupcake by Sugarpill. This last shade is a burnt orange that is very pigmented and a nice shade to work wirh.

The middle row is my favorite in this palette. The first shade is a bright almost matte turquoise shade with a green tint to it. It blends very well and used it in a look on Saturday. The middle is a shimmery lime green with sparkle. As always, Juvia’s Place has amazing shimmer shades. The last shade reminds me of the ocean. It is a bright blue with silver sparkle. This is so bright and pretty. 

The last row has beautiful shades in it. The first one is a shimmer shade. It has a rose base with a lot of gold sparkle in it. The next shade is a bright matte red shade. I really enjoy the texture and shade of this usual red. It is bright. The last shade is a pretty matte purple that blends quite well. 

This palette is a steal for the price and the color pay out. The pans are a decent size and Juvia’s always delivers a decent product. Xo


Kat Von D Lolita Eyeshadow and Blush!

Hi friends! For an early birthday present I bought myself Kat Von D’s super limited Lolita eyeshadow and blush. I bought it for $19 and cashed in some points and picked out the birthday gift. This eyeshadow single doubles as a blush that I’ve swatched for you and took a bunch of pictures. This is vegan and cruelty-free. 

Here is the product in the box. It is a small cardboard box that has a pretty silver lettering on it. 

The back of the box has a more detailed description of what the product is in different languages and ingredients listed. 

The bottom of the box has the barcode and has the vegan stamp of approval! Yay! There are symbols showing that it is eye and face safe and also recyclable.

I was feeling pretty artsy with this so I added my O2 plant and my Cthulhu pop figure. The product is a beautiful dusty chestnut rose type of shade. 

These are the swatches of Lolita. It blends out so well! I’m excited to use it today! I’m not too sure how much to use for blush so that will have to be played around with a bit. 

There you have it, the beautiful eyeshadow single, Lolita. I’m pretty sure they are going to release it again in the future but only time will tell. Xo

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi loves! Today is the second to last day of school for my daughter. She’ll be helping with my posts during the summer so I have am extra set of hands 🙂 today I decided to review Kat Von D’s Mi Vida Loca Remix eyeshadow palette. This was a holiday limited edition for 2015. It cost $59. I think the one for last year was the Too Faced Better Together collaboration. I couldn’t justify spending the money because I would have used the Too Faced side. 

Anyway, this palette has 24 shades that vary in neutrals, bright shades, matte and shimmer. I do enjoy the versatility of this palette but I do recommend using primer for the brights just to enhance them and make sure the color is bolder. These shades also share the names that match her studded kiss lipsticks.

Here is the front of the palette. This is a pretty big one but the packaging is so pretty. I think the main reason I love this brand’s packaging is because Kat does the artwork for each piece.
Here is the back of the palette. The back photo shows you how the palette is going to be set up. It looks like a vintage vinyl record. All the matte neutral shades are in the middle surrounded by a wheel of bright shades.
Here is a close up of the serial number just in case you find one to purchase and are worried about authenticity.
Here is the page of looks that come included in the palette. There are three different looks explained step-by-step for you.
Here is what the palette looks like out of the sleeve. There is no mirror but a lot of colors. Everything is labeled and set up nicely.

For the swatches I did the neutrals first and then in groups of three to really show how pigmented and colorful they are. They were done by finger and brush.

Here are the first four shades. Moulder is a very light beige matte shade that has a nice texture and good blendability. Vox is a middle brown matte that also swatched nicely and has good pigment. Strutter is if Vox and Moulder had a baby shadow. This is a beige shade that shows up great and had a good texture. The last shade, Lyric, is a shimmer white shade with some fun silver micro glitter. It is buttery and blendable. It would be a good inner corner shadow.
Here are the last three neutral shades. Black Metal is a nice and plain matte black shade. It swatched very nice and wasn’t patchy. Skulls is a light gray with silver shimmer in it. I love this shade. Noble is a darker version of Strutter. This is a good crease or base shade. 
Here are the first three shades of the outer circle. Löve is a light pink shade with a bunch of shimmer. Anthem is a matte magenta that you would want to use a primer in when using as you can see with the brush swatch. Muse is a light lavender matte shade that is buttery and nice to blend out.
These next three shades are pretty lovely. Echo is a bluish purple that has some pink sparkles in it. Please use primer for this shade because the brush application wasn’t as good as the finger swatch. Dark Wave is a matte navy blue that was decent with the swatches but primer would enhance it. Synth is a very pigmented electric blue matte shade that blows me away when I see it swatched. I was so excited that it was so pigmented and nicely textured.
Here are the next three in the circle. Hyperballad is a matte teal shade that primer is necessary. It doesn’t do badly but could be more intense. Lemme is a pretty brownish green with a bit of yellow shimmer shade. I enjoy this shade so much. It blended out great and has a great texture. Misfit is the electric green that I wished was in the Star Studded Eyeshadow Book. There isn’t any sparkle in Misfit but it is a beautiful matte electric green. Thanks, Kat!
Here are the next three. Vinyl is a shimmery and frosted version of Misfit. I use this shade for a lot of looks and because it can blend very well. Legend is a shimmery light yellow shade that also blends out very nicely. Fran is an awesome matte goldenrod shade that is a pretty unique shade. 
These three were so nice. They are pigmented, swatched great and are beautiful warm shades. Analogue is a matte light orange and is almost a peach shade. Harpsichord is a orange shade with a bunch of copper shimmer to it. Rewind is a raspberry shade with a bit of copper shimmer in it. I love these and I’m pretty sure you can make some beautiful eye looks with these.

These last two shades in the palette I recommend using a primer on just for more intensity. Destroyer reminds me of a matte strawberry shade. But you can see that it needs some primer to help it along. Swoon is a very pretty matte bright pink. It has the perfect name and performs very well. 

I like this palette a lot more than Star Studded because the shades are better formulated and perform better. Primer is still needed for a bunch of the shades but at least they can work on the eye. Xo

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Palette Swatches! 

Hi loves! It’s a beautiful day outside and I decided to blog early so there’s time to enjoy the sunshine! A good palette to emphasize on color today would be this limited edition Tarte palette! This palette was released earlier this year. This palette retails for $40 and has ten eyeshadows and one highlighter included. 

Here’s the front of the palette. It is a sturdy plastic and is a circle. Think of a bigger compact. It has a pretty jewel design on the top.
Here’s the back of the palette. There isn’t much information there just the palette name, serial number, weight, and company location. 
Here’s the inside of the palette. The shadows are set up around the highlighter. There is one matte shade to use as a base and the rest are shimmer and sparkle shades. There is a pretty nice mirror in this palette.
Here’s a more stylized picture of the shadows and highlighter. I put it on Instagram to show texture and sparkle.

I did five swatches at a time so there will be two groups and then a swatch of the highlighter.

Here are the first five shadows. Myth is a pretty matte pinky greige shade. Magic is a coppery metallic shade. Wings is a metallic orange. Marvel is a silver sparkle. Trance is a dark lavender with some sparkle in it. Some of these shades are pretty stiff but still blendable with a brush. 
These are the next five. These shadows are more pigmented with a pearl like quality. Fairy is a dark purple with a sparkle shift. Mystic is a gray shade with a sparkle shift. Dream is a pretty blue green with a subtle shift. Crystal is a very muted pink purple with a gold shift. Pixie is a light pink with gold shift. It reminds me of Sugarpill’s Trinket liquid lipstick.
Here’s swatches of the highlighter located in the middle of the pan. It packs a punch when swatched with a finger. I wish it was more visible when brushed but if you’re looking for a subtle shimmer, this is a good choice.

There is a lot more to this set. There’s brushes, liquid lipsticks, mascara, and dipliner. If you love fun limited-edition makeup, snag this adorable palette for the ultimate glitter and shimmer looks.

Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveler Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi everybody! I decided to swatch another Anastasia Beverly Hills palette today! This one was released in 2015 and was $30. There are twelve shadows included in it. Five shades are on their permanent line so if you don’t have many eyeshadows by them, this would be a good start. I like the design of this palette and then when I show you all the swatches, we’ll discuss the shades and textures.

Here is the front of the palette. It has a very nice design.
Here’s the back of the palette. It has an ingredient list of every shade, the cruelty-free bunny, a serial number and a tiny blurb about the collection.
Here’s the inside of the palette. You can see that this one is almost the same layout as the Self Made Palette. There is a bunch of neutrals with pops of shimmery color. There is a mirror and a dual-sided brush.

Up next are the swatches. I did them by row since there were only six shades in each row. 

Here is the first row of shades. Soft Peach is a very matte light peach shade. It is hard to see and a bit powdery. Morocco is a brick red matte shade the swatches worked out pretty well but this was powdery as well. Heirloom is a very dark purple with pink and purple sparkle in it. This was hard to swatch on the brush as it is also very powdery and loses a lot of the pigmentation. Bellini is a pretty golden peach shimmer shade. I like to use this one with darker colors or by itself. Pink Champagne was also in the Self Made Palette. This pretty grayish pink shimmer is nice for an eyelid shade. Chic is a sparkle shade that honestly is more sparkle than pigment which makes me sad.
Here is the second row. The colors are a bit bolder and more pigmented on this row. Spoiled is a peachy light brown shade that is very firm compared to the buttery shades in this palette. It shows up better than Soft Peach. Fudge is a dark brown with red tones in it. This color performed well on both swatch techniques and didn’t give as much trouble as the other mattes in this palette. Azure is a navy blue that has a metallic look to it. I wish it swatched better with the brush but it didn’t perform too badly. Intense Gaze is my favorite shade in this palette. It is a metallic coral shade that swatched well and is very pigmented. Metallic is a very nice metallic gold that is made bolder with a yellow hue in it. It swatched very nicely. Noir is a matte black that is almost perfect with texture (not powdery, very pigmented) until you attempt to blend it out.

I wish I could have liked this palette more. I didn’t hate it, I don’t love it, it’s just a between meh. The mattes could have performed better. I loved the metallic shades. I’m not going to lie to you and pretend to like products that I had difficulty swatching or using. You deserve the honest truth. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette Swatches!

Hi loves! I hope that you had a great weekend! I had a nice break and it was fun to research and read for a bit of a break! Today I decided to swatch this limited-edition Anastasia palette from 2015. This was a holiday palette and released for a really affordable price of $35! It came with fourteen shades. The shades were very nice neutrals with some colorful shades. There were very few matte shades but it had very pretty shimmer shadows. This palette is also duplicated pretty heavy so I did point out how to spot one versus a fake! Let’s begin!

Here is the front of the palette. This palette is tiny and travel friendly. The palette is textured with an almost snakeskin feel.
Here is the back of the palette. It has the names of the shadows and their ingredients. You can see the serial number and cruelty-free bunny.
Here is the inside! It has a nice sized mirror and it has all the shadows labeled by name. There is a double sided brush included and is crafted nicely. On a fake one, the palette doesn’t fully open. It stays hatched instead of opening flat. You can also see where the magnets are placed in the palette. Another sign of a fake is the ribbon under the brush. On the fakes it slants to the side, where as it is straight on the real ones. The shade, Isla is also shimmery in the authentic palette, where it is chalky and matte in the fake.
Here is the brush that is included in the palette. It is a very nice quality. The fakes don’t have the decorative ‘A’ included on it and the bristles are scratchy. I used this brush with all the eyeshadow brush swatches today.

I did the swatches for you as many as I could on my arm but seven finger and brush swatches didn’t fit so I have them labeled by shade for you! 

Here are the first set of shadows. Buttery is the only matte on this first set. It is a very nice matte brow bone highlight or nice base shade. Pink Champagne is a shimmery rosy brown shade. It has some copper sparkles in it. It swatched great with both applications. Metallic plum is also very buttery and nice swatched. It is a purple mixed with a bit of  brown that has a frosted look to it. Self-Made is a very nice gold/copper/brown that swatches nicely. Witchy is a dark brown with gold shimmer in it. There was a lot of kickback with this shade when applying it both ways. 
Here is the second set of shadows. Blush is a very interesting color. It shifts from gray to pink. I love it. It has a soft and buttery texture. It swatches well but is very light. Blossom is a very nice pink with a copper sheen to it. It swatches quite well and adds a very cute pop of color. Deep Purple is a very pretty violet shade that is a nice pop of color. It isn’t as buttery as the other shades but still applies well. Treasure is a nice shimmery neutral shade. The fallout wasn’t awful with this shade but still there. Hot and cold is a nice copper shade that blends very well and lasts very long.
Here are the last four shades in the palette. Sherbert reminds me of a nice coffee shade, like a pinkish light brown. It swatches and applies well. Isla is a bright green with a bunch of shimmer in it. I love how pigmented this is and lasts pretty long. Spirit rock is a matte black with pink and navy sparkles in it. It is a pretty chalky shade and does apply better on the finger swatch. Hot Chocolate is a matte brown with red tone in it. To be honest, I had an easier time swatching this with the brush than my finger which is why the swatch is so wonky. The shade is kind of firm and dry.

Overall, this palette has a bunch of nice shades that blend nicely and have great pigmentation. This is sold out because of it being a limited edition but you can find it on third party sites. Just be careful and make sure you reference the fake vs. real signs!

Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Loves. Lovesssss. This came yesterday and I was so excited to swatch and review it today! You probably all know that this palette came back to the site due to popular demand one last time last Tuesday (April 18th). I managed to grab one at launch time and then it sold out quickly. Like four minutes quickly. There were a lot of upset people who said a lot of mean things saying that they won’t support the company anymore and that they only put five out etc… click here to read it.

So. It arrived yesterday and with shipping, I paid $55.50. It came in sealed bubble wrap with more foam reinforcement around the palette. Here’s what it looks like out of the shipping box:

This is so eye-catching! I have the sleeve on it but when taken out of the sleeve, the front just has the brand and palette name and is black.
Here is the back of the palette. It has a hashtag that you can use on Instagram, where the company is located, their website, it has the ingredients of the matte and metallic shades. It also notes that Ladyship is not a vegan shade. This palette is also cruelty-free.
Here’s the inside! The palette is a beautiful gold which compliments the shades inside. There is also a really nice mirror in here! Yay!

Before I get to the swatches, I wanted to let you all know that I did the shades three at a time to show how pigmented and soft they are. 

Here are the first three shadows! These shades are so soft and buttery. Crown is a nice white which can be used as a brow highlight or fun inner corner highlight. Royal Highness is a shimmer that is a silver and dark purple shade. Your Majesty is a copper shimmer with a gold, yellow and orange feel.

Here are the other three in the first row. Princess is a nice dark beige matte shade. It can be used for a base or nice crease. Empress is a beautiful bright orange that wow, I wish I could put all over my face! Queen Mother is a shimmery dark purple that is very deep and almost makes a raspberry shade.

In the second row, these first three shades are two mattes and one shimmer. Heir is a very light pink beige shade that could be a very nice base shade. Royal Prerogative is a dark brow almost the same shade as JS’s Courtney which is used as a crease shade. Noblewoman is a shimmery cranberry shade that is to die for.

Here are the last three shades. Ladyship is the non-vegan shade. It is a matte burgundy that is a bit stiff and chalky but still blends out well. Duchess is a dark brown that is super pigmented and not patchy. The last shade, Dethrone reminds me of a dark brown with gold shimmer in it.

I was seriously so impressed with how buttery all the shimmer shades are! They were so soft and buildable! This palette was so worth the money and the understandable hype!