SauceBox Cosmetics Mermaid Life Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi friends! Today I’m going to show you this beauty of a palette. To be honest, I was sitting on purchasing this beauty for a while because it is normally $75. Seventy-five dollars. I had no idea how their shadows performed or if the price point was way too high (which is thought it was for nine eyeshadows). On Instagram, SauceBox Cosmetics had a bunch of damaged palettes and discounted them significantly. I purchased mine for $45 dollars (the price includes shipping and a 10% off discount code). I checked for damage and there wasn’t any to the actual palette. There was only a ding in the one eyeshadow. Basically, my face looked like this:

I’m going to show you all some pretty palette pictures and finger and brush swatches of all the shadows. Let’s begin!


Ta-da! This is the front of the Mermaid Life palette. I love the design of the mermaid and how the palette its self is shaped like a clam shell. Adorable. ❤❤❤ By the way, this palette is huge. You’ll see what I mean.

The back of palette mentions that all of these shadows are vegan and cruelty-free. All the shadow names are located in illustrated pearls and it was made entirely in the United States. Each eyeshadow is four grams so there is a total of 36 grams of shadows. This side has the ingredient list and distribution information.

Check out how big this palette is! There’s a decent sized mirror with a very subtle underwater design around the mirror that consists of coral, seaweed, and seahorses. The bottom of the palette has the clam shell design.

Here’s a close-up shot of the mirror for you to check out. Look at all the pretty design detail.

For this part of the palette, I wanted to show you all the shades included. I labeled them all with the appropriate name for you.

Another fun feature of the palette is that it is magnetic and each shade is labeled by the name and the lot number. This is important because duped palettes will not have that information on the bottom of the metal pans. The majority of the time the pans are glued in and not magnetized.

Next up, we have all the pretty swatches of all these shades. All of these shades swatched beautifully and I had no issue with dryness or crumbly eyeshadow.

The top row of shadows had three shimmery and colored shades. La Sirena is a frosted lilac shade that had the same intensity with the finger and brush swatches. Seaside is a pretty sea blue frosted shade that reminds me of the ocean with the sun shining off of it. This shade was more pigmented with the finger swatch than the brush swatch but not by much. Kelp It Real is a very pigmented frosted emerald green shade that has a gorgeous shimmer. This shade applies better with your finger.

The middle row of the palette featured four shades that varied in shimmers and intensity. Pirates Gold is one of the best gold shades that I’ve ever used and swatched before. The good news is that it swatched beautifully using both techniques. Treasure Chest is an awesome frosted copper-orange shade that is very pigmented and swatched beautifully using both techniques. Merman is a dark-beige shade with a subtle silver shimmer. Shell We Dance is supposed to mimic the inside of seashells and is a light-beige with a gold and silver shimmer.

The last row had two shades in it. Warm Sand is a light peach shade and it is the only matte shadow. I was impressed with how pigmented this shade was for a light matte shade. Moonshadows is a light beige that has a frosted silver look. This shade fully describes how pretty the moonlight looks.

Overall, I believe that this palette is one of my new favorites. However, I still believe that $75 is a bit expensive. For the price that I paid, this was a great price for a sturdy palette that excelled in design, layout, and pigmentation. Grab this while you can! Xo


Jeffree Star You.Better.Work. Liquid Lipstick Collection 2017

Hi friends and all new subscribers! Today I waited anxiously by the door for the Jeffree Star Summer 2017 collection. I bought this set from Beautylish because of the issues I had trying to buy the Jeffree and Manny collab off of his site. This collection was $105 and qualified for free two-day shipping. I ordered it at 1:00 PM EST and they shipped it out by 5:30 PM the same day. Beautylish has great shipping and their customer service is so good. I didn’t grab the complete vault because $195 is a lot of money and I’m not a fan of regular lipsticks so I wasn’t going to be using a lot of the products in the vault. 

Let me start by saying that this year’s formula is definitely improved from last year’s 2016 set. I enjoyed the colors from last year but the formula made me so freaking sad. This year the metallic shades, Flamboyant and Candyass, are the only two that are scented. They smell like strawberries and, I wanted to drink them. 

Here is what it looked like in the packaging. Beautylish has the tissue paper that has all of Jeffree’s tattoos all over it.
Here is the box that it comes in. It is a pretty frosted pink box that is a decent size. It magnetizes shut which is nice.
When you open the box all the liquid lipsticks are in their own individual packaging.
When you take them out of their boxes please take note that these do not fit in very snug. Don’t go shaking the box around if you plan to store them like this. 😂😂
Here they are out of the box and looking pretty. They have chrome toppers and the dark pink logo font.
Here is the bottom of the lipsticks. I only used one since they all have the same set up. It has the shade name, brand name and how many fluid ounces it is. Keep note of the bottoms just in case you buy from another place and aren’t sure if yours is a fake or not.
This is what the applicator looks like. It is a slanted doe foot with a bit of flex to it. It picks up a decent amount of product and applies it smoothly. I apologize for my nails. Camping does that to a lady. Haha.

Before we talk swatches I wanted to show you box shots before all of that just in case all these sell out and you have to buy from a third party retailer. I used shade ‘Butt Naked’ as my reference. 

Here is the front of the box. You can see the chrome quality the box has along with the pink logo.
This side of the box describes the product as vegan, cruelty-free, matte, long lasting and extreme beauty. It has instructions to follow and the company distribution information.
This side of the box has Jeffree’s website, YouTube and Instagram. It also has the cruelty-free bunny logo.
This side has the name of the shade, a reminder to shake the lipstick and the ingredient list. There is also a UPC. 
This picture is very important. The bottom of the box has the batch codes for authenticity. For Butt Naked and You. Better. Work., the serial code is 7D1, Calabasas is 7E2, Venus Flytrap, Family Jewels and Hunty, is 7D2 and the metallics, Candyass and Flamboyant do not have serial codes.

For the swatches, I included an arm swatch of all the shades and one of those fancy lip swatch collages! Here we go!

These were taken in the sunlight through my window. They are not enhanced in any way. Okay, the lightest shade is Butt Naked. This is a matte light peachy beige nude shade. It actually compliments my skin tone so I was very with it. Calabasas got it’s name from where Jeffree lives in California. This is a matte dark plum shade that reminds me of a lighter Androgyny. Venus Flytrap is an electric greenish yellow matte. I adore how unique this shade is. It looks great on! It does take more than one coat to be really bold but it is so worth it. Family Jewels is next. This shade is a brownish plum shade. If Dominatrix and Androgyny had a baby, it would be Family Jewels. Hunty is of course, great. This dark nude compliments my olive skin tone without skipping on coverage and pigment. You. Better. Work. was the shade that had me the most excited for this launch. I adore all shades of purple in lipstick and this bright purple was a necessary purchase for my everyday looks. Flamboyant is a bright red with red and silver metallic qualities in it. Candyass is a light coral pink with gold and silver sparkles in it. Both of these metallics go on smooth and light and smell wonderful. 
Here are the lip swatches of all the shades. The top row is Butt Naked and Hunty. Row two is Calabasas and You. Better. Work. Row three is Venus Flytrap and Candyass. The last row is Family Jewels and Flamboyant.

I hope you enjoyed this really long review and reveal of the products. Hopefully this was useful if you were still wondering what to purchase. Xo

Juvia’s Place The Zulu Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! Sorry I updated so late today! My birthday was on Thursday and my mom wanted to take my daughter and I out for the day. It was a blast 🙂 we just got back a bit ago and I made dinner and completely realized that I didn’t update this awesome palette on here today! This is the new Juvia’s Place The Zulu Eyeshadow palette. This palette was on sale for $17.99 which is a steal for these limited edition colors. Let’s have a closer look.

These palettes always have such a celebration of heritage and lovely design. The palette is pretty compact. 

The back of the palette is always blank and the information is on the boxes. This box has a small blurb celebrating the Ndebele people, the ingredients, company information and that this product is cruelty-free.

These are the shades! There are six bright matte shades and three shimmer shades. I am such a fan of bright colors I needed this in my collection. The one reason I didn’t jump on the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay is because they didn’t include a yellow. I just wish the shades impressed me more.

For the swatches, I did them by row so there are three shades in each row.

This first row is all matte shades that are very pigmented. They didn’t have names so I’ll just describe them by sjade. The bright orange reminds me of Sugarpill’s Flamepoint but you can’t go wrong with so many oranges. The yellow is very vibrant and pigmented. Yet again, it reminds me of Buttercupcake by Sugarpill. This last shade is a burnt orange that is very pigmented and a nice shade to work wirh.

The middle row is my favorite in this palette. The first shade is a bright almost matte turquoise shade with a green tint to it. It blends very well and used it in a look on Saturday. The middle is a shimmery lime green with sparkle. As always, Juvia’s Place has amazing shimmer shades. The last shade reminds me of the ocean. It is a bright blue with silver sparkle. This is so bright and pretty. 

The last row has beautiful shades in it. The first one is a shimmer shade. It has a rose base with a lot of gold sparkle in it. The next shade is a bright matte red shade. I really enjoy the texture and shade of this usual red. It is bright. The last shade is a pretty matte purple that blends quite well. 

This palette is a steal for the price and the color pay out. The pans are a decent size and Juvia’s always delivers a decent product. Xo

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2016 Liquid Lipsticks!

Hi friends! Sorry I got my posts up so late today but my daughter is finishing up Kindergarten and I had some random things to do today. This came out last year around the Christmas holiday. It retailed for $99. In Jeffree Star Cosmetics’s Holiday Collection there were seven shades that could be bought together or separately for $18 each. If you have been reading my posts for a bit now you know that Jeffree’s lipsticks are my go to. His new Summer Collection is launching June 24th. So before that launches, I wanted to put up more of his shades.

Here is the collection all tigether looking cute. I purposely separated Deceased and Sagittarius just because they are so close in color.
Here are the bottoms of the lipsticks. They have the name of the lipstick, how many ounces it has (0.19 ounces, and the company information.
Here is what the applicator looks like for each lipstick. This guy is a pointed doe foot that has a nice flex to it which makes application smoother.

As usual for you all, I have arm swatches of each shade and a nice collage of all the lip swatches! Enjoy!

Here are the first four shades. Chrysanthemum is a light pink with tiny gold sparkles in it. This is a very cute spring shade that is very flattering and subtle. Deceased reminds me of Makeup Monsters and their Wolfsbane shade. It is a greige gray shade that is pigmented and lasts very long. Crocodile Tears is an awesome matte dark green that I love. It isn’t for everyday wear but I do enjoy when people ask about it. Checkmate was named by Nathan. This neon red smells like cherries and is very bright. Sometimes this shade has some flaking but that’s after a few hours.
Here are the last three shades in the collection. Sagittarius is a light purple mixed with gray shade. I love this one. It has great pigmentation and long wear. Designer Blood is the exact dark cranberry red as Unicorn Blood but when this color dries, it has a subtle gold shift to it. The last shade, Pumpkin Pie is a burnt orange with pink and purple sparkles in it.  I’m such a fan of orange lipsticks. 

Here is the collage of the lip swatches!

As you can see here this collection has a very nice variation of color. I love different shades especially if they’re versatile. Xo

Makeup Monsters Liquid Lipsticks Swatches! 

Hi friends! I’m sorry that I didn’t get to post earlier today but I was a chaperone at my daughter’s school. It was a long and trying day but pretty fun. I did a bunch of swatches yesterday for this post because I had some extra time because of the rain. 

This makeup company is awesome. They have a bunch of new and bright shades, a pretty nice formula and the best of all, they’re affordable (only $16 a piece!) Makeup Monsters is a good substitute for some if Jeffree Star’s shades need it be if they’re sold out or you just don’t support the brand. 

These are all the shades that I have. They have a bunch more but I have wayyy too many liquid lipsticks as is!
This is what the bottom of the tubes look like. They have an expiration date and the names of the shades. The limited edition shades had a bright green label for this shade.
Here a quick shot of the applicator. It is the normal doe foot but it pretty firm and not a flex foot. It has a twist top that makes sure that the lipstick is properly sealed. 

Okay, here comes the fun part: the swatches! I did two sets of arm swatches and then a nice lip collage for you all! 

Here are the first four lipstick colors. Muddled is a very light pinkish greige shade that is the lightest by them I own. My skin is a bit too olive to pull it off so I don’t wear it as much as I typically would. Josephine is a light lavender purple shade. This one looks pretty good with pale skin and it looks a bit better on my skin. Wolfsbane is a brownish purple shade that is my absolute go to. It dries perfectly and lasts very long. Silhouette is a opaque purple shade with sparkle. I usually apply two coats to my lips to build up on the purple shade. 
This is the last set of swatches. This is also more colorful than the first set. Rebound is a very nice melon orange shade that does have a bit of flaking but just make sure to completely dry the first coat before adding another. Hit the Dirt is a honey brown matte color that compliments my skin very nicely and dries down completely matte for long wear. Maroon Masquerade is one of the more dark purplish maroon shades that actually stay and is built for long wear. Darkness Prevails is a very nice matte black that does need to be built up for a more bold black shade. It is one of my favorite black shades because I love how it can be built up to something sinister.

Here is the last picture for this review. A quick collage of all the shades put into one so you .can see how they look! 

Here are all the shades that I featured on my lips! As you can see, they are definitely bold and make a huge statement.

That’s all that I have about this brand! Make sure to check them out and they usually have codes for first time buyers! Xo

Kat Von D MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! I decided to also do a pretty massive eyeshadow palette today. Kat Von D’s MetalMatte! This originally retailed for $60. It was limited edition and I’m pretty sure that you can still find it to buy but not for cheap. This palette has 22 shades included in it. There are nine Metal Crush shades and 13 matte eyeshadows that vary in shade. The palette is also very long but pretty slim. There is some sad news though, I couldn’t find a serial number on my palette but I purchased it through Sephora. 

I love this palette because the eyeshadows are nice but also because of the design. Holding the palette up normally, it reads the word ‘Metal’.
When you turn it upside-down, it says, ‘Matte’. I think this is so cool. You can see how long this palette is. I believe it is around a foot long.
Here is the first side of the MetalMatte look card. This side tells you how to make a look called, ‘Metal Maiden’.
When you flip the card over it shows you how to create two other looks. The first one is called, ‘Velvet Romance’ and ‘MetalMatte Mashup’. Velvet Romance is a soft smoky look while Mashup is more of a bold and bright color look.
Here is the back of the palette. It shows the names and placement of the shadows. It also shows how much the weight is. Sadly, there isn’t a serial code. 😦
Here is the inside! You can tell with the palette open how long this is. The Metal Crush shadows are in the circle pans on top of the matte shades which are in the rectangular shades. This is such a good deal considering the Metal Crush shades are $21 each.

For your pretty swatches I did the Metal Crush shades first and I did them from left to right. I followed the same layout with the matte shades.

The first four shades are found here! Nebula is a buttery and soft metallic navy blue. Watt is a deep greenish blue that reminds me of the shimmer at lakes. Ignite is a light blue mixed with some light green. Tinsel is a very nice silver that reminds me of mercury. As you can see, they all swatched very nicely.
The next three shades are Glitz, Twinkle and Volt. Out of the three of these, Twinkle is NOT vegan. It makes me sad. Glitz is a peachy gold metallic shade. Twinkle is a very light lavender shade that has a silver shift. Volt is a brownish purple shade that has some gold shimmer to it.
The last two Metal Crush shades are Synergy and Flash. Synergy is a honey brown shade that has copper shimmer to it. Flash is my fsvorite shade in the palette. It is this pretty orange yellow with gold shimmer. It looks like the color of the sun. 

And now… the Matte shades!

The first three matte shades are Linen, Jet and Velour. Linen is a pure white matte shade. It is very pigmented for a white eyeshadow. Jet is your matte black that isn’t chalky and blends very well. The last is Velour. Velour is a nice bright navy blue.
The next three are Stone, Moss and Ribbon. Stone is a grayish black matte that makes a very nice outer corner shade. Moss is a forest matte green which makes a nice green for any eyeshadow collection. The last shade, Ribbon, is a matte purple shade. These three are very nice earth tones that could make a really unique smoky eye look.
These next three I use for a pretty and subtle eye look. Silk is a dark lavender/greige shade. Fringe is a very pretty light orange pink matte color. Feather is a subtle yellow matte that reminds me of Easter. For these, I use Fringe as a base shade, blend silk in the crease and outer corner and then blend feather on the lid. 
I put the last four together because they remind me of shadows that would be in the Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette. Oak is a dark brown that swatched well using both techniques. Suede is a very pigmented beige shade for a base shade or crease. Bone is an off-white matte. Linen is a lighter white so this one would be better suited with the warm tones in this palette. Velvet is a burgundy brown shade that could be a pretty outer corner shade.

There you have it! This palette is huge and definitely was worth the money. I wish you luck trying to find it. 🙂 they have great pigment and blend out so nicely. All the shades were very user friendly.

Caked Makeup Lip Fondant Lip Swatches!

Hi loves! I’m so sorry that it’s been three days since my last post! I had my daughter and fiancee’s birthday on Friday and then we drove up to this bed and breakfast about three hours away. I had no phone service or makeup with me haha. It was nice to get away for a bit. Well now that I’m back in the Monday swing, I’ve swatched a ton of liquid mattes for you today. I swatched nine shades from Caked Makeup. They recently released three other shades that I haven’t purchased yet because I have my eye on some other things first! 

The formula with these guys are like a very soft buttery formula that lasts pretty long through eating and wear. They have some nudes and really nice red shades. They also smell like vanilla cupcakes! 

Here they are! I tried to put them in a gradient order for you all! I love the packaging. The sprinkles around the logo are super cute!
Here was the first set that released. They had a pretty simple bottom label that has the company name and shade name.
The second release of shades released are right here. The bottom labels have changed slightly. They have the company name, shade name and the fluid ounces.

With the swatches I have for you,  I have arm swatches and a collage of all the shades on my lips! I must say that all these swatches were super hard on the lips! 

Here are the first five shades on my arm. Copy Paste is the lightest of all nine shades. It is a very nice nude that isn’t drying. Creme de la Creme is a darker nude, almost a khaki shade. Foreva Eva is a gorgeous pink shade. QT is a darker pink, almost a coral shade. The last shade, Low Key is a beautiful berry shade. It reminds me of strawberries. 
This second row has darker and bolder shades. Sweet Tooth is a bright strawberry shade. Jelly is a fun neon purple shade. This one is my favorite because of how unique it is and how long it lasts on the lips. Legit is a purplish red shade that has great coverage. The last shade, Power Trip, is a very dark red that dries to almost a bold blood red.

I put the lip swatches in a fun collage just because I thought nine separate pictures would make this article very long. So in the picture, you will see me wearing every shade for you!

Here they all are! That is a lot of my face in one area! These shades are all labeled for you so you know which one is which!

These shades are pretty affordable! They’re $16 each and are so worth it. The wear is great and they’re not drying! Check them out!