Sugarpill Liquid Lip Swatches!

Hi all! These are are swatches of all the liquid lipsticks that Sugarpill has come out with! These smell great, apply evenly and last very long. These retail for about $18 each and Strange Love was featured in their Feline Fancy! Valentines Day collection. 

Here are all four of the liquid lips! Trinket is packaged differently because I managed to grab one on the limited release on their website. The cute artwork is done by Bei Badgirl.
Here are the bottoms of the lipsticks. The Strange Love one states that it is vegan and they have their names on the bottom with some information about the company and product.

Included with arm swatches are lip swatches of each color! Get ready! 🙂

Here are the arm swatches all labeled for you! Each shade has pretty glitter reflects in it and dry very well.

For the lip swatches, I did them in the same order as the arm swatches to prevent confusion.

Here is Pumpkin Spice. It is a gold/bronze shade that has a lot of glitter in it. This also smells like Pumpkin Spice which is perfect for the fall.
Here is Kimchi. This is a light lavender that has a subtle sparkle. It has blue and purple glitter in it. This one has more sparkle the longer you wear it. It smells like doughnuts. Adorable.
Trinket is such a pretty color. This one is a light coral pink that has gold reflects in it. The longer you wear it the more glittery it becomes. This smells like orange cream and has a nice formula.
The fourth and last shade is Strange Love. What’s nice about this one is that it is a vegan red. This red also has gold sparkle in it and applies nicely with one coat.

That’s it for these guys! I’m hoping that Sugarpill decides to release more liquid lipstick shades because their formula, scent and pigmentation on these is on point!


Ofra Cosmetics X MannyMUA Liquid Lip Collaboration Swatches! 

Hi loves! Today I’m going to swatch and show the Ofra and Manny limited edition liquid lip collaboration. I bought these last year I believe and they have a really nice texture and scent to them. You can buy the trio on Ofra’s website for $49.70 and always remember to use Affiliate codes for money off! When I first got these I was obsessed with them. 

Here they are! As you can see, Hypno has seen better days. He’s been on a lot of adventures helping me look fly. Haha. The tubes are very nice and lightweight.

Here are the bottoms of the liquid lipsticks. They’re nothing super fancy. They have the name of the shades on the bottom.

Of course you know I did these my usual way. I have arm swatches so you can see the shades and then I did lip swatches so you can see them on 🙂
Here are the arm swatches! The light in my house today was all crazy so I did a side angle shot for you. What I like about these is that you can tell that the shades are a set. Aries is the lightest shade, Charmed is the middle shade and then Hypno is the darkest shade.

Here is Aries on. It is a very cute peachy nude color. It applies evenly and this was with one coat. The one thing I like about Manny is that he makes products that are versatile and beautiful on everyone.
Here is charmed. This is a very pretty coral pink. It looks natural and isn’t drying on the lips. I enjoy this one as it is nice for a natural look.
Lastly, here is Hypno. This is a dark burgundy shade that is absolutely gorgeous. I love dark reds so I have used this a lot. As you can see even though this is a dark shade, it isn’t patchy and dried evenly.

These are very nice in texture, application, scent and lasting power. I know that almost every line has these shades but I’m a sucker for helping influencers and limited edition things. 

Jeffree Star X MannyMUA Liquid Lip Swatches!

Hi all! Did you all purchase anything from this launch on Saturday? I had a bit of a fit on Saturday with this launch. Let me set the scene for you all. Typically when I know there’s a huge launch, I log onto the site about five minutes before, set up my login credentials, and see if there’s anything else I could buy. 

To be honest, I didn’t need anything but the bundle so I sat and waited. One o’clock rolled around and I put the bundle in my cart. I clicked checkout and PayPal and then a message came up. A message that said, there was a lot of traffic in the site and to hold on tight and it would process you through to your purchase. Basically a queue line. Let’s just say I hit checkout at 1:01 PM and was stuck there for 30 more minutes. When the page cleared, the bundle was sold out and in my opinion, completely messed up.

In complete frustration, I went on Beautylish and purchased the two lipsticks because I don’t wear much highlighter and it would have been a waste of money. I scored free two day shipping and now we’re here! I’m so happy with these. One nude shade and one gorgeous red. Let me show you all the things!

I love ordering from Beautylish, especially when it is a Jeffree item. The wrap is flash of all of his tattoos. It included a sticker of the collaboration logo.
Here they are in the boxes! The boxes have this really neat holographic shimmer to it. Love.
I wanted to capture how beautiful these are in the sun for you all. I love the black packaging with the holograms all over.

I swatched these for you all! I did an arm swatch and then on the lip! Enjoy!

Here they are! All labeled and gorgeous! These swatched very nice! They’re super smooth!
This nude is awesome. It wasn’t patchy and went on super smooth. Please excuse my face in this picture, I think it looks funny but at least the shade showed up. Just look at my lips haha.
Yes. This is my new favorite color and I hope it becomes a permanent shade! I love oranges as we all know and this is just fantastic. I think I rock colors better than nudes.

Either way, grab these. They’re a great consistency, great shades and an overall pretty collaboration. Great work, guys ❤❤

First Impressions! Baby Bat Beauty Liquid Lip and Highlighter!

Oh hi! I’m so happy to review this company! To be honest, I love reviewing indie brands and their fun products! They typically think out of the box more and have more unique shades of lip, eyeshadow and highlighters. Also, a lot of indie companies have an excellent product that also deserves recognition! I’m so happy to review a highlighter and liquid lip today from Baby Bat Beauty! 

Baby Bat Beauty is located in Philadelphia, Pa. (Which is about an hour and a half away from my town) they just celebrated their company being a year old and released the Kill the Lights highlighter. It was $10 and is so cute. There’s a bat in the middle of the highlighter and smells like birthday cake! It is a confetti of colors. It has blue, pink, purple, green and yellow in it! 

Here’s the bottom of the product. It gives the ingredients, company information and this is cruelty-free and vegan!

Here’s the inside of the highlighter! It looks so cute! I love the way all the colors come together! I’ll shown you in a swatch of course!

Here’s the swatch of Kill the Lights when all the colors combine! I love the bluish purple shine it has to it!

Let’s move on to the liquid lip! I wanted to buy more but I didn’t want them to not work for me and then I’ll never use them so I chose Bonfire Babe as my sample shade! A little while ago I purchased ‘Shroom’ from Lime Crime because I ADORE orange lipsticks! I loved Shroom so much… but the smell. It smelled like melted Play-Doh and it completely reeked all the way into my nostrils. I gave it away and longed for a nice orange that dried completely and didn’t smell like butt. It just so happens, Baby Bat Beauty has exactly what I was looking for! 

Here’s Bonfire Babe! You get a really nice size tube for the money. They’re $13.99 each. They smell like vanilla and I’m seriously impressed right now!

Here’s a picture of the applicator:

This one is flat. I like to use these even though it took practice to use over a doe foot. The product is a bit thinner than Black Moon Cosmetics’s formula. Maybe as thin as Jeffree Star.

I’m so in love with this shade. My first impression so far is… wow. It dries so quick and all this was one application. It smells great and isn’t drying. It feels comfortable and is exactly what I was looking for!

This company is such a win! Please support your indie companies and their awesome products! ❤❤

Battle of the Black Lipsticks!

In my opinion, not all black lipsticks are universal. They vary in shade, consistency, drying and how much they actually cover. I swatched the four black lipsticks that I own so you can see the differences and hear some pros and cons of each! Enjoy!

To be honest, I only have four different black lipsticks. I don’t really see a point in having a thousand of them. There’s Black Moon Cosmetics, Makeup Monsters, Melt Cosmetics and Sugarpill.
Here are the bottoms of the lipsticks. We have some described as extra matte and matte. 

I did lip swatches and an arm swatch of all these for you so you can see how different they are.

Here are the four for you. This was taken maybe five minutes after I swatched them so they could be fully dry. You can see how some are darker and lighter than the others in comparison.

Here are some lip swatches! We’ll go in the same order as they’re arm swatched! Yay!

This one is my favorite out of the four. It is a liquid matte. It smells like vanilla and is a thicker and less runny formula. It dries very fast and isn’t patchy. It lasts super long and is comfortable to wear and doesn’t dry out my lips.
This one does need two coats to cover fully. It takes time to dry and depending how even you apply it, it can be patchy. It removes pretty well and does have a nice matte finish.
I love this one. To be honest, I think the lipsticks look better than the liquid mattes. This is with two coats but feels non-sticky, is even and doesn’t look super obnoxious. It also smells like vanilla!
This one is a bit lighter than the others. I did use two coats but has a very nice feel and wear to it. It also smells like orange cream! Yeah! This one is nice and subtle, where it looks almost natural.

There you have it! I would have to say that out of all of these, Melt’s Bane is my absolute favorite. It is matte, not sticky or drying, smells great and long lasting.

Sugarpill Feline Fancy Makeup Collection Swatches!

Ugh. This collection is just so cute and 100% vegan. Yes. A beautiful vegan red is included and so is a liquid lip in the shade ‘Strange Love’. I’ll give you some background on this collection for you. This was an adorable release on Valentine’s Day this year. The box art was illustrated by Brandi Milne. It is limited edition and so. worth. the. money. There’s going to be a lot of photos in this one so get ready!

Here’s the adorable box! The design and color scheme just scream Valentine’s Day! 🙂
Here’s how it comes packaged! The liquid lip is right next to the adorable palette.
Here’s the back of the palette. The illustrated chocolates are just too cute! The back also states that all four shades are vegan. Yes!
How. Adorable. Is. This???? This palette is very tiny and travel friendly. The shades are decent sized and all blend seamlessly. I decided to add the liquid lip in there for extra cuteness.
Here are the swatches! Every shade was an absolute dream on both applications. Kiss Kiss has a really nice gold shift with the velvet red. Text me is a really buttery matte beige that helps bring every shade together in this palette.

And lastly…

Here is a lip swatch of Strange Love. The smell is non chemical, it actually smells like orange cream. This shade is a red with a gold shift that intensifies when you smack your lips together. It isn’t drying and lasts pretty long 🙂

That’s it for this adorable collection! Make sure to grab yours before it goes out of stock!

Counterfeit Cosmetics: What to Look for and How Not to Buy Any!

I think one of the more important issues with makeup are how there are so many counterfeits available. The sad part is how a lot of people don’t even realize that it is happening or if they have any. In this post I’m making it my makeup loving duty to inform the masses as much as I can about how harmful this can be and what you can do to make sure you don’t fall victim to any fakes. I was doing a lot of research before I decided to sit down and type this so I hope that it proves helpful.

Let’s start with what kind of harmful ingredients could be in fake makeup (eyeshadow, foundation, blush, lipstick, highlighter, etc…): sometimes when this makeup is stored and produced it isn’t kept in nice warehouses or stores. Sometimes it is kept in garages, places with dirt floors, places where quality control are nonexistent, and storage facilities with no climate control. That also creates a lot of bacteria and pests may get into the product. As a result, a lot of makeup will have human urine and rat dropping in it. Some of the foreign chemicals that were found in cheap knockoffs include: mercury, arsenic, cyanide, and lead. Counterfeit Benefit and MAC cosmetics have been found with 19 times the amount of lead in it than other counterfeit brands. All of these things can lead to burns, chemical reactions on skin, skin rashes, disfigurement, high blood pressure, and infertility. It isn’t worth it.

How does a brand get a counterfeit?

This is actually very simple. The more popular a product or brand is, the odds of it being copies increase dramatically. A lot of trending items on Instagram and what the Kardashians use are usually counterfeited. Some popular brands would be:

  • Ben Nye (Banana Powder)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills  (Master Palette by Mario, glow kits, and Modern Renaissance palette)
  • Too Faced (Cocoa Contour book, Chocolate Bar palettes, Peach palette, and KVD collab)
  • Urban Decay
  • MAC (virtually every product especially the limited editions)
  • The Balm
  • Benefit
  • Huda Beauty (Rose Gold palette)
  • Jeffree Star  (liquid lipsticks)
  • Esteé Lauder
  • Kat Von D  (Shade and Light, Monarch Pastel Goth palettes)
  • Becca (highlighters)
  • Makeup Geek X MannyMUA
  • Dior
  • Violet Voss (Holy Grail)

Obviously I missed some but this is what I found by only spending ten minutes on Wish. Only ten minutes.

What sites sell fake cosmetics?

To answer this question the easiest way would be… if you are looking for makeup on any site except for a product’s approved retailer, you put yourself at risk. Even sites like Poshmark and Mercari can prove a risk because people post pictures of a real product and send a fake. Only buy from approved sellers that a great rating and have no issue proving authenticity. Here’s a quick list of sites that are known to sell counterfeits:

  • Wish
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Aliexpress
  • Mercari
  • Poshmark
  • Alibaba
  • TradeKey
  • and WeChat. WeChat is scary because people buy and sell individually with a person and is not regulated on a website.

How do I know if I have a fake item? 

There are a lot of things to look for. I know on my Facebook, I have a live video discussing the differences between a real and fake Master Palette. Here are some way to check your makeup:

  • If there is a strong odor or chemical smell
  • Lower quality plastic or metals. It will feel light and flimsy.
  • Sponge applicators are given instead of brushes
  • Look for any spots of exposed cardboard, crooked gluing, magnets, misspellings, colors that are different or names that are different.
  • The product doesn’t look as full.
  • Sometimes the product will feel chalky and be thinner in consistency.
  • Every product has a serial number. Make sure that you research the real one and that the one up for sale matches it.

In this section, I’m going to add and explain some pictures of the items that I found.

Of course we can all see the issues here. This is part of the Dior line but the brand name has been erased. Also note the $2 price tag.
Here’s a good example of a seller using actual product photos to sell a fake. Note the $9 price tag.
So… you’re trying to tell me that four Too Faced palettes are authentic and only $12? Seriously? Too good to be true. Pass.
This poor palette doesn’t even have the Anastasia logo. The intent was there. But yeah, for $13 you can’t have everything. Note the really cheap looking gold color and lack of depth in the graphic.
This seller is just, yeah. We all know those lips and shades from Jeffree Star’s webpage. For the price, there’s no way those are real. Also, buy three get one free? Really?
Anything after Naked Ultimate Basics is fake. Fakey fake fake.
Even Becca isn’t safe! All those highlighters are now faked for only $8 a piece!
I cropped out the seller on Poshmark that is selling this as an authentic palette. There are huge spelling errors on it and the shades definitely do not match the authentic one.
Here’s a picture of an authentic Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette. If you compare the two pictures you can see the obvious differences between the two.
Then there’s people on ebay who are trying to post Limited Edition fakes for $60! I wasn’t sure about if it was fake or not until…
I compared it to my actual one. Note how the fake above doesn’t have the letter depth nor the Kat Von D emblem in the center.

I hope that this helps you all on your collecting journey! I’m going to do all that I can to keep people informed about new counterfeit products and in my photos I will keep posting up serial numbers that come on the products so you know which are real. Thanks for reading! ❤❤