Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Swatches!

Hi readers and friends! I was going to wait until a lot of drama subsided with this palette but I wanted to show swatches for it. We all know this palette and we all know that a lot of people hate it, love it or are on the fence about it. This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. As we all know, this palette was marketed as the sultry and night-loving sister palette to Modern Renaissance. For some awkward reason, when I saw the marketing for these two palettes, I immediately thought of Daria and Quinn.

This is just how my mind works, I suppose. Anyways, I purchased this palette right off of Anastasia’s website before it glitched out and I snagged a P7 batch which I hear is the better performing palette. Yay! 🎉🎉🎉 Let’s check out the pictures and swatches I took for you all!

This is the palette in the box. I apologize how this box looks but because of the felt on the palette, I tend to keep it in the box for storage. I also have used this palette religiously for the last two weeks just to check out pigmentation and how each shade performs.

The back of the box has the batch code which is P7F2O. From what I watched and read online, the P7 batch performs better than the others that were originally launched. The box also has the main ingredients, distribution information, cruelty-free bunny, the layout of the shadows, and it shows a six month shelf life. Don’t get it twisted. All of ABH’s eyeshadow palettes have a six month life, while their glow kits have a 12 month shelf life. Please check my other posts for my verification on this.

Here is my actual palette. I love how it is a darker color than the Modern Renaissance palette. It will still get dirty but I don’t think it would be as noticeable.

The back of the actual palette has the same information as the back of the box. It has a note that says the eyeshadows were made in the United States. The brush includes in the palette was manufactured in China. Please note that these shadows have talc as the main ingredient instead of mica. I’m describing a lot of the details because there are dupes of this palette all over Wish and eBay already. *sigh*

Here’s the inside of the palette. It has a mirror that comes with a peel-off sticker and two rows of shades. There are eleven ultra-matte shades, two duochrome shades, and one shimmer shade. As you can see, I have used this palette a little bit.

Here is a close-up of all the shades in the palette. Since this palette is more of a pigment palette than an eyeshadow palette, please use these colors with caution and just dab a bit on each application and don’t be scared to build up color. 🙂 A little of this guy goes a long way.

Here is a picture of the brush included with the palette. It does have nice blendability and the bristles were soft. I used this brush for all the brush swatches today.

Okay, it’s swatch time! Please note how much pigment are in these swatches. I promise that I haven’t hit pan yet on any of these shades and I have used all of them in my two week use experiment. I swatched these in quads. Also, the quads are shades that would compliment each other to make eye looks.

The first four shades being swatched are Cube, Dawn, Roxy, and Electric. Cube reminds me of the Pink Heart highlighter from their Moonchild Glow Kit. You do need to work this shade but it adds a beautiful inner corner tone. Dawn is a peachy beige matte that works as a great base shade. Roxy is a pastel orange-pink shade. I love this shade and how pigmented it is. Electric is a pretty duochrome that is a brownish green that is super pretty.

The next four reminds me of camo colors. Destiny is a matte olive green that is lighter wirh brush application but can be built up. Adorn is that token copper shimmer shade that has been in every palette for the past two years. It blends well but nothing new. Fudge is a matte chocolate brown. New Wave is one of my favorite shades in this palette. This is a matte light-orange yellow and so pretty. This shade is highly blendable.

This third swatch set starts off with All Star. I love this shade but it lacked in pigment with both application techniques. This shade can be built up into something beautiful. Mercury is a dark beige-gray matte shade. Untamed is a dark bluish-green that needs to be built up when using a brush. Edge is a matte mustard shade that can be found in Lime Crime’s Venus 2 palette.

The last two shades are Axis and Rowdy. Axis is a dark matte blue. It looks nicer muted with the brush technique, in my opinion. Rowdy is a matte browinsh-burgundy shade. Please take note, while pretty, use lightly because it takes over a look quickly.

There is the overview of the palette for you. I’m happy with this purchase, but everyone is different with their preferences. If you are unsure, wait until Sephora carries it to swatch and check the shadows out on your own 🙂 xo


Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book Swatches!

Hi friends! Today this post is kind of a long one. This palette by Kat Von D was a holiday limited edition back in 2013. It retailed for $55 and is no longer manufactured. This palette includes 24 shadows that vary between matte, shimmer, and sparkle. Another really neat feature is that you can mix two shades to make another. There are going to be a bunch of photos today because I swatched two adjacent shades and what their mix will look like. 

For some reason, WordPress isn’t letting me edit descriptions for my pictures or letting me use the tinier fonts for each picture. I apologize for how this looks in advance because this isn’t okay and isn’t my usual format. This is what the box looks like that the palette fits in. It is a beautiful illustration by Kat Von D with a pretty pattern surrounding it.

Here is what the back of the box looks like. It gives a quick preview of all the shades and their names in the palette. Any shade with a ☆ next to it is a brand new shade.

Here is the palette out of the box. It has the same drawing with just a black background. I like how thin this palette is because you could travel with it and it not be too much of an issue.

Here is the back of the actual palette. It shows you which two shades go together and how to use it. You can also see that there is a serial code on the back. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a duplicate of this palette but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here is a close-up of the how to use portion of the back. You can alternate which way you put them on but in my experience, I found more luck by putting the darker shade down first then following with the lighter shade.

I did the shots of the inside of the palette separate because the top is where Kat describes how to make three different looks with the shadows. Sadly, No mirror.

Here is the bottom of the palette on the inside. It has that sleeve of plastic that I wasn’t a fan of in the Star Studded book. It has all the names of the shadows on it so it is useful bit could have been printed on the actual palette.

And here is just a quick shot of all the pretty shades without the plastic on it. 

I did all the swatches the usual way, with a brush and a finger. I did the two shades mixed with a brush because it made the most logical sense. 

The first two are Dark Throne which is a very nice gray matte which is so dark it is almost black. It is paired with Precious, which is a nice white shimmer shade. As you can see when they’re mixed together, the shades make a gray with a silver and white shimmer. It reminds me of Sugarpill’s Soot and Stars shade.

The next two are Babe which is a bright lavender pink shade and Piaf which looks like the first two mixed. The texture on these are lovely and very blendable. When these two mixed together, it made a very nice shimmery purple shade that has hints of pink in it.

The next two are Sunset Blvd. and 8 Bit. Sunset Blvd. is a shimmery yellow and gold shade that is a bit stiff but still blends well out of the pan. 8 Bit is a shimmery frosted blue with some silver. Mixed together, it creates a fun golden blue green shade. It reminds me almost of an oil slick. 

Holy Bible is the first shade in this duo. This one is a very soft and buttery light blueish white with some shimmer. Oddfellow is a very matte black with green and blue glitter in it. Mixed together, it creates an almost cobalt blue with glitter in it.

Birdcage is a very pretty golden bright green that has a bit of shimmer to it. Gunner is a matte forest green that has a bunch of silver glitter in it. When you mix these together, it makes this really rad frosted green shade and please remember to use primer for these shades!

Both of these two are brand new shades! Instaglam is a frosted white shade and Stupid Autocorrect is a frosted reddish orange. They both blend great and the pigment is definitely there. Mixed together, it makes a frosted grape shade.

These two shades, Galore and Hexagram are stunning. Galore is a very light yellow shimmer shade and Hexagram is my fsvorite shade in the palette. It has so many color notes. It has undertones of dark red and the shimmer is mixed with a golden green. Love. So much love. When they’re mixed together, more of the reddish warm notes come out. 

Smile Now and Cry Later are also two brand new shades! Smile Now is a very light peach shadow with a bit of a pink shift to it. Cry Later is a chocolate brown with light silver sparkles in it. When mixed together it makes a muted brown with a pretty light shift. 

These next two are very pigmented. Arcadia is a shimmery purple and pink that has bright silver shimmer to it. Wonderland reminds me of dried blood. Creepy but a beautiful rusty reddish brown is a necessity in my collection. Mixed together, it makes this fun purple shimmer on top of the red. 

We are almost done! I swear! Queen is a pretty color shift of reddish brown to a green shimmer. Bukowski is a very bright blue that has a tiny shine to it. When these mix together it makes a dark shimmery green and the shimmers come to light more. 

Last but not least we have Countess and WTF. Countless is a very light matte beige shade. WTF is a shimmery bright red. When mixed together, the red gets really muted down and makes an interesting yet subtle color.

This post was a complete swatch fest today! I apologize for the fact that I wouldn’t edit the captions to my photos and the font is very large. Hopefully it will be fixed sometime soon! Xo

Juvia’s Place The Magic Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! I hope that you had a good weekend! There was a lot of rain so I had a nice catch up weekend on horror movies. That would be my third passion other than makeup and video games.  Today this palette showed up at my door. This is the new The Magic palette by Juvia’s Place. There are 16 shades in here that help you make day and night looks. There was a recent YouTube video going around about this company having bad customer service and somebody receiving a used blush palette. Thankfully, I’ve never had a bad experience with shipping or this company at all. I’m going to show you how it was packaged, the palette front and back and of course, swatches!

After I took my palette out of the cardboard box filled with packing peanuts, this is how it was packaged. Bubble wrap is always a good sign! After I unwrapped it…
It looked like this! I was so happy because even though I never experienced anything bad in the past, makes me paranoid about future purchases. This the front of the box and as you all know from my previous posts, the front of the palette always matches the box.
Here is the back of the box and the palette. The actual palette is always plain with nothing printed. The back of the box is where you can find the cruelty-free statement, the distribution location, the weight, ingredients and a small write-up about the inspiration behind the palette. It says, ‘The Magic palette was inspired by the moon and sun goddesses of the wilds. A beautiful fusion of cold and warm tones. Vibrantly infused with 16 ultra pressed pigments. Perfect for day to night time looks’.
Here is the inside of the palette! No mirror yet haha, but the design in the inside matches the outside of the palette. As you can see, the pans are pretty big so for the price of $35, this isn’t a bad deal at all!

Before I get to the swatches and you’re a new reader or subscriber, I did four shades in each arm swatch with a finger and brush swatch. There are four rows and four shades. Let’s get started!

This first row focuses on light shades with a very nice gold. Nubia is a yellow with a gold shimmer to intensify the colors. I’m a sucker fur a nice gold shade that swatches great by brush and finger. Zakiya is a burnt orange matte shade. The brush swatch made this look a bit more brown. Osun is a light pink with silver shimmer shade. All the shimmer shades swatch very nicely and are very pigmented. The last shade, Kesi is a light beige matte that can be used for a good base shade or crease. 
This row has a bunch of vibrant shades. Zuba is a pretty pink shade that has a gorgeous gold shift to it. It reminds me of Sugarpill’s Trinket liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow. Nana is a matte honey brown that swatched decently. Boronu is a light brown shade with some gold shimmer added to it. The last shade I love. Kogi is an amazing matte neon red. I’ve longed for a shade like this in my collection. 
In the third row, we have all shimmer and no matte. Faso is a light lavender shade that shifts to a bright purple shimmer. Yes. This could be my new fsvorite go to for everyday. Aja is a black shade that has a forest green shimmer to it. This shade was kind of stiff and took a lot to swatch but the payoff is good. Vai is like a gunmetal gray with silver shimmer. This swatched so nicely with both techniques. Yemoja is last. This one is a light grayish blue with some white and silver shimmer in it. It makes for a pretty unique shimmer shade.
The last row in this palette has two matte shades and two shimmer shades. Ife is the darkest purple I’ve ever seen. I love this. I seriously thought this shade would be a matte black at first but I was so wrong. This one is a bit firm but can definitely be built up. Yara is a sea green shade with a muted yellow and gray shimmer. Buzo is a beautiful emerald green shimmer shade. It is so buttery and pigmented. The last shade is Yejide. This one is a dark matte navy blue shade. This one is also a bit stiff in pan but works better on skin.

Okay friends, that is the preview and swatch of the brand new Juvia’s Place The Magic Eyeshadow Palette! I hope you enjoyed my review! Xo

Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! Today I decided to swatch another pretty big palette for you. This one is the Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded palette. This released last year for $56. What’s really neat about this collection is that these are shades that celebrate the last 20 years of Urban Decay. Some of the shades are from other palettes, some are discontinued and some are new. You get a decent selection of shades and textures here. This palette also features a really neat button mechanism to open and close the palette securely which I like because I always fear my palettes opening and just spilling all over. 

Here is the front of the palette. It is a hard matte black plastic with purple lettering on it. The UD logo is 3D and raises off the palette into a gemlike quality.
Here is the back of the palette. It has the Urban Decay logo and information written in a shiny pirple font. Unfortunately there is no serial code on the back of this particular palette. It has the website, distributor information, weight and what’s inside.
Here’s a shot of the inside of the palette. It has a really big mirror on the top portion of the palette. There are five shadows in each row and it comes with a dual-sided brush.
Here is a shot of the brush that comes with the palette. It is dual-sided and the handle is a purple chrome. All the brush swatches today were done with this brush.

If you read my last post about Urban Decay, I did each swatch by row but split the swatches up in two groups. I kept it the same way with this palette.

The first three shades are these guys. Suspend is a dark brown matte shade that has some cool tones to it. It was very blendable and pigmented. Oil Slick is a grayish black matte with silver sparkles. I had a lot of fallout with my swatches of this shade. Primer is definitely needed. Roadstripe is such a pretty duochrome shade. It is a white shimmer shade with a reflect of a bluish purple. It is a softer buttery texture.
Here are the last two shades in the first row. Gash is a brick red pearl shade. It was very pigmented and the texture was very nice. I was happy about that because in my experiences red shades are always a bit stiff and a bit more difficult to work with. Midnight Cowboy is a beige with a lot of sparkle and shimmer in it. I would say it’s a muted light gold base shade. 
Here starts the second row! 501 is a dark blue that has copper sparkles in it. As you can probably assume, a primer is a great choice for this one to get more glitter to show. Shallow is a medium silver shade with a pearl shift that swatched better with my finger than a brush. Laced is a matte beige that has some pink in it. This shade gave me some trouble trying to build it up enough for swatches so this one does need some work to be applied.
Here are the last two in the row. They are also two of my favorites in the palette. Hot Pants is a bright frosted pink shade that swatched beautifully both ways. Mildew is a frosted forest green shade that looks like it may some dark yellow shimmer to it. It reminds me of moss. This shade swatched very nice as well.
This third row starts off with Smog. Smog is a copper golden brown shade that has shimmer to it. This shade swatched very well and has a great texture. Misdemeanor is a blueish gray shade that has some shimmer to it. What I find interesting about this one is that the finger swatch picked up a very nice blue green shade while the brush picked up more on a muted gray shimmer. The last shade, Freakshow is a dark violet shade with some pearl added to it. I’m pretty sure that this was an older discontinued shade but I would be wrong. 
These two shades are the other two favorites I had in this palette. I love unique shades. Asphyxia is a light lavender with some pink and a blue shift added in. This shade is pretty opaque so I would use a primer for it or as an accent shade. Acid Rain is a bright yellow green that has a bit of a golden pearl accent to it. This shade is also pretty sheer so it would make a better accent shade or use more primer to try and catch more pigment.
These three shades are the start of the last row. Moonflower is a frosted golden orange shade that reminds me of a bright copper or fun beachy shades. It blends and swatches very well. UV-B is a frosted bright blue with some violet undertones in it. I thought this looked a bit more together on the brush swatch than it did on the finger application. Goldmine is a very pigmented and nicely textured bright yellow shade with a slight brown undertone and a bunch of gold sparkle added to it. I totally recommend a primer before applying! 
These last two shades are Twice Baked and Anonymous. Twice Baked is a frosted reddish brown with a slight sparkle to it. It swatches very different than how it looks in the pan. The pan shows more glitter and shimmer, swatched it is almost a matte. The last shade Anonymous is a matte light beige. This would be a good base shade and blends very nice. 

There you have it for this big palette. There are so many looks you can make with this one. I think this collection offers a lot more in comparison to the other Vice palette with all the glitter shades in it. Xo

Kat Von D MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Hi friends! I decided to also do a pretty massive eyeshadow palette today. Kat Von D’s MetalMatte! This originally retailed for $60. It was limited edition and I’m pretty sure that you can still find it to buy but not for cheap. This palette has 22 shades included in it. There are nine Metal Crush shades and 13 matte eyeshadows that vary in shade. The palette is also very long but pretty slim. There is some sad news though, I couldn’t find a serial number on my palette but I purchased it through Sephora. 

I love this palette because the eyeshadows are nice but also because of the design. Holding the palette up normally, it reads the word ‘Metal’.
When you turn it upside-down, it says, ‘Matte’. I think this is so cool. You can see how long this palette is. I believe it is around a foot long.
Here is the first side of the MetalMatte look card. This side tells you how to make a look called, ‘Metal Maiden’.
When you flip the card over it shows you how to create two other looks. The first one is called, ‘Velvet Romance’ and ‘MetalMatte Mashup’. Velvet Romance is a soft smoky look while Mashup is more of a bold and bright color look.
Here is the back of the palette. It shows the names and placement of the shadows. It also shows how much the weight is. Sadly, there isn’t a serial code. 😦
Here is the inside! You can tell with the palette open how long this is. The Metal Crush shadows are in the circle pans on top of the matte shades which are in the rectangular shades. This is such a good deal considering the Metal Crush shades are $21 each.

For your pretty swatches I did the Metal Crush shades first and I did them from left to right. I followed the same layout with the matte shades.

The first four shades are found here! Nebula is a buttery and soft metallic navy blue. Watt is a deep greenish blue that reminds me of the shimmer at lakes. Ignite is a light blue mixed with some light green. Tinsel is a very nice silver that reminds me of mercury. As you can see, they all swatched very nicely.
The next three shades are Glitz, Twinkle and Volt. Out of the three of these, Twinkle is NOT vegan. It makes me sad. Glitz is a peachy gold metallic shade. Twinkle is a very light lavender shade that has a silver shift. Volt is a brownish purple shade that has some gold shimmer to it.
The last two Metal Crush shades are Synergy and Flash. Synergy is a honey brown shade that has copper shimmer to it. Flash is my fsvorite shade in the palette. It is this pretty orange yellow with gold shimmer. It looks like the color of the sun. 

And now… the Matte shades!

The first three matte shades are Linen, Jet and Velour. Linen is a pure white matte shade. It is very pigmented for a white eyeshadow. Jet is your matte black that isn’t chalky and blends very well. The last is Velour. Velour is a nice bright navy blue.
The next three are Stone, Moss and Ribbon. Stone is a grayish black matte that makes a very nice outer corner shade. Moss is a forest matte green which makes a nice green for any eyeshadow collection. The last shade, Ribbon, is a matte purple shade. These three are very nice earth tones that could make a really unique smoky eye look.
These next three I use for a pretty and subtle eye look. Silk is a dark lavender/greige shade. Fringe is a very pretty light orange pink matte color. Feather is a subtle yellow matte that reminds me of Easter. For these, I use Fringe as a base shade, blend silk in the crease and outer corner and then blend feather on the lid. 
I put the last four together because they remind me of shadows that would be in the Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette. Oak is a dark brown that swatched well using both techniques. Suede is a very pigmented beige shade for a base shade or crease. Bone is an off-white matte. Linen is a lighter white so this one would be better suited with the warm tones in this palette. Velvet is a burgundy brown shade that could be a pretty outer corner shade.

There you have it! This palette is huge and definitely was worth the money. I wish you luck trying to find it. 🙂 they have great pigment and blend out so nicely. All the shades were very user friendly.

Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette Swatches!

Friends, I’ve been waiting since the pre-order dropped in February for this baby to come to my house today. I had to make birthday foods so I crept in my kitchen all morning waiting for the mailman and then around noon it happened. 

Wait for it….

Hey girl… what is that?! The box for this was epic and very sturdy.
I opened the box which was secured with tape. There was a bunch of air packing inside and then nestled in the middle was this bundle of joy… I unwrapped it and…
This adorable bag was inside! It feels like felt and came with a really rad bookmark for purchasing the palette! I was so excited to open the bag, like I’m pretty sure I was sweating…
There it is! I’ve waited so long! 🙂 this baby was $56. That was with shipping included. I’m completely in love with the palette design.
Here’s the back of the palette. It has the names of all the shades, address and website of the company, ingredients and a fun blurb about the triplets.
Here is the side of the palette. Note how it looks like a book! I’m in love! The design is so intricate on every side. I’m so impressed with how lovely it is.
Here is the inside of the palette! There is a nice sized mirror. All the shades are labeled in a cursive gold font. There are twelve shades in this palette. At the bottom of the mirror there is a quote from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe that says, “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen”.

Located above is a quick video of the palette in action! 🙂 

For the swatches I did them in the usual format of finger and brush. I did three shadows each time so there will be four different pictures showing you the shades in this palette!

This first row has broomstick, sorcerer and cloak in it. Broomstick is a matte honey brown shade. Sorcerer is my favourite in this row because I love red shades. I love this one because of the shimmer properties in it. Cloak is a very pigmented matte gray. I actually needed a gray in my collection so I’m even more excited right now.
In this second row we have potions, prophecy and Salem. Potions is a pretty emerald green shade that has a pretty pearl effect. Prophecy is a matte very light peachy white shade. Salem is a brownish purplish shifting shade that I totally dig. 
The third row has Merlin, bewitched and cauldron. Merlin is a dark navy blue shade that has some pearl quality to it. Bewitched is a beautiful gold shimmer shade. I want to use it on everything! Cauldron is a shimmery black shade. I was happy to see that it swatched pretty well with the brush as most black shades tend to turn gray or don’t pick up as much. 
This last row has spellbook, charms and Jinx in it. Spellbook is a darker matte brown shade that swatched pretty decent both ways. Charms is a very light pink matte shade that would be good as a base or light transition. Our last shade, Jynx, is a huge hitter silver sparkle shade. Wow. 

Overall, the design is top notch. I wouldn’t personally travel with this one just because it is so big and because of the cost. God forbid it gets stolen. I haven’t tried using the shadows on my eyelids yet, I’m actually going to do that right now but from the swatches I’m expecting great things! Xo